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Today we're talking Vitamin C and - more specifically - three formula options from Sunday Riley. All three of these products use the same Vitamin C derivative, so we’ll discuss the ingredient and then get into which iteration of it might be right for you!

Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (THD) is a Vitamin C derivative. Vitamin C has amazing antioxidant benefits, meaning it protects the skin from free radical damage (which can cause premature ageing). Vitamin C is also great for improving the appearance of discolouration and hyperpigmentation. Its pure form ascorbic acid is proven to boost collagen in the skin, which is what gives our faces their fullness and plumpness. There's not enough research to say that derivatives have the same effect but they might help. The edge that derivatives have over pure-form Vitamin C is that they're far more stable and often gentler on the skin, as they don't require as much of an acidic pH to work in water-based formulas. 

THD specifically is an oil-soluble derivative so it's going to be extra-gentle (if you're sensitive) and especially great for drier skin types, plus this might help it more easily penetrate the lipid barrier. It's also pretty compatible with other skincare ingredients in your repertoire, so can easily be combined in one routine or product formula with additional actives.

Knowing this is an fat-soluble Vitamin C, of course there was going to be an oil option: the CEO Glow Vitamin C + Turmeric Facial Oil* | £68 (35ml). This can be used under moisturiser during the daytime if you have dry skin (just a couple of drops) as it's not greasy or heavy; other skin types may prefer to use it overnight, and you can still reap antioxidant benefits the following day. This formula feels luxurious and it combines the THD with other antioxidant-rich extracts to boost its efficacy, like cranberry seed oil, turmeric, ginger and raspberry seed oil. Many of these oils are also rich in omega fatty acids, which replenish the skin, and ginger has anti-inflammatory benefits. There's also jojoba oil in the mix, which never fails to leave my skin soft and nourished. If you have skin that's prone to looking a little dry and lacklustre: this is for you. If you're oily or your skin doesn't like fragrant essential oils at all: this isn't for you.

There's also the CEO 15% Vitamin C Brightening Serum* | £70 (30ml) | if you don't love the idea of an oil or you don't think one would work with the rest of your skincare routine. I personally love the light, milky texture of this product; it feels softening and moisturising, absorbs easily and layers nicely. This product is also formulated with phytosterols, which are good for reducing redness, Vitamin E for boosting the formula's overall antioxidant benefit and glycolic acid for a slight exfoliation and glow boost, but also to help the rest of the ingredients better penetrate into the skin. Squalane is also in here, which is a plant oil that mimics the skin's natural oils. Overall, it's a great option for normal and dry skin types that's going to be a little more versatile than the oil. 

Finally, the latest launch in the line is the CEO Afterglow Brightening Vitamin C Cream* | £60. This is a gorgeously light and dewy gel-cream with substance. I often find that gel moisturisers just evaporate into nothingness on my skin, but not this one! It has enough body to provide lasting hydration, and to soften and moisturise my skin, giving it a nice glow-boost at the same time. THD is formulated alongside humectants like a hyaluronic acid derivative and glycerin, which draw hydration into the skin. The plant oils soften the skin and the occlusives in here trap hydration in, so it's a really well-rounded formula. If you have a busy lifestyle: just slap this on in the morning, follow it up with sunscreen and you're good to go!

THD is a great Vitamin C derivative and is so easy to slot into your skincare routine, so even if you don't try one of these formulas (given they're on the pricier side of things): definitely give the ingredient a go! I personally love the serum for my skin, but truly: all three of these formulas have given me great results. During the summer, when I want as few layers as possible, the all-in-one nature of the moisturiser is perfect. The oil is the formula I reach for the least, but it does still have a place in my winter routine. I hope this post helped you figure out what kind of formulation would work for your skin and for how you like to do your routine.

Have you tried any of the CEO line from Sunday Riley?

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