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I don't really think Lisa Eldridge needs an introduction, but I was personally introduced to the legendary makeup artist via her YouTube videos, which were a breath of fresh air during the 2016 'full glam' era. A couple of years back, she finally launched her own makeup line, and now the brand has branched out into skincare, starting with the two products we'll discuss today...

Let's start with the Skin Enhancing Treatment Cleanser* | £43. This is obviously going to be where any makeup brand venturing into skincare is going to start; with a cleanser to take everything off at the end of the day! It's a sort of gel-balm to oil to emulsion formula and it's billed as a 3-in-1 because it can be used to cleanse the skin, as a face mask (during the winter, I like to leave something like this on my skin whilst I shower, to trap in hydration) and as a facial massage tool (which reminds me of one of Lisa's old videos on how to do a facial massage with a cleansing oil). I love the tube packaging, because it just makes something like this easier to grab for and use than, say, a cleansing balm, which you have to unscrew the lid of, break off a bit and then melt it down so it can be applied to the skin. You simply squeeze out a little of this and it can go right onto your face. Simply massage it in over dry skin and it will melt into an oil (though it's nothing overly greasy on the skin) and lift up your makeup and sunscreen; and yes, that includes waterproof eye makeup and long-wear liquid lipsticks. You can then emulsify it with water and remove it with a damp cloth, like one of Lisa's Luxuriously Gentle Cleansing & Exfoliating Cloths* | £10 for 2 | (though there are lots of similar cloths on the market that are very similar) and you'll be able to remove everything.

The cleanser claims to be a one-step formula, as opposed to a first cleanse, which is a balm or oil that you follow with a water-based cleanser. And - I have to say - it does remove everything! I tested this out a few times by removing my makeup only with this and then running over a cotton pad with a little micellar water on it to check if anything came off, and each time, it was completely clean! Having said that - although it doesn't leave behind an excess - it's an oil-based formula so although my dry skin loves the moisturised finished result, if you're oily you might not like that feeling and may prefer to use a water-based cleanser regardless. I also tried this out on a night where I had on much more makeup than usual to give it a real test, and it was brilliant for that too! I'm seriously impressed with how gentle and effective this formula is and it will definitely be living in my bathroom cabinet for days when I'm coming back from an evening out, it's late and I just want my skin completely clean with minimal effort. In terms of ingredients, this contains Saponins (a gentle but deep cleansing ingredient), glycerin to pull moisture into your skin and nourishing oils such as oat kernel, passionfruit seed, meadowfoam seed, prickly pear and squalane (which actually imitates the oils your skin naturally produces). These ingredients are what makes this product work as a flash moisturising mask as well as for cleansing the skin. It's a great cleanser for those who aren't necessarily well-versed in skincare but just need something that will work to remove their makeup at the end of the day!

The other formula currently launched in Lisa's skincare line is the Skin & Makeup Enhancing Mist* | £37. I'm pretty fussy when it comes to mists; it has to be lightweight and refreshing on my skin but it also has to have some substance to it and not evaporate off my skin into nothingness. If it has some extra active ingredients, then even better. This is a generously-sized bottle with a super-fine mister. This is formulated with natural moisturising factors (skin-conditioning ingredients that naturally occur in the skin) to boost hydration, plus glycerin will really draw water into the skin to increase hydration levels. There's also cooling and soothing aloe extract in here and amino acids to boost up the skin's barrier function and increase hydration from within. As an added extra we also have niacinamide, which is a fantastic multi-tasker; it increases ceramide production (a component of your skin's lipid barrier, which prevents the skin becoming dry or sensitised), prevents the spread of discolouration in the skin and regulates oil production in the skin.

I tested this out in two ways: in place of a toner (after cleansing, before applying serums) and also after applying my makeup, as a setting mist, and I really liked it for both. It has a water-light finish but it's actually really hydrating without being heavy or oily. Usually, if I just cleanse my skin and leave it without applying serums or moisturiser, it will start to feel tight and dehydrated in a couple of hours, so I tested out cleansing and misting with this product to see if it made a difference and, even without locking it in using my moisturiser, my skin felt so much more soft and hydrated than usual. Sandwiched into my normal skincare routine, it adds a welcome boost of hydration and leaves my skin soft and happy. Used over makeup, it does a similar job to something like the MAC Fix+, in that it just melds everything nicely together so your skin feels hydrated and any powderiness or minor cake-ing is taken care of. Is this mist an absolute must-have for £37? Not for me. But it's a nice formula I'm enjoying using, and if you're not super into skincare but want to provide the best base possible for makeup (as well as getting a setting mist out of it): this is a great option you can't really go wrong with.

Have you tried any of Lisa's skincare or makeup?

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