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Today I'm very excited to introduce you to a brand new product joining Beauty Pie range. If you don't know about Beauty Pie, I'm going to talk you through how you can use this members club to get luxury beauty products for amazing prices and walk you through the Japanfusion skincare line and its latest addition.

If you've been following me for a while, you'll know I've been a Beauty Pie member for ages so I was so excited to be given a sneak peak of their new launch to share it with you here. Beauty Pie products are available for members with amazing savings when compared to the typical pricing of similar products from mainstream brands. For me, the £5 a month membership is perfect, so every month I get a spending allowance of £50 (based on the total 'typical price' of the products I want to buy) however if you exclusively want to use Beauty Pie for all of your makeup, skincare, bath and body, fragrance and supplement needs, you might want to consider a higher tier of membership to get a larger allowance. What's great is that if you don't use up your allowance once month; it just continues to roll forwards, so you're never missing out. I personally like to save up my allowance and do a big order every few months. There's always something new on their website to catch my eye, so I never struggle to use it up!

I know there are plenty of affordable skincare brands on the market, but for me it's all about the formulas with Beauty Pie. They don't really go down the 'single ingredient' route; everything is well-rounded, and fits within a specific range or routine. The complexity of the formulas, the textures and finishes, the labs they use around the world and the innovative ingredients that Beauty Pie are putting out all make the products an absolute steal. For example, one of their serums has a typical price of £50 but with my £5 membership, I can get for £10.75, so either way you look at it; you're getting really fantastic formulas at bargain prices. If you're new to Beauty Pie, you can use code JASMINESENTME (affiliate) for a £50 allowance booster. I'm also a big fan of all the reviews on the Beauty Pie website; you can see the age group and skin type of the reviewer so you can put into context if a product is likely to be right for your skin.

Honing in on the Japanfusion skincare line; you might have guessed that this range is manufactured in Japanese labs. If you're at all familiar with East Asian skincare brands, you'll probably know that it's all about hydration, replenishing ingredients and gentle actives. I'm sure regular readers have seen me talk about the cleanser from this range all the time, but this latest launch could be my new favourite! There is some fragrance to this range, but I personally quite like it and it's definitely not anything strong. 

After cleansing, I love using the Hydra Prep Lotion | £8.70 for members (typical price: £25). I did actually use an entire bottle of this up last year because, as someone with quite dehydrated skin, this is pretty much my perfect type of milky toner. It has some proper substance to it and I personally like to apply it with my hands as opposed to a cotton pad; I just pat it right in for deep hydration with zero stickiness. It's formulated with glycerin, to pull water into the skin, alongside moisturising oils like castor oil and squalane. This really balances out the formula, because totally water-based products sometimes just evaporate off the skin and the hydration doesn't last. This isn't heavy, it doesn't feel oily, but those oils help lock the hydration in. There are also lots fruit-based antioxidants in the mix, which help to neutralise free radical damage.

I follow that up with the newbie! The Genius Lift Elixir | £8.89 for members (typical price: £40). This is really a serum step but because there's nothing in it that's going to interact negatively with any other ingredients, also Beauty Pie suggest you can add it into your serum or moisturiser. I personally tend to layer it on after my active, if I'm doing that, but even on its own, this is a great hydration-booster. It's formulated with humectants and antioxidants to both hydrate and protect the skin. There's also castor oil in here, again to really seal in the hydration. If you're finding your skin is looking dull and feeling dry this winter: this is for you! It just breathes life into my skin and makes it look dewy, glowing and fresh, whilst providing moisture and hydration that lasts.

During the daytime, I follow the elixir with the Urban Air Purifying Moisturiser | £12.30 for members (typical price: £50). I don't know how I hadn't picked this up sooner because it's honestly beautiful! Again, there are lots of antioxidant plant extracts in this formula, alongside squalane, which is a plant-derived but skin-similar oil that's amazing for moisturising the skin, and glycerin to draw in water. This comes out as a lovely light lotion but even during this winter we've been having where we've regularly got into the minuses here in the Midlands; it's been substantial enough to keep my skin moisturised throughout the day. It absorbs beautifully and the texture is just a dream. It softens and plumps my skin, as well as giving it a lovely glow, which I really like.

Lastly, we have the Bio-Ceramide Deep Moisture Mask | £12.12 for members (typical price: £100). This mask is formulated with squalane, antioxidants and ceramides. Ceramides naturally occur within our skin but deplete over time and they're crucial to healthy barrier function, so your skin doesn't get irritated and can better retain water. This is a multi-use mask, so you can use it as a quick 10-minute moisture boost or apply it overnight for that deep nourishment. I often use this when I'm in the shower, because the heat can actually really strip the skin of moisture, but at this time of year I'm just not willing to sacrifice my nice, long showers! Popping this on helps nourish my skin and also prevents water loss through the skin (which can lead to dehydration). Sometimes, before I go out into the cold, I pop a bit of this in areas where I tend to get very dry, just to protect my skin. Overall it's a great product to have on hand to combat dryness and dehydration.

I hope this post gave you a good overview of Beauty Pie, how it works and some of their amazing formulas! And, if you're new, don't forget to use code JASMINESENTME (affiliate) for the bonus £50 spending limit.

Have you tried Beauty Pie before? What do you think of the concept?

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