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Today we're talking new UK sunscreen brand Hello Sunday! You can find them at Cult Beauty or on their own website, everything is under £20, the facial products are fragrance-free and it's all cruelty-free and vegan and broad-spectrum (plus the packaging is adorable). Let's get into it...

- FACE -

Let's start with the The One That's Got It All Sun Primer SPF 50* | £20. This is an SPF 50 formula designed to work as a primer as well as a sunscreen. It's also the only water-resistant formula in the line, which I guess is a little odd because I use a primer under makeup but I'm not really going to wear makeup if I'm working up a sweat, however I digress... This reminded me a lot of the Supergoop Unseen sunscreen upon initial application but has a higher level of protection and is £10 cheaper for the same amount of product, so there was a lot of promise. This isn't going to be for everyone; it definitely has that silicone / dimethicone feel but, for me, the only thing that really bothers me with those types of products is pilling and this one doesn't pill up on me. It's non-greasy and gives me the least glow (read as 'shine' if you're oily) of the three I tried, so it's what I'd recommend for oilier skin types. It also has some nice ingredients in there including hyaluronic acid to draw in water, an oil-soluble Vitamin C derivative for its brightening and antioxidant benefits and also acai, algae and bisabolol. There's no fragrance in this formula, as mentioned, but it's made with chemical filters (octocrylene, avobenzone, uvinul a plus, ethylhexyl salicylate, tinosorb s and uvinul t 150 - some of these filters aren't FDA-approved, so sadly I wouldn't expect to see this brand in the US any time soon) so may not be the best for sensitive skin. I did try this pre-run and didn't find it ran into my eyes and it didn't sting them, probably due to its water-resistance. It isn't my top pick from the range, but I like it well enough! Under makeup, despite its claims of being a primer, I actually find it often doesn't quite sit right. I've tried it with a few different foundations and tinted moisturisers and sometimes I just can't get them to lay over this properly. I will stick to using this on no-makeup days, particularly when I'm out in the sun, because of its high level of protection and the fact it has that water-resistance. It's totally transparent, so this is also going to be the best option for Fitzpatrick Types 5 and 6 (the deepest skin tones on the scale).

Next, let's talk about the Everyday One Face Moisturiser SPF 30 | £15. Look, SPF 30 gets a bad rap but I think (for my skin personally) it's absolutely fine on days when I'm mostly indoors like when I'm at the office: I'll simply apply this in the morning (5 pumps is right for me) and I have an SPF 50 mist in my bag to top up if I'm popping out at lunch or for when I'm heading home or out after work. It's a personal choice you have to make for yourself, but I got this instead of the SPF 50 version because a lot of reviews complained about pilling with that one. This one is a lightweight but still-hydrating and softening moisturiser that melts into my skin with no white cast. There are some nice added ingredients that give those moisturising benefits like jojoba esters, hyaluronic acid, panthenol, allantoin and glycerin. For this time of year, on my normal-to-dry skin, it's definitely substantial and not overly shiny when I apply the correct amount. Your filters here are the same as with the primer, but this doesn't have the tinosorb, instead containing phenylbenzimidazole sulfonic acid. This is lightweight, it works really well under my makeup, providing a hydrating but not specifically sticky base. It's a great everyday option for the winter and transitional seasons for me, or if I'm not planning on being out in the sun.

Lastly, for this category, I have my favourite: the One That's a Serum Face Drops SPF 45* | £20. I absolutely love this product! I have a slightly drier skin type and this is perfect, though it might be a bit too shiny for those with oily skin. It comes out as a milky serum, again it melts in beautifully. It does have a very slightly tacky finish once applied (around 4 droppers is right by my estimation) but it is an absolute dream under makeup. It gives my skin a fresh, dewy glow and is my everyday go-to. I get no white cast and at an SPF 45, you're most of the way there to high protection. It isn't water-resistant so it's not something I'd pack for a day at the beach, but it's great for those warmer days when you want to eat or drink outside. There are some really nice ingredients in here like jojoba esters, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, allantoin and aloe, and the filters are very similar to the previous two products, containing a mix of the options this brand leans towards. Just one little gripe: the brand suggests mixing this in with your foundation or moisturiser but I would really steer far away from that. Unless the brand in question manufactures a sunscreen and a foundation and says these two specific products can be mixed without compromising the protection, you really are running a big risk. Ultimately, you don't know what SPF you're going to end up with. Just apply it as a sunscreen, after your moisturiser, with a good amount to ensure you're getting that SPF 45. It's a beautiful primer so I'm not sure why you wouldn't just use it in that way. That aside, this is a sunscreen you'll truly enjoy using - I'm obsessed!

