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There are two drugstore sunscreens that have been all over my Instagram feed, so it only seemed right to give them a go for myself, seeing as the drugstore has upped its SPF game every year that I've been reviewing skincare!

Let's start with the Garnier Vitamin C Daily UV Glow SPF 50+ | £12.99. There are two versions of this sunscreen; one that has a more matte finish and one that’s more radiant. Obviously I went with the glow-y formula! This is one of those sunscreens that’s perfect for a makeup day; it’s not water-resistant, it’s not something you’re going to wear for exercise, it’s a product that works like a primer but also happens to have broad spectrum SPF 50+. This is a tinted luminous sunscreen formula that could honestly be worn on its own as a complexion-booster without makeup. This kind of medium-tan hue works really well for my skin tone but I’m dubious as to whether it would set down to being traceless on very fair skin - I would definitely recommend checking out some demo videos of people with a similar skin tone to you applying the correct amount of sunscreen, if you’re not within a margin of myself! The only other slight negative I have is that this does contain fragrance, which not everyone wants in a sunscreen to begin with, but also it is quite a noticeable scent.

In terms of filters, this product is formulated with a number of modern filters (which are typically less potentially-irritating and are more cosmetically-elegant than the old school sunscreen ingredients we used to rely on), alongside a lower concentration of the more traditional Avobenzone to boost the overall protection provided by this formula. I don't find it irritates my sensitive eyes, though (as I mentioned) this isn't a 'high intensity' sunscreen option for me. It melts right into my skin and gives it a luminous glow that's nothing too shiny but works really well for a radiant makeup base. It doesn't pill up with my other skincare products or when I apply my makeup over the top of it. It feels hydrating and offers a smooth base that does actually have a bit of that primer 'grip' to it. In terms of added benefits, this is formulated with two brilliant brightening ingredients (the perfect accompaniment to sunscreen if you want to keep discolouration at bay): niacinamide (which prevents the spread of hyperpigmentation through the skin), Vitamin E (an antioxidant to prevent free radical damage) and a Vitamin C derivative (a tyrosinase-inhibitor and an antioxidant). It honestly reminds me of some of my favourite high-end primer sunscreens from brands like Supergoop and Ultra Violette but for half the price. I'm so happy that makeup primer sunscreen hybrids have arrived at the drugstore!

I've also been using and loving the L'Oreal Paris Bright Reveal Dark Spot UV Fluid SPF 50+ | £19.99. Again, we have our broad-spectrum SPF 50+ protection, but this is more of a traditional sunscreen than a kind of sunscreen-makeup hybrid product like the Garnier. However, it's a really nice one and it's still a great option for makeup days. This formula is less outright glow and more satin-finish hydration. It comes out like a lightweight fluid lotion that has this kind of glycerin feel to it and when I checked the INCI list; this was indeed one of the top ingredients in this formula. Glycerin is a humectant, drawing hydration into the skin. This product is also formulated with niacinamide, to work alongside the sunscreen to prevent discolouration and dark spots. I really enjoy how this melts in without any stickiness or residue; it just creates a clean, smooth, silky skin feel. 

Big brands like L'Oreal have a lot of money to do research into sunscreen filters and develop a lot of their own exclusive ingredients. This product is formulated with some L'Oreal exclusive sunscreen filters, some of the next-generation filters that are now available for a low price at the drugstore and Avobenzone for its UVA-protective abilities. It doesn't irritate my eyes, it applies easily and isn't going to leave a trace on any skin tone, which makes it a little more universal than the Garnier. Again, it's not something I'd personally work out in and it doesn't claim any water-resistance, but this feels like a formula that doesn't have to exclusively be used when you're wearing makeup. It's an effortless, elegant formula that makes your daily sunscreen habit so easy! It's a little on the pricey side for the drugstore, but it's almost always on offer somewhere, so definitely snap it up when it is.

Demos can be seen here.

Have you tried either of these sunscreens?

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