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Today we're talking summer makeup products that will deliver glowing skin! And they're all available at Boots and Superdrug. Let's dive in...

The first product wraps up your sunscreen and skin prep steps into one: the Garnier Vitamin C Daily UV Fluid SPF 50+ | £12.99 | full review. This looks and feels like a primer but it contains broad-spectrum SPF 50+, making it perfect for makeup days with incidental sun exposure. This product has a luminous shift that's nothing too metallicon the skin, it just adds a subtle background glow to my skin. It doesn't pill up and honestly sits perfectly under my makeup. The tint really works for my skin tone, though I can imagine paler skin types not vibing so much with this, and obviously it's probably not the best option for oily skin in hot weather. But - for my makeup preferences - it's just great!

For complexion, I do really enjoy the Maybelline Instant Anti Age Perfector 4-In-1 Glow Makeup (Medium) | £12.99. This is billed as a highlighter, concealer and primer all in one, but I honestly just use it as light base. It doesn't give much coverage, but offers an overall complexion boost with added luminosity and just that little bit of redness-removal and skin-evening benefits. It's kind of like makeup for no-makeup days!

When it comes to a soft liquid highlight (this can also be used as a primer or an all-over complexion product, if you like), I really enjoy the pearly luminescence of the L'Oreal Lumi Glotion in Medium Glow | £11.99. This reminds me a little of the old school classic (and now-discontinued) Becca Backlight Priming Filter, if you ever tried that. It's a lotion-gel that doesn't contain obvious chunks of glitter but reflects the light in a natural way. This Medium tone is kind of like a light bronze colour that's very natural on my skin. I often just pat this onto the high points of my face for a natural glow.

For bronzer, I'm really enjoying the e.l.f. Bronzing Drops in Pure Gold | £11.99. This product can be mixed in with your foundation to offer an all-over bronze, or you can apply it as a primer or a traditional bronzer. And, you can flex which shade you choose based on how you plan to use this. Personally, I tend to apply it approximately like a bronzer, but just a little more liberally / carelessly because it's a really forgiving formula (and doesn't lift my complexion makeup underneath at all!) It's a kind of gel-based formula that's nothing too pigmented, so I like to apply it and build up the bronze tone. It does have a sheen running through it, but it's not glitter, and this medium tone offers a warm gold shift. If bronzer scares you; this is a great way to add a boost of colour to your complexion, however  you choose to use it! 

As blusher, I've been enjoying the e.l.f. Camo Liquid Blush in Gorg Orange | £7 | which is seriously pigmented and reminds me of the Rare Beauty formula everyone seems to love! You only need a little dot or two of this red-orange liquid blush, and I always prefer to build it gradually. If you're a little intimidated; dab a dot onto the back of your hand, blend it out a little, swirl your brush over it and then blend it onto your cheeks. It gives that kind of sunburnt blush look that I personally really like for summer. It's a long-wearing formula that blends easily and doesn't look patchy. It just requires a light hand with the application.

Finally, we have a non-complexion product in the NYX Fat Oil Lip Drip Gloss in Follow Back | £7.99. I have a couple of shades in this formula, because I love me a lip oil and there aren't that many brands doing them well at a low price! Most of the cheaper lip oils I've tried honestly had no pigment whatsoever, but this one does, though the opacity varies depending on the shade. Follow Back is a kind of peachy tone with a gold shimmer running through it, that honestly isn't that visible but does give the lips a dimensional look. This offers a moisturising wash of colour that pairs perfectly with a sun-kissed makeup look.

What are your favourite drugstore makeup products this summer?

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