You can get all 3 in a bundle on the brand's own website for £43 here. If you'd like to see a demo of me applying these products, you can check that out on Instagram here.

- BODY - 

There are also two body lotion products. It's tricky because, realistically, the skin on my body is only really going to be exposed if it's sunny and warm and if it's sunny and warm then SPF 30 might not be enough (additionally, this doesn't appear to be water-resistant, which rules it out for me as a 'beach day' product). Personally, I'm slapping it on at the moment when I'm going to work or out in the evening when the sun is out but I'm not specifically spending loads of time basking in it. It's really down to personal choice but the Essential One Body Cream SPF 30* | £16 | is my favourite of the two. For whatever reason, this has a lighter, more pleasant scent of the two. It has a lovely texture; kind of a light lotion that melts into the skin easily and is nicely hydrating. You have the same sorts of filters as in the facial sunscreens in the body products, so I won't go into them all individually. There's also the Essential One Body Cream SPF 50* | £16 | and I just don't think this formula is anywhere near as nice, unfortunately! It takes a while to rub in and leaves a tacky, sticky finish on the surface of my skin. I don't hate the scent but it's more Lynx than the beachy coconut vibe I thought it was going to be based on the packaging. Again, I can't see that this is water-resistant so I probably wouldn't pack it for a holiday but realistically: this is a small-ish tube and I'm sure myself and my partner will finish it off pretty easily over summer.


Then we have a few 'to go' products, which I really like the idea of, as it's important to top up your protection and take care of your entire body. The first product I have here is the Take-Out One Invisible Sun Stick SPF 30 | £14. It does contain fragrance, as an FYI, unlike the other facial products. It's a solid balm that actually just melts right down on contact with the skin, so it's no effort to apply. The brand does suggest using it over makeup, though I can't see how this would really work. It might be a tad greasy for some and I wouldn't recommend it if you have acne, because you don't want to be swiping the same product over live breakouts over and over again. I do find that with thicker moisturiser formulas it can pill up, but it actually performed a lot better than I thought it might. I personally use this on no-makeup days, and it's often sat on my desk for top-ups before I go out and about. I probably wouldn't repurchase this, though, because I do prefer a mist that you can use over makeup.

Next, I have the One for Your Lips Lip Balm SPF 50* | £5. Look, this is perfectly serviceable, but it's not my favourite. It's quite thick and greasy and gets in your mouth leaving behind a sunscreen aftertaste that lingers for hours afterwards. I personally would prefer an SPF 20 or 30 in a tinted formula that you're going to reapply throughout the day for the colour regardless.

Lastly, we have the One for Your Hands Hand Cream SPF 30* | £8. I like this product a lot! We often forget our hands but it's the one part of your body that's basically exposed all the time, unless it's the depths of winter. I have really dry hands so a sunscreen hand cream is a great idea; I'm going to be applying it regardless, so I might as well get some sun protection while I'm at it. This is a light hand cream that easily melts into my skin and provides moisture without grease. It does have a bit of a sunscreen smell but I don't mind it too but and it actually doesn't feel any different to any of my non-sunscreen hand creams, so it's been a great find!


Overall, I think Hello Sunday is a welcome addition to the sunscreen scene! Their products have formulas and packaging that feel very relevant, and they don't cost the earth. Some of the non-facial products do need a bit of tweaking, for me personally, but the facial sunscreens are solid. I'm about halfway through the serum and will definitely be getting some backups, the primer probably isn't one for me but I will finish it and can see how it could be right for other people and the moisturiser is something I'd repurchase. These sunscreens are lovely for everyday wear and under makeup, actually making your SPF a step in your routine that you'll enjoy! I look forward to seeing where Hello Sunday go next...

Have you tried Hello Sunday?

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