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It's my birthday on the 1st of June and it's a pretty big one: I'm 30! So, in honour of the milestone, I'm sharing 20 lessons I learned during my 20s. These are pretty personal, but I hope these ideas resonate with those of you reading this who might be navigating your 20s...

1. Good things can happen - believe, accept and enjoy them when they do

2. If you’re happy where you are, don’t regret some of the less pleasant moments that put you on this path

3. You can’t spend your life avoiding things that are difficult or uncomfortable 

4. You’re more adaptable and resilient than you think you are

5. Life never gets less busy or stressful; don't put things off expecting for a 'better time' to come along

6. Therapy isn’t just for when times are tough (though you may want to make your sessions more regular when they are!)

7. The worries and insecurities that seem so huge now will barely register in a few year and you'll be far happier for it

8. Negative emotions will happen and sometimes they're even helpful - don’t fall victim to toxic positivity 

9. You can engage with opposing opinions in a healthy way, however you can also opt out of the  conversation on days you don't have the bandwidth

10. Even if you’ll never be best friends, you can get on fine with most people, even you hold very different beliefs

11. Show people your true self - either way some people will like it and others won't (but they might as well like or dislike the real you) 

12. It's not as easy to make friends post-uni - always have time for the people who've stuck with you over the years

13. On the flip side: it's hard but some friendships and romances can become toxic or one-sided - keep checking in with yourself to ensure relationships stay healthy

14. You have to be vulnerable to make meaningful connections

15. If you want new friends, give it the same energy as you would dating

16. A shared history doesn't inherently make a relationship fulfilling 

17. Every job on the face of the earth will have some element to it that you find a chore

18. You don't have to climb the corporate ladder just to prove you can

19. People are moving careers more than ever, at all stages of life - stop worrying about if this is 'the rest of your life'

20. You can't put a price on work-life balance 

What lessons have you learned over the years that you'd add to this list?

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