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Today I thought it would be fun to look at which products I'd repurchase as a priority if I lost all my skincare! So, it's a mix of all-time favourites and products that cover off all my essential bases and can offer all-in-one solutions, because I'm guessing I wouldn't want to splash out on more products that I needed to. So, if you're new to skincare, this is a great place to start...

When it comes to cleansers, there are two formula types that are going to cover off all my bases: a morning or second cleanse and a first evening cleanse to remove makeup and sunscreen at the end of the day. In the former category, I have to go with the Kate Somerville DeliKate Soothing Cleanser* | £38 | full review. This is a water-based, non-foaming cleanser designed to be gentle and calming for sensitive skin with peptides designed to soothe the skin, ceramides to boost barrier function (safeguarding the skin against dryness and irritation), cucumber oil to moisturise and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as ginger root extract. It cleanses my skin without drying me out and leaves it soft, moisturised and happy. 

As my makeup and sunscreen removing cleanser, I'm actually going to go with the Then I Met You Living Cleansing Balm* | £37 | full review. It's an effective formula and I do just love the texture and feel on my skin. It's a really buttery cleansing balm that doesn't require you to melt it down before applying it to the skin. It really quickly and effectively melts everything off and I can wipe it all off with a damp face cloth. It emulsifies really well with water (making it easy to remove) and doesn't leave behind an excess. However, it leaves my skin soft and moisturised still, with ingredients like seaberry and grape oils. 

I have pretty dry skin, so I would definitely be looking for some added hydrators even if I was repurchasing everything again from scratch. As a hydrating toner (that can also work in place of a moisturising serum), I'd go for the Laneige Cream Skin Mist | £19 | full review | (this has recently been reformulated, so hopefully the new version is still as good - I'll review it once it comes to the UK). This is a wonderful milky toner and I have the mist version left at the moment; it's super-simple with ingredients like glycerin (to draw water into the skin), Vitamin E as an antioxidant (protecting the skin from free radical damage) and skin-softening meadowfoam seed oil. It hydrates, moisturises and softens my skin to perfection and it's a quick and easy step to incorporate into my routine, which is why I'd be repurchasing it ASAP! 

As a kind of multi-functional hydrator with something extra, I'd also get a bottle of Monday Muse's the Juice Serum* | £40 | full review. This is a light, water-based milky serum that's super hydrating and soothing with ingredients like panthenol, prebiotics and cica plus gently active with skin-friendly concentrations of niacinamide (to boost ceramide production in the skin, prevent the spread of discolouration and regulate oil production) and salicylic acid (a blemish-clearing oil-soluble acid exfoliants). Despite the water base, it's still moisturising with ingredients like hemp seed oil and black cumin seed oil, which also have anti-inflammatory benefits. It's a great, gentle all-rounder that hydrates and gently clarifies my skin.

I've chosen a moisturiser that I love for AM and PM and that works for me pretty much all year round (with perhaps the exception of on very hot summer holidays): the Zelens Emulsion D Fortifying Moisturiser* | £65 | full review. It's pricey, but it does tick numerous boxes for me, so I think it'd be worth the splurge! This is a light-feel but buttery and nourishing moisturiser that supports the skin barrier. I don't know how a product can contain all this good stuff and work so effectively even my pretty dry skin without being at all heavy or greasy; it's as good used overnight as it is under makeup during the daytime. It's formulated with a lipid base, Provitamin D3, pre and probiotics, ceramides, cholesterol, Vitamins E and F, glycerin and more; all of which contributes towards skin health.

Of course, exfoliation is always going to be part of my skincare routine, but I find that if everything else is in balance; I don't need a really strong formula. The PSA Skin Heroine Mandelic & Licorice Superfood Glow Toner | £35 | full review | fits the bill perfectly and has a lot of other added benefits. This is formulated with two gentle but effective AHAs: lactic acid (for hydration and resurfacing) and mandelic acid (to target blemishes and discolouration) alongside other ingredients that help tackle hyperpigmentation like licorice extract and niacinamide. It smooths and clarifies my skin with zero irritation and I feel the extra ingredients elevate the formula beyond being 'just another acid toner'.

For my daily Vitamin C (which is an essential for my AM routine), I've chosen a formula I know works for me that also contains other added ingredients so I can reap the most benefits without having to buy too many different products! It was a tough choice but I went with the Summer Fridays CC Me Serum | £65 | full review. This formula features two Vitamin C derivatives to gently even out the skin tone whilst protecting the skin from free radical damage. Peptides boost the well-ageing benefits of this formula, plus there's niacinamide in here too. It's in a hydrating glycerin base that gives my skin an instant juicy glow, alongside contributing towards my skin's long-term glow.

My essential PM active is a retinoid, and my favourite form of this ingredient is retinal, so I'd have to bite the bullet and get a tube of the Medik8 Crystal Retinal 10 Serum* | £85 | full review | to keep things ticking over (and I guess I'd have to hope there was a discount code going at the time!) Retinal is my perfect balance of effective and gentle on my skin; I have CR10 here, but the product range starts at 1 in terms of strength, so I worked up to this. Retinoids smooth out existing fine lines, reduce discolouration, even out the skin tone and boost collagen production to plump the skin from inside out. I love this formula; it doesn't irritate my skin and comes in a lovely, moisturising base. 

In terms of sunscreens, I've whittled it down to two essentials I'd repurchase first. The first is my 'every single day' SPF, and I've chosen the Ultra Violette Fave Fluid Ultralight Skinscreen SPF 50+* | £37 | full review. This is a super-light sunscreen milk that's so lightweight and traceless on my skin, melting in without leaving a cast or needing any work. At the same time, it's providing an amazing level of broad spectrum protection. It's great under makeup and makes daily sunscreen application so easy!

Finally, I'd also get myself an affordable holiday sunscreen and my favourite is the Bondi Sands Fragrance Free Lotion SPF 50+* | £7.99 | full review. This is a moisturising sunscreen with added ingredients like Vitamin E that mean it can act as a sunscreen and moisturiser in one. It doesn't leave a cast on my skin, it doesn't irritate my eyes, and it has water resistance up to 4 hours, making it perfect for exercising and beach days.

What would you repurchase first if you lost all of your skincare and what's your thinking behind it?

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