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Working from home has been my everyday life for almost a year now, so I thought I'd walk you through the products I keep on my desk and why...

First up, we have the Fresh Sugar Mint Rush Freshening Lip Treatment* | £19.50. I like to pop on a bit of lip balm throughout the day after I've been eating lunch or drinking coffee, especially during winter. The Fresh lip balms are so nourishing and I've been using various version of them (both tinted and untinted) for years. My current love is the menthol scent and feel of Mint Rush. I also have the Ordinary Colours Concealer (2.0Y) | £4.90 | full review | here. I honestly don't put on makeup for video calls these days; I barely even put on a decent top! However, if I'm feeling particularly tired or have a huge spot; this is such a quick and easy concealer to pat on with my fingers. It doesn't need setting, it doesn't look 'off' if you're not wearing other makeup and you only need a tiny dot of product to get the coverage. It's a two-minute job if you just want to spruce up a little.

I also keep my Disciple Go-To Balm | £20 | handy. This is a solid balm with shea butter and non-fragrant plant oils. I have incredibly dry skin all over my body, my face is very dry at the moment and the cold weather and central heating is not helping the situation. This balm can be used for dry knuckles, on the skin between your fingers and on your face (if you aren't sensitive to shea butter). It forms an effective barrier or seal against the environment so I quite often put it on places where I get dry and irritated on my face before I go out for a walk.

There are two hand products here; the first is my Let's Sanitise Oud Blanc Halfeti Hand Sanitiser Gel* | £29.99 (on offer for half price at the time of writing). I just find a big, pump bottle like this really handy to have around. Of course, hand washing is preferrable, but sometimes I'll be accepting packages from the postman or I'll have come in from food shopping and it's just quicker and easier to grab a bit of this after handling the items before I touch other surfaces. I also sometimes put it on a tissue and wipe down my phone screen, keyboard and anything else I touch regularly. This formula actually isn't as drying as others I've used and I like that the fragrance masks the alcohol smell when first applied and, when it dries off, only this scent is left behind. This bottle is scented with grapefruit and armoise. I also keep my Soapsmith Brick Lane Hand & Body Lotion* | £18 | close by because between all the washing and anti-baccing, my hands get so dry! This is a light moisturising lotion that doesn't feel greasy or leave my hands slippery. It's scented to evoke memories of Brick Lane with notes of amber, pepper and sandalwood, so it's warm, rich and spicy.

I normally have a few Slip Skinny Silk Scrunchies | £39 for 6 | around because they're basically all I use. And who doesn't spend their day putting up and taking down their hair repeatedly? I find these to be amazing quality, they have some beautiful colours and designs and they help reduce breakage in the hair when compared to traditional ties. Lastly, I also have the Fresh Vitamin Nectar Antioxidant Mist* | £34. I'm pretty fussy when it comes to face mists; some of them seem to just evaporate off my skin and leave it dryer than it started. Not this one! It's packed full of antioxidants and humectants but also castor oil to bind them to the skin. It's refreshing, for when you need that afternoon pick-me-up but also provides lasting hydration.

What are your desk-side essentials?

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