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It's the Kate Somerville Friends & Family sale, and I've got 25% off with code JASMINE25 (affiliate)! I absolutely love this brand by the legendary LA celebrity facialist, though I appreciate it's more on the premium side, so if you've had your eye on anything: now is your time! It seemed a good time to share with you my top picks to snap up in the sale (my code is valid until 05/04/2021) so let's dive into it...

Let's start off with a classic, which I tried for the first time a few years ago. I got a mini in a set a few months ago and then picked up another, because this size is actually perfect for me: it keeps the ingredients fresh and allows me to use it as an occasional treatment when my skin really needs it. I should probably tell you what it is! It's the ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment | £21 (15ml) | which is what I reach for when my skin just looks rubbish and dull and lacklustre. This has a very mild silica physical exfoliation alongside a blend of chemical exfoliants. Papaya, pineapple and pumpkin enzymes very gently dissolve dead skin cells whilst lactic and glycolic acids break apart dead skin cells on the surface. Salicylic acid is pore-penetrating, so is perfect for breakouts because it can get right in there and clear out the debris that causes spots and also helps with any scarring left over after they heal. There are also some supplementary ingredients to take the edge off the intense exfoliation like honey, aloe and Vitamin E. 

I go in with this after cleansing, gently massaging (not scrubbing!) using circular motions. Leave it on for no longer than two minutes (if you're feeling sensitised then wash it off immediately; not everyone is going to be able to do the full time period) then rinse. It's so satisfying to get those immediate results and this product does that; my skin is smoother and more glowing in an instant, and it really helps with breakouts and texture. This is like a 'treatment at home' product so be sure to patch test before slathering over your entire face and wear sunscreen (I would typically use this in the evening but the same goes for the following morning, and every morning after, to be honest!) I do also have the liquid version of this if you prefer a leave-on product, though I've not cracked it open yet.

Next is the DermalQuench Liquid Lift Advanced Hydration Treatment* | £85 (75ml) | a newer product to me. Again, the concept is around taking one of Kate's most popular treatments home with you and here we're doing an oxygen facial. Give it a good shake to infuse the oxygen with the lipids and hyaluronic acid then spray it directly on your face (avoiding the eyes - if you want it in the eye area, apply it to your hands and press the product in from there) before massaginging it in. The concept is that the oxygen helps better deliver the hyaluronic acid into the skin. If you aren't familiar with this ingredient (how?!) it draws water into the skin which hydrates and plumps. This can go in place of your toner / mist and serum as a one-step hydrator on freshly cleansed skin. Then you can lock that in with your moisturiser. When my skin is feeling dehydrated and I just want a quick solution: this is what I reach for. It gives me plumper, smoother, more hydrated skin and just leaves it feeling great. It isn't going to interfere with any of your other products and it's a nice option when I just want to focus on getting the basics right.

I also have a pick from the latest range Kate has created (I'm working my way through the entire line at the moment). The KateCeuticals Total Repair Cream* | £105 | is pricey (though there is a mini, if you want to test it out before you commit to the investment) but I really see it as the product for someone who wants a one-step solution. This would be your face cream for the morning, the evening and you're probably not using single-ingredient actives alongside it: maybe cleanse, do the DermalQuench and then go in with this. At least, that's how I view this product because a moisturiser is a gentler way to get these ingredients into your skin and cumulatively using this daily, you will see those results. 

It basically has a bit of everything you want (bar a retinoid, as it can be used AM and PM, so that's really the only thing I think you'd need to supplement this with as far as standalone actives go): hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, peptides and ceramides. Peptides are an ingredient class that may help reduce the signs of ageing, but we know they definitely hydrate the skin and that provides a plumping effect in and of itself. Ceramides are part of the skin's lipid barrier and they deplete over time and replenishing your stores through a topical product like this can help the skin retain water and reduce sensitivity and irritation (and therefore redness). There's also squalane and urea in here; again they naturally occur in the skin and help maintain the moisture barrier. Allantoin has skin-moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties. Then we have a blend of plant oils like hemp, macadamia and jojoba to provide that nourishment. Finally, we have ascorbyl palmitate, which is a Vitamin C derivative. It's more stable than something like l-ascorbic acid but I don't think it's going to be as effective when it comes to treating uneven pigmentation. It's more of a nice added bonus here and is still going to have an antioxidant effect, reducing free radical damage to the skin. All of this is housed in air-tight, opaque packaging with a reverse pump to ensure your ingredients aren't exposed to light or air. The texture of this is gorgeous; it melts right onto the skin whilst still leaving it soft and smooth. If you just want to overall improve the look and feel of your skin in general as opposed to having definite concerns you want to tackle head on: this is what I'd go for.

Next, let's talk about my beloved... (yes, the entire collection is getting a space on this list!) DeliKate. If you don't know my love for this range - are you even following?! This range was designed by Kate to be used after professional peels, however it's also fantastic if you generally have sensitive skin or if you've done something else to sensitise it. I personally also love it to use alongside really intense active ingredients like my tretinoin (prescription-strength retinol) because it counteracts some of that harshness, replenishes my skin and there's nothing in there that's going to conflict with any of these stronger products. It's also fragrance-free, which is great because my skin generally doesn't like fragrance / fragrant essential oils when it's very irritated.

Let's get into the products themselves: I'm on my second tube of the DeliKate Soothing Cleanser* | £34 | and there's another one in my backup tub. That's how good this is! This is a gentle, emulsion-like, non-foaming cleanser that gently removes trapped grime and sweat without being harsh or stripping. Sometimes when my skin has felt irritated, this has really actually helped me calm down redness and inflammation. It's formulated with a peptide and ceramide complex to hydrate and replenish the skin, alongside some calming antioxidant extracts like soybean, aloe and rosemary leaf. Then we have moisturisers like cucumber and sunflower seed oils. This is what I reach for when my skin can't handle much at all! I'm almost out of my DeliKate Recovery Serum* | £74 | too. This is a lightweight milky serum that absorbs into the skin and never feels sticky or tacky. It's formulated with the ceramides, omega fatty acids and cucumber seed oil. It's hydrating, smoothing and - most importantly - not only doesn't irritate my skin but helps it to calm down. Finally, my favourite product from the entire range is the DeliKate Recovery Cream* | £69 | which I'm on my second tub of. This stuff... this stuff... it's just everything my face needs when it's dry, flaky, sensitised, red or falling victim to the elements. It's a rich, occlusive cream crammed full of skin-loving ceramides (with the soybean extract, cucumber seed oil and peptides found across this range), shea butter (for nourishment) and honey. It leaves my skin soft and smooth and feeling beautiful after use. I always call this my recovery cream + a bit of luxe because it has all the good stuff your skin will thank you for putting on it but it doesn't feel medicinal and joyless!

Last, but certainly not least, is the newest addition to my collection: the UncompliKated SPF 50 Soft Focus Makeup Setting Spray | £34. This does exactly what I bought it for, which is great. Look, if I'm on the beach or out doing a hike or something then I won't be wearing makeup and will just take my usual sunscreen and re-apply it during the day. However, if it's summer and I'm out seeing friends or it's a work day, it can be hard to top up the protection. This comes in a can so you give it a shake before spraying and it gives the finest mist I've ever tried when it comes to sunscreen. It's light, it doesn't disrupt makeup and it actually has a lovely cooling effect. It delivers broad spectrum SPF 50 whilst being colourless and non-greasy. I only wish that they did a mini of this: this can will easily go in my work bag but when I'm (hopefully) out and about at the weekend, I do tend to take a smaller bag. 

What do you think of my Kate Somerville picks? Have you tried the brand? Don't forget to use my code if you want anything!

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