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The Ordinary just launched a bunch of new products, some of which I started testing months and months ago, whereas others are newer to me. Today we're rounding them all up, looking at the ingredients, I'll be sharing my experience and we'll cover off who might enjoy each of these products...

We'll start with the cleansers; until now the Ordinary only offered a single creamy-balm to oil cleanser, which was good for dry skin or could be used as a first PM cleanse to remove makeup and / or sunscreen, however they've now introduced something for dry skin and something for oily skin, which can be used as AM or second PM cleansers. Firstly, we have the Glycolipid Cream Cleanser* | £11.10. This isn't really a true cream cleanser, it's more like a creamy-gel emulsion that melts as you massage it in; it doesn't foam and it's easy to rinse clean off the skin. The Ordinary claim this can remove makeup, but I was hard pressed to get this to work in that respect; at a push it's fine to remove a tinted sunscreen or moisturiser when paired with a damp cloth. However, it's a gentle, effective, non-stripping, not-too-rich cleanser for dry skin in the morning or as a second cleanse. The glycolipid cleansing agent is designed to cleanse the skin whilst maintaining its hydration levels and without disrupting the skin barrier. As we've come to expect from the Ordinary, the INCI list is basic, uncomplicated and functional. There aren't really added extras in terms of ingredients and it's fragrance-free, so it's really a question of: is the texture nice (I like it a lot) and does it cleanse the skin (yes). It's not the most exciting or luxurious cleanser to use but it gets the job done and I do really like this sort of creamy-gel texture. 

Cards on the table: I'm not a gel / foaming cleanser gal, so I wasn't expecting to like the Glucoside Foaming Cleanser* | £11.10 | at all. It's clear gel cleanser with a fairly runny texture. When massaged into damp skin it will give you that kind of 'frosted' lather, as opposed to being overly sudsy. It utilises plant-based glucoside surfactants. and there's not much else to this formula, in all honesty, other than some Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant (protecting the skin from free radical damage) and it's moisturising. I really wasn't looking forward to putting a foaming gel cleanser on my skin but I did it for the review and... I actually liked this! Don't get me wrong; I'm not thinking 'wow this is product I absolutely have to repurchase once it's finished' but I've used it as a second cleanse, after removing makeup, as a one-step option on days I'm just wearing sunscreen and to remove sweat and sunscreen after exercising outside, and it doesn't leave my skin dry or tight! If you're oily or normal and you need that foaming effect to feel like your skin is being properly cleansed, then this is a great option that doesn't sap even my dry skin of moisture. Whilst I wouldn't use it personally in the morning when my skin is extra dry, for the uses I've outlined, this was an effective cleanser without being drying.

Let's talk about some serums! I've been using the Multi-Peptide Eye Serum* | £19.90 | for a good few months now - I recently cracked open my second bottle, so I feel in a good place to discuss if it worked for my skin or not in the long run. This is a water-gel serum and one drop per eye is the perfect amount to spread under the eyes, across the lids and over the 'crows feet' area. It's formulated with a bunch of good stuff; marketing it as a peptide serum almost does it a disservice. It's formulated with 3 peptides, which are short chain amino acids - they all work slightly differently but overall, they're hydrating, they're gentle and they might even help to boost up collagen production in the skin (this is what keeps our skin looking full, and obviously the eye area is one of the first places in which we lose volume and fine lines can start developing). We also have niacinamide in here, which can help with discolouration but also boosts ceramide production in the skin, which is an important component of the skin barrier which keeps things strong and healthy. Both are fantastic for the eye area. Plus we have caffeine in here (in case you were umming and ahhing over swapping their caffeine eye serum for this), which is a vasoconstrictor, meaning it can make the blue-toned veins running beneath the thin under eye skin look less prominent (so the eyes look fresher and brighter). For me, nothing is going to completely resolve all of the issues I have with my eye area, so I manage my expectations from eye treatments, however I did notice some improvements using this formula. My eyes have been hydrated, my makeup has been applying really nicely over this serum, I think my eyes are looking that bit less puffy and more 'awake'. For under £20, I'm more than happy to keep this product in my routine!

There's also a brand new facial serum: the Aloe 2% + NAG 2% Solution* | £12.90. This is a water-based gel-like serum formulated with three key ingredients: aloe, which soothes and calms the skin, the peptide Matrixyl (a pretty well-studied option to deliver the peptide benefits we've just discussed, plus it can help with uneven skin texture) and NAG (N-Acetyl Glucosamine), which is a really interesting ingredient that can help with discolouration and blemish marks and it's also very soothing. I also find this really nice and hydrating. Whilst this probably isn't going to banish darker acne marks all on its own, I love how gentle this is and how easily it slots into my skincare routine. If you have sensitive skin that's acne-prone, or your skin is easily irritated and that inflammation has caused you some hyperpigmentation you'd like to address: I really recommend giving this a go. So many ingredients aimed at dealing with scarring such as acids and retinoids are pretty strong, so if you struggle to incorporate those into your skincare routine regularly: try this on your days off the actives. It helped clarify my skin, it's hydrating and I can't imagine it causing irritation.

There are also two new moisturisers that have been added to the roster. The Ordinary have, for many years only had their Natural Moisturising Factors + HA formula, which is a basic medium-textured lotion that works for most skin types and is nice and functional. It contains many of the elements that exist within our skin already to keep it moisturised, hydrated and in balance, so it's really topping up your skin's stores of good stuff. There's now a formula more geared towards dry skin and one more for oily skin. For dry skin, we have the Natural Moisturising Factors + PhytoCeramides* | £20. You might have already noticed me talking about this product because it's that perfect super-nourishing formula to go alongside something like a retinoid, or to apply after doing an exfoliating peel. This kind of creamy, rich, very emollient, sealing moisturiser won't be for everyone; I recommend it for dry skin, compromised skin and to use alongside heavy-duty actives. It pairs the NMFs with lots of replenishing lipids and fatty acids, plus hyaluronic acid to draw water into the skin and it definitely locks in your skincare routine so there's no need to use it with an oil (if you're an oil person). I'm right in the target audience for this moisturiser and I really like it!

If that sounds like your worst nightmare, you'll probably like the Natural Moisturising Factors + Beta-Glucan* | £12. This is a humectant-rich gel moisturiser with body featuring ceramides (found in your lipid barrier, so replenishing them is important to keep dryness and irritation at bay) and Beta-glucan alongside the NMFs. Beta-glucan is an ingredient that's really popular with Korean skincare brands, and I'm glad to see more Western formulators working with it, because it's a great all-rounder. It's often found in oats and is an effective humectant (water magnet), plus it helps soothe irritation and inflammation, alongside helping strengthen the skin barrier. I was pleasantly surprised at how hydrating this felt for my skin; it's definitely a 'warm summer's day' moisturiser for my skin type, but it provides lasting hydration when I use it in this way. It wasn't really made for my skin, but if you're oily, acne-prone or struggle with skin irritation but can't handle a heavy cream: give this a go.

Have you tried any of these new launches from the Ordinary?

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