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I'm sure we all know what a shake-up the original Fenty foundation forced in the beauty industry when it burst onto the scene, but - over 3 years later - there are now a number of formulas and finishes offered by the brand for different skin types and for different occasions, so I thought it would be useful to do a comparison and breakdown of all 4 products...

Let's start with the OG: in 50 shades it's the Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Foundation (250) | £27. I do have to preface this by saying that my foundation preferences and my overall lifestyle have changed significantly since I first tried this product, but I do still think it's a nice formula. This, for me, is a glam, going-out foundation as opposed to something I wear on the regular but it really depends on how much coverage you personally enjoy. This has a medium-to-full coverage that builds quite nicely without getting cakey. I apply this with a damp sponge and start with a pump then look to see where I want more coverage and build on it from there. As the name suggest, it's a little more on the matte side so I tend to use a very hydrating, glow-y primer or mixing cream and this gives me both the longevity and flawless finish without it feeling or looking drying. This is the foundation-foundation and something I'd reach for if I was going on a night out or to a long daytime event like a wedding or a festival. It's not the sort of product I need to own 5 variations of because I'm not going for a full-on glam look very often, but this is generally the product I keep in my collection for when I need it.

The next base product they launched was the Pro Filt'r Hydrating Longwear Foundation* (250) | £27. This is pretty much what I'd been wanting from the jump: I could work with the original foundation but this is a little lighter and a little more hydrating, which suits me down to the ground. This is the foundation I always travelled with because you can sheer it out or build up the coverage in a way that looks really natural (again, I use my trusty damp beauty sponge). This isn't overly dewy, but it has that healthy glow and I love how well it lasts on my skin (though, after many hours of wear, it can settle slightly into fine lines so might not be suitable for mature skin). I really like how it kind of meshes in and looks natural too. I honestly don't have anything much negative to say about this: it's my default foundation when I want a foundation.

Early this year, the brand launched the Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Powder Foundation* (260) | £27. Look, some people don't like powder foundation and I'm probably not going to change their minds; ultimately there's a bit of a knack to them and you need to take care not to have patches of skin you've missed. However, I enjoy how buildable and customisable this formula is; you can use it for top-ups before after-work drinks when they're a thing again, otherwise a light dusting can give you a 'no makeup' look. I like that this looks natural on the skin and actually (despite the name) I think it's a misconception that powder foundation will always look and feel drying. Most formulas I've tried mesh with the skin and actually look quite radiant and this is no exception, however you usually find them in loose forms and therein lies the problem... This got hard pan very quickly for me, which seems unavoidable: you can't do your entire face in one swipe and your skin has skincare and natural oils on it so inevitably that will transfer onto the product. Aside from that, my only real drawback is that I tend to use cream cheek products and they just mesh better with a liquid (this is lovely with powder products though). I will use this for as long as I can and if the hard pan doesn't get worse, I would replace this, but we will have to see. The big benefit of this product is its sheer longevity; this stuff doesn't budge! If you have to wear a mask for whatever reason but you'd still like to wear makeup (like if you're going shopping then for an outdoor lunch) then this is perfect. I wore this out and it was still pretty intact afterwards, whereas with liquid formulas, half of it is usually on the mask by an hour or two later.

Now let's talk about the new launch: the Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint (Shade 9) | £25. I've pretty much been using this whenever I've left the house recently and I'm really enjoying it! I don't really 'get' the blurring part, to be honest, but this is overall my kind of complexion product. It's a light coverage but you can build it to medium without it looking heavy or creasing. I apply it with my damp sponge but a lot of people seem to like using their fingers with this too. Again, as with all of the products in this range, the longevity has really impressed me. I wore this out on a pretty sunny day all day and it held up really well. I would say this product is kind of finish-agnostic; it will just mimic what your skin looks like. I have normal-to-dry skin so I use lots of nourishing and hydrating skincare around this time of year, so the product looks very fresh on my skin. If you use a matte primer, then I'd imagine that would be reflected in your skin's appearance. This is a great everyday complexion product for me and it's going to be a go-to for me when I'm back in the office.

Have you tried any of these foundations? Which sounds most up your street?

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