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I've always had a skincare routine that's a real mix of budget and luxury, so today I'm sharing 3 of my favourite high-low product pairings!

First up, we have a daytime power couple in Vitamin C + sunscreen. During the summer months, when I like to keep my routine minimal and lightweight, I love going straight in after cleansing with the Sunday Riley CEO Afterglow Brightening Vitamin C Cream* | £60 | full review | followed by the Garnier Ambre Solaire SPF 50+ Super UV Invisible Face Serum | £14 | full review. This moisturising is a gorgeous melting gel-cream that leaves my skin dewy, fresh and radiant. Where so many gel moisturisers disappear into nothingness on my skin, this is both lightweight and provides my skin with lasting hydration. It's formulated with lots of humectants to draw in moisture and occlusives to lock it in, plus the plant oils in this formula will help to moisturise the skin. It also contains THD, a Vitamin C derivative that's gentle and oil soluble, to give your skin a glow boost but also protect it against environmental aggressors. Vitamin C actually works synergistically with your sunscreen so both work to the best of their ability and the Garnier texture works so nicely with the CEO moisturiser. It has a very light, fluid texture (as the 'serum' descriptor in its name suggests) that melts into the skin effortlessly without the need to rub white product into the skin for ages. It contains a broad spectrum SPF 50+ level of protection and contains modern filter that are lighter, don't leave a cast on the skin and are less likely to cause irritation to sensitive skin and eyes. What's not to love? And together, this is a perfect streamlined AM routine.

To keep your skin happy and nourished whilst using retinoids, a good fatty moisturiser is a must to use alongside it. I'm currently really enjoying using my Peach & Lily Retinal for All 0.1% Retinal + 3% Ectoin* | $55 | full review | followed by the Ordinary's Natural Moisturising Factors + PhytoCeramides* | £20 | full review. Retinoids are an essential step within my skincare routine for their skin-clarifying and well-ageing benefits. They help with scarring and discolouration, but also with boosting collagen production, speeding up skin cell turnover and smoothing out existing fine lines. However, they are known to cause dryness and irritation, particularly to those who are trying them for the first time or have recently increased the strength of the formula they're using. This particular retinal is really nice and gentle and is formulated within a moisturising base, but I still like to keep things gentle, simple and skin barrier supportive with the Ordinary moisturiser. This is a rich, very emollient cream formulated with natural moisturising factors (like urea, PCA and hyaluronic acid) to keep the skin in balance and topped up with everything it needs to be happy and moisturised. There are no added actives in here, just fatty ingredients to keep the skin replenished and nourished, so the retinoid nasties don't rear their head!

Finally, we have a double cleanse duo! At the end of the day, to fully remove my makeup and sunscreen, I like to double cleanse with an oil-based formula followed by a water-based product. A duo that works really well for me is the Elemis Pro-Collagen Naked Cleansing Balm* | £48 | full review | followed by the Aveeno Calm & Restore Nourishing Oat Cleanser* | £8.39 | full review. The Elemis cleanser is a butter balm; simply massage a little onto dry skin to melt down everything from waterproof sunscreen to black liquid liner. You can then emulsify it all into a milk with water and remove everything with a few swipes of a damp face cloth. This formula doesn't leave behind any greasy excess but does leave my skin feeling soft and pampered. I follow it up with the Aveeno cleanser because it works without being harsh or stripping on the skin. It's simple; a fragrance-free, non-foaming gel formulated with skin-soothing out to gentle clean the skin without sapping it of its natural moisture. This is a perfect effective but non-drying cleansing process for my skin.

Do you find yourself mixing luxury and budget products a lot? What's your favourite high-low price pairing?

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