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Today we're talking about a new release from Skin Rocks (by the skincare community's very own Caroline Hirons). This is a capsule collection of skincare essentials and an exfoliant was definitely one of the essentials we needed from this line. There are two options: the Control Acid (£45) with BHAs for blemish-prone skin and the Gentle Acid* | £49 | with AHAs and PHAs, which I've been using for the past few weeks and have some thoughts on...

This exfoliant is designed to be gentle, which I love because in all honesty; I find I don't need a really strong formula for my skin these days. I have my retinoid, my tyrosinase-inhibitors, my antioxidants, my peptides and some really strong basics, so I honestly don't rely on a chemical exfoliant to prop up my entire routine. It's more of a supporting character these days and I like to either use a strong exfoliant once a week (without any other actives) or something gentler 2-3 times a week that my skin can tolerate alongside other actives I want to use. This helps increase skin cell turnover (which slows as we age) and helps with skin-smoothness and overall glow.

The toner is formulated with several chemical exfoliants; Mandelic Acid, Lactic Acid and Gluconolactate. Mandelic Acid is an Alpha-Hydroxy Acid (AHA) with a larger molecular size (slowing down absorption) than something like Glycolic Acid, which can be irritating for some people. It has antibacterial properties, which can help if you want to keep blemishes at bay in the gentlest possible way, plus it's a tyrosinase-inhibitor so interrupts the signals that cause your skin to over-produce melanin (from an injury such as a spot, or from heat / irritation); this makes it helpful for treating post-blemish marks too. The other AHA in here is the Lactic Acid; this also has a larger molecular size and is found in the skin as a natural moisturising factor, so it has hydrating properties (as well as being exfoliating in these sorts of concentrations). Gluconolactate is a Polyhydroxy Acid (PHA), which has the largest molecular structure of the bunch and it's truly a next-generation exfoliant that delivers results without irritating the skin. Again, it also has hydrating properties, making this overall a great option for dry and / or sensitive skin types.

In terms of the overall formula, this has a glycerin base to draw hydration into the skin and keep it happy and hydrated through the exfoliation process. Additionally there are plant extracts within the formula that are rich in antioxidants (protecting the skin from free radical damage), though if your skin is sensitive to these sorts of ingredients, unfortunately you might have to give this one a miss (which is a shame given the exfoliants are some of the best for sensitive skin). 

When it comes to my experience with the product; it really did exactly what I hoped it would! It's completely non-drying and clears away dead, dry bits of skin in the gentlest way possible; there's no irritation or redness, just completely smooth skin. It also offers that immediate glow boost we all want from our exfoliant, and I do find this gently clarifying. All in all it's a great all-rounder featuring some of the best exfoliating ingredients out there. If you're worried about this not packing enough of a punch: don't! It works. It's a gentle formula that still delivers the results I want for my skin. In terms of packaging, it definitely feels weighty and premium (though it's not exactly travel-friendly!) and is easily recyclable, plus it's full of useful information for beginners. Honestly, my only negative is the price. Obviously we're in this world of crazy inflation and that impacts the price of everything from ingredients to packaging, so I understand it in that respect. But, by the same token, I do think that £50 is going to be pricey for a lot of people. You know your budget for skincare, so don't put yourself out for a single product because there are great exfoliants on the market for less, but if you're comfortable with the £50 then this is really wonderful!

Have you tried either of the new exfoliants or anything else from Skin Rocks?

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