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Last week, we looked at how to get dewy skin from within (i.e. via your skincare routine - check it out here if you missed it) and this week we're talking about how to 'cheat' dewy skin with your makeup choices; let's dive in...

I couldn't do this post without mentioning the MAC Strobe Cream in Goldlite | £32 | demo. This is one of those OG products that still holds up for me, though I never really got into it until they released more shades than the original pink and I really fell for this shade Goldlite. It’s essentially a light moisturising lotion with the most subtle, natural, non-chunky sheen running through it. For Goldlite, the shift is a light yellow gold. You can either mix it in with your base product, wear it underneath like a primer or even use a beauty sponge to blend it in over your base as a natural highlight. It’s just beautiful and a great product for cheating that all-over glow.

My go-to glowing base at the moment has to be the Summer Fridays Skin Tint ( Shade 5) | £42 | demo. I’m not sure it can dethrone my Nars as an overall everyday all-rounder, but it’s amazing for delivering that fresh, dewy look, even on my skin, which can be prone to dryness and dullness. It’s formulated with squalane and hyaluronic acid to hydrate and moisturise the skin in the long-term but the formula also gives that immediate glow  boost we all need sometimes! It has a natural finish that allows your real skin to shine through, whilst also evening out the complexion and breathing some life back into things. It’s not the most all-day shine-free formula in the world, but with a little powder, you can keep the glow in the right places.

Speaking of which, I recently started using (and really enjoying) the Glowish Luminous Pressed Powder* (Light Medium) | £30. I don’t typically associate powders with glow but I wanted to include this here because most of us want to set our makeup to ensure it lasts and doesn’t crease or disappear throughout the day in problem areas (such as the t-zone, around the nose and under the eyes), so it’s really about finding a product that can do this without matte-ing down the skin too much. This provides a little bit of coverage (so it’s great for on-the-go touch-ups) alongside a luminous-satin finish. It’s lightweight, doesn’t cake up and is formulated with great ingredients for keeping the glow going, like rose oil and Vitamin E. It also gives that ‘soft-focus’ look in a really natural way so the highlights of your face really pop in contrast to it.

Let’s talk about some bronze and glow next. First up is the Rare Beauty Positive Light Liquid Highlighter in Outshine | £24. This is possibly my favourite liquid highlighter; it’s like molten metal, without any chunks of glitter, and it’s nothing too silvery, metallic or otherwise tinman-esque! You only need  tiny dot on the cheekbones, brow bone and cupid’s bow to finish off a luminous, dewy look. I love this light gold colour for my skin tone, though it comes in a bunch of others too so there’s something in the range for just about anyone. At the moment, I really like pairing this with my Merit Bronze Balm in Seine | £32. This is such a wonderful, natural bronzer formula; it doesn’t contain a sheen or anything like that but the balm formula means it’s easy to blend, not overly pigmented and it has a moisturising finish on the skin, so it looks naturally bronzed and - of course - glowing. I went for the shade Seine (3rd of 5 options) on my skin tone so it would look warm but natural and it works perfectly!

Finally, there are some colour products I really enjoy to finish off a dewy skin look. The first is the Refy Cream Blush in Citrine | £14. This is a beautiful, pigmented, dewy-look but long-wearing cream blush formula. It’s buildable, so you can apply just a little hint of colour to the cheeks if you wish, and it doesn’t apply patchily or go uneven during the day. This colour is also perfect for adding a natural, healthy peachy-tan flush to my skin. And lastly, I love a lip oil to moisturise my lips, add a wash of colour and add to the overall glowing makeup look and my favourites are from Clarins. I love the Clarins Lip Comfort Oil in Apricot | £25 | to pair with the Refy blush; it’s a beautiful, natural flush of vibrant orange.

How do you like to boot your skin’s glow using makeup?

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