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Today's quick beauty review is of the new Fenty Beauty Bright Fix Eye Brighter* | £18 | so let's dive into the formula, the shades and how I use it... 

As you can probably tell by the swatches put out by the brand; this product is intended to be more of a corrector. Colour correcting is counteracting a natural tone in your skin by applying its opposite to neutralise its appearance. Most of the colours in this line are peachy or orange in their undertone which is what you'd use to counteract the blue tint that dark circles give the skin under the eyes. Colour correction can get kind of wild, but these shades are designed to be more on the natural side, so they're fool-proof and suitable for everyday use. This comes in 16 shades, which is less than the original concealer, but I'm not too concerned by that given it's a corrector as opposed to being something that will perfectly match your skin tone.

The shades I have are Deep Butter 07, Peach 09 and Deep Melon 08 (shown above in this order from top to bottom). Peach and Deep Melon are the stronger correcting shades with Deep Melon having a pinky undertone and Peach obviously being a peach colour. If I want a quick one-step morning option, then I go with Deep Butter. This shade is brightening on my skin tone (I'm 250 in the hydrating and original foundation shades and 9 in the Eaze Drops, for reference) so perks up around my eye area, as well as having that correcting effect on my dark circles. Deep Melon and Peach are both fine for my skin tone but they're less natural with stronger correcting tones so I need to layer a skin-coloured concealer over the top. 

Before and after with 07 Deep Butter

I'm actually just enjoying dabbing these on with my fingers; you only need a tiny bit of product to get the effect and I love how low-maintenance these are. If I'm not wearing proper makeup then I can easily just dab a bit of Deep Butter under my eyes to immediately look fresher and more awake. It doesn't need setting unless you're applying a lot of product (I personally find that unnecessary with this formula) and it really wears well on my skin. It isn't drying, it doesn't have a matte finish and it's very easy to blend out. It even has some added skincare benefits with hyaluronic acid and jojoba oil.

I don't think this product will be for everyone; if you like doing really all-out colour correcting or conversely, if you want full coverage with a single swipe from a concealer. However if you want a lightweight, everyday option that can brighten, provide medium coverage and correct in one step, that's low-maintenance, then this is a really lovely option. It doesn't ever look heavy and is so easy to apply. Let me know if you'd like to see some video content on these on Instagram.

Have you tried this product yet or anything else from Fenty Beauty?

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