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Refy is one of only a handful of makeup brands that makes me perk right up when they announce a new product launch! Their latest release is the simply-titled Refy Concealer (Shade 12) | £22 | which I got for my birthday along with the dual-ended Complexion Brush | £16. I've been using and enjoying my current concealer routine for almost a year now, so it was going to be a difficult ask for any new product to displace it. So, let's dive into this product and if it was good enough to change my concealer routine...

This product comes in at what is now (in a post-inflation beauty market) kind of a mid-range price for a liquid concealer at £22. In terms of shade range, this comes in 24, and I wear shade 12, which seems about right but I was a little unsure around choosing the correct undertone because I wasn’t entirely sure as to whether the shade is darker with each number increase or if there’s the same depth in three undertones. But 12 turned out to be spot-on for me; not excessively light or brightening and a good undertone and match for me, as the Medium Warm option. I picked this based on the website images and it was spot-on, but you can also check the shades out in person if you have a Selfridges close to you. I would say that the gradient of this selection could be better; there are a lot of medium tones here and I think they could've done less of that and expanded out the darker tones.

I really liked the texture of this product right off the bat. It's a classic liquid concealer with a doe foot applicator. It's fluid and has a hydrating feel. I personally just go in with two dots / mini swipes under each eye and blend it out with a brush up into the corner of my eye, underneath my eyes and then I swipe it up to give a clean, bright lift to my eyes. For me, this offers enough coverage, though you can build it if you like. I'd describe it as a medium coverage concealer; sometimes a full-coverage formula looks a little 'off' when I use it alongside a light tinted moisturiser, but this meshes really nicely with the rest of my complexion products. I love the blendability of this formula but that it's not too thin; it's a really great middle ground in terms of coverage and texture.

Of course, I do set my under eye concealer and I like to use a translucent setting powder to do this. I just pat a little powder on (nothing too heavy, as I don't like things to look cakey or unflatteringly dry) and this really helps to lock things in. It stays crease-proof all day, though I do notice a little bit of fading beyond the point of 6 hours of wear, which I think is pretty typical (other than with thicker creamy potted concealers, which tend to last a little longer on me). 

I also got their Complexion Brush, because their dual-ended cheek brush was really great for applying cream and liquid formulas, and it's such a great price, so I had high hopes for this. It's a synthetic brush with a small tapered 'paintbrush-shaped' end to blend out concealer, and on the other side we have an angled brush for powder application. I personally really like this brush; it saves the space and brainpower of using two different brushes to conceal and set the under eyes, and it just works really well, blending out the concealer without leaving brush marks applying powder without disrupting the makeup underneath it.

So, bottom line: do I recommend this concealer? Well, it hasn't left my makeup routine since I got it, which kind of says it all! Honestly, I'd gone a bit cold on liquid concealers, as I was looking at pictures of myself and thinking it looked a bit too much to have this high coverage under the eyes alongside the rest of my complexion routine, which is much lighter. But, this is a liquid concealer that looks much more natural and feels really nice and hydrating. It's fitting perfectly into my routine and this is another hit from Refy for me.

You can see the concealer in action here.

Have you tried this concealer or anything else from Refy?

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