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Today we’re talking melting water creams, which are probably my favourite types of moisturisers for the summer months…

First up, my luxury pick is the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Water Cream* | £79. Truly, you don’t need to spend this much on this type of product, but I do genuinely enjoy this one so I have to include it here for the boujee among us… This is a water-based cream that still has some body to it; it melts in effortlessly, feels refreshing on my skin and leaves my skin looking dewy and healthy! It’s formulated with soothing and hydrating Beta-glucan (a favourite amongst Korean skincare fans), niacinamide to help clarify the skin’s tone and boost up barrier function to keep it strong and healthy. Squalane and shea butter provide a nourishing but lightweight substance to this cream and there are also peptides in here, which can have both skin-healing and well-ageing benefits (potentially boosting collagen production in the skin to keep it full and bouncy for longer). I personally often use this as a one-step AM option before my sunscreen when I’m in a rush, but it also pairs well with my antioxidant of the moment. Most importantly; this provides hydration that doesn’t feel too light and doesn’t evaporate into insignificance after application.

Next, let’s talk about my favourite formula from the past two summers: the Glow Recipe Plum Plump Hyaluronic Cream* | £35. This is a humectant-based gel-cream with different forms of hyaluronic acid to attract moisture and pull it into various layers of the skin. Again, with the added ingredients in this formula, you can skip the serum on a hot day when you want minimal fuss; obviously a hyaluronic acid serum would be redundant, but this also contains my beloved all-rounder niacinamide and antioxidant rich plant extracts (including turmeric). Squalane, jojoba oil and various other plant oils help to round off this formula. It looks so dewy on my skin (without making it look ‘shiny’ or leaving an excess) and truly makes my skin glow, as the brand promises!

A newer discovery for me that works for hot weather (as the lightest-feeling option of the bunch here) is the Alpha-H High Tide Water Cream* | £44.99. This is definitely more on the gel side of things, as opposed to melting from a cream into a watery base, which is why it’s not an everyday option for my dry skin. However, it’s really refreshing and hydrating during a holiday or a heatwave! It does still have some body to it and contains akin-softening oils in the mix like squalane. It has natural moisturising factors to replenish the foundations of your skin and provide hydration from within that lasts. As humectants, this contains a high concentration of glycerin, further bolstered by the hyaluronic acid within this formula. Plus, we get a soothing benefit from allantoin. This option is also fragrance-free, so if you have sensitive skin but need a formula that allows your skin to breathe: this is for you!

Finally, another new product to me for summer 2024 is the Laneige Blue Hyaluronic Water Cream* | £33. This was probably my most-used light moisturiser during the spring months; it’s very simple but it does the job! It’s formulated - as the name suggests - with hyaluronic acid, plus panthenol, which helps the skin to retain moisture throughout the day. Allantoin and Beta-glucan are also included in this formula to provide additional skin-soothing benefits. The texture of this product is honestly cloud-like and I love how it feels on my skin. The hydration it delivers lasts and it’s very lightweight. This isn’t something I’d tend to use as an all-in-one as it’s very basic in terms of added ingredients, but that also makes it compatible with any active serums you feel like using!

Have you tried any of these moisturisers or any other similar products this summer?

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