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Today is a pretty off-the-cuff post; less a step-by-step routine and more a 'let's just talk about what I'm enjoying right now'. Every day feels like a Sunday these days so why not take some time for self care? I'm cooking lots of nice food, I'm doing my yoga, I'm trying to... not lose my mind! You don't need to rush out and buy a load of new stuff for a cosy night in; lord knows I've been banging on about the same products a lot in this respect recently! Just use what you have, enjoy what you have, rediscover what you have. If you see one thing in this post you like the look of and want in your life: treat yourself within your budget, but given the current climate I just wanted to highlight that these posts aren't about rushing out and buying lots of new things, it's about me enjoying what I enjoy and you should enjoy what you enjoy. With that in mind, these are some of my favourite things for a self care night in... 

Before I get started, I like to tie back my hair (Slip Scrunchies, always!) but first I'll apply my Monpure Follice Boost Hair Density Serum* | £96. I know this is pricey, but the brand do have quite a lot of offers and huge percentage discounts on sets. It won't be for everyone and I totally understand that, but I truly love these products personally and have bought Monpure products with my own money too. I have a lot of problems with my scalp as I've discussed on my blog before, but it just seems to love Monpure products, which are billed as skincare for your hair. This serum is formulated with Vitamins A, C and E, alongside lactic acid to increase cell turnover and keep the scalp clear and happy. You just apply it to dry hair, after it's been washed and it doesn't make the scalp greasy or anything like that but it's a lovely, moisturising leave-on product that's been keeping the flakiness and irritation at bay for me (I've been using it for around 2 weeks now).

I've mentioned it before but I'll mention it again, because I truly do love it and this is all about stuff I love! I'm talking about my beloved the Seated Queen Cold Cream* | £39 | which has recently launched on Cult Beauty and Harvey Nichols, so congratulations to them. If you do want to check out this product from their own website, it's still free shipping and you can get 15% off with code JASMINETSQ (not affiliate). This is a beautiful cream cleanser that can be used to remove makeup, directly on the skin as a morning or second cleanse or applied for 10 minutes or longer as a really nourishing mask. The texture is an absolute dream and it gives me that overall sensorial experience that helps me relax. This cream is enriched with oils like rosehip, borage seed and chamomile, alongside Vitamin E. Divine!

My face mask of choice has been the same for a while now: the I'm From Honey Mask | £35 (15% off with code JASMINETALKSBEAUTY (affiliate)). Probably not a surprise given it's a product I chose to go into my Self Care Kit in collaboration with Tonic 15! This is formulated with 38.7% honey, which is deeply nourishing and has natural antibacterial properties to keep breakouts under control. This has been an amazing antidote to my dry winter skin and you can leave this on for up to an hour, so I often apply it before a nice long soak in the bath whilst I read a book. Speaking of the bath, I love a nice, long bath! To add a boost of nourishing, skin-softening goodness to my water, I add a capful of the Soak Sunday Cleo's Paradise Bath & Body Oil* | £14. It's formulated with oatmeal, jojoba, chamomile, vegan manuka and almond milk which all leave the skin feeling beautiful. Whilst I'm in the bath, my favourite body wash is the Elemental Herbology Wood Lemongrass & Nutmeg Body Wash* | £19 (15% off with code JASMINETALKSBEAUTY (affiliate)). I've definitely discussed this one before because Elemental Herbology is one of my go-to self care brands; their products are all aromatherapy-based to capture a particular mood. This body wash has a deep woody, spicy scent that's perfect for the winter months. After my bath and once I've rinsed off my face mask, I keep reaching for the Fresh Beauty Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence* | £59. It's one of those slow burn favourites that I didn't realise was a favourite until I was like 'I've used this at least once a day for the past two weeks'! This is a thicker, more hydrating essence that gives me that fresh, dewy skin look. It's also packed full of fermented ingredients and hyaluronic acid, to draw moisture into the skin.

I am cutting back on the red wine, and opting for more nights drinking hot chocolate. What I like to do is warm up a cupful of oat milk in a pan on the hob, add a teaspoon of coconut sugar and a teaspoon of my favourite (and slightly healthier) Sweet Bee Organics Sacred Roots Healing Chocolate | £19.99. Then I'll light up my Keys Soulcare Sage + Oat Milk Candle | £35 | and cosy up in bed with my microwave 'hot water bottle', because it's been absolutely freezing this month! This is a soy candle that burns really cleanly and the scent really fills the room. I used to be iffy about soy candles as they often didn't give off much of the wax's fragrance, but this one truly does. This is such a beautiful, warm, relaxing scent. After my bath, I like to slather on a body moisturiser because a) the skin on my body is obscenely dry, b) it's winter, so that's even more true, and c) who doesn't love that 'smooth skin against the sheets' feeling? I can't stop reaching for the Jai + Co Body Butter in Syrene* | £20. It has this texture that just melts into my skin and feels so nourishing. If you have dry skin and find that some body butters don't even touch the sides: this is for you! It's formulated with shea butter, avocado oil, mango butter and apricot oil with fragrance notes of vanilla, wood, patchouli and amber. Heavenly...

I was recently on a bodycare-themed event with Ark Skincare and they demoed how to do a lovely hand massage with the Ark Intensive Hand & Nail Cream* | £20. As I've mentioned many times: this is one of my all-time favourite hand care products for how it melts into the skin so beautifully and luxuriously. It's never greasy but it does provide that lasting nourishment. I generally get quite dry cuticles and my nails break easily, so doing a hand massage with this product a few times a week is a great way to really ensure that the base of my nails are moisturised and healthy. It's so true that we don't appreciate all the things our hands do for us (I'm pounding my fingers against the keyboard right now, for example!)

My last step before bed is slathering my face with the Omorovicza Rejuvenating Night Cream* | £125. This is pricey and I'll treasure it whilst I have it, but I would absolutely buy the mini version of it once I've used it up to have as a once a week treat, because I can't deny how stunning the formula is. The texture! How soft and smooth it leaves my skin! Everything about this is divine and ingredients like jojoba oil, shea butter, plant oils and fruit extracts have been amazing for my winter skin.

How are you spending nights in during lockdown?

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