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Today I have a new launch from the Ordinary, but it's not skincare! It's the Ordinary Colours Concealer | £4.90 | and you can probably tell from the title that I'm a fan, but let's get into the details...

It was at least a year ago when Deciem first mentioned to me that they were coming out with a concealer; they were in the process of trying out different packaging to make sure it was right for the formula. About 6 months ago I did vaguely wonder if it was on its way or if it wasn't coming, but it arrived this January! I remembered how quickly the foundations had sold out when they launched so snapped up the shades I wanted in this before the 'would you like to try this?' email dropped into my inbox; I was taking no chances! However, it actually seems like only a couple of shades are sold out on Cult Beauty, so there's nothing to worry about. As I already knew my shade in the foundation was 2.1Y, I decided to pick up 2.0Y and 2.1Y, as it's nice to have an option that's a touch lighter for under the eyes (though it does say on their website that the concealer is a tiny bit lighter than its foundation equivalent shade). I'd say that 2.1Y is more of a summer shade for me, but that's ok because it means neither shade will go to waste. That was bang on the money for me, though you might struggle to orientate yourself within this range without that reference point. There are 36 shades coming P or R (pink or red, cool), Y (yellow, warm) or N (neutral) undertones, which is pretty great, especially under a fiver! I don't usually swatch complexion products but I thought it might be helpful for you to visualise where you might sit in relation to it. Shade-matching online is hard! I know Deciem has retail stores, but here in the UK at least; they can't be open right now.

This product comes in a tube, which I think makes the most sense for this sort of consistency. You need the tiniest little dot of product with this concealer; you can apply it with a brush, you can apply it with a sponge, but I tend to apply it using my fingers to pat it in. I guess it's these lazy COVID times, but I often reach for it when I'm going on a Zoom call, I can't be bothered with makeup and just want to perk things up a little. It takes about 2 seconds and makes such a difference. I'm not usually one to wear concealer without other makeup, but this blends in so naturally so it doesn't look strange or out-of-place and there's no obvious demarcation. I'd call it a medium coverage, but it's very customise-able. If you want to layer it on, that works, if you want to sheer it out; that works too.

I actually think this is such a universal formula; it's not heavy and drying, it's not too dewy for those who have oiler skin or want to use this on spots