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I won't lie: I'm a light-coverage gal all year round, but even if you aren't, I'm sure as we head into the warmer months you'll probably be looking for something nice and breathable. This post is a run-down of my weightless complexion favourites...

The lightest-coverage option here is the Undid In Your Face Water Tint* (Shade 4) | £19. This is kind of like a tinted serum; it's water-based and looks very natural on the skin whilst being so hydrating. This is perfect for a no-makeup kind of day because it just evens everything out and reduces redness whilst still looking like your skin. It doesn't settle into fine lines during the day; I just find it very wearable. Next, I have the new Fenty Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint (Shade 9) | £25 | full review. Fenty have actually since launched a concealer that would've fit in with this post had I not taken this imagery a while ago! You can check out that review here. The Eaze Drop Tint is a light-coverage, long-wearing formula that's neither dewy nor matte in its finish; how it looks will really be determined by your skin and the prep you've done on it. It's natural but it's a step up in coverage whilst still feeling very comfortable on warmer days. On me it covers any small blemishes or uneven tone / redness I might have. This is pretty much a go-to everyday option for me; it's what I'll wear to the office or for going out to lunch. 

I have two products that contain sunscreen, but they come with a word of warning: you will not apply enough product to get the full advertised protection (and if you don't believe me: check out my Instagram Reel). Because that would be a lot of makeup. Nor are you adding extra protection (wearing an SPF 50 then an SPF 30 over it unfortunately does not equate to an SPF 80), you're just increasing the coverage over your face and therefore ensuring you're getting the advertised protection. If it's winter, I you rely on these sorts of things, but that's a personal choice (I don't). These both have a little more coverage than the products we've discussed so far. The first is the Milk Makeup Sunshine Skin Tint Broad Spectrum SPF 30 (Golden Honey) | £39 | full review. This gives a really nice level of coverage; more than a tinted moisturiser bit still in that lightweight kind of family. It has a gorgeous soft glow; I like to team it with a radiant primer because I'm quite dry and like to up the ante but I'd say normal and combination skin types will also enjoy this but it might be a bit much for oily skin, especially as we head into summer. I love how this wears and stays on my skin and doesn't sink into fine lines. This is definitely a summer shade for me but it actually matches my neck pretty well. My only bugbear is how little product you get in here. The Ilia Beauty Super Serum Skin Tint Broad Spectrum SPF 30 (Matira) | £46. This is a lovely product that's more like a tinted sunscreen (mineral, with no flashback) than a pure makeup product, but my above warning remains in-force. It also has some lovely skin benefits in there with 2% niacinamide (for those skin barrier benefits) and 7% squalane (to replenish dry skin). It has a very glowing finish so I think it's best for drier skin types. The longevity is pretty good too, thought you might have to powder the t-zone at lunchtime.

Lastly for this category, I have a foundation, though it's more a fluid, watery formula. The MaketheMake Bakuchiol Second Skin Foundation* (N4) | £28 | doesn't have a great shade range, but I do enjoy the consistency and how it looks and feels on my skin. It has a buildable coverage so you can keep it nice and sheer or build it to something more medium. It's glowing but not shiny and wears nicely throughout the day without breaking up or going patchy. It's an easy one to travel with because you can make it work for day or night. It isn't heavy, it isn't smothering; it's really beautiful on the skin.

The concealer I always seem to come back to is the Milk Makeup Flex Concealer (Medium) | £24. This is my go-to everyday formula; it gives me a nice medium coverage that's natural and blends into my light bases perfectly but still gives me that brightening effect under the eyes. It also has a slight peachy tone to help correct dark circles, and has a long-wearing, non-creasing finish. I then like to set my t-zone and under my eyes using the Kosas Cloud Set Baked Setting & Smoothing Powder (Cushiony) | £32. Look, I'm not a big powder person but it's nice to use a bit in the summer to keep on the right side of shine vs. glow and this is perfect if you don't want creasing but you like to keep things glow-y and natural because it's a baked formula!

What kind of makeup do you like for the warmer weather?

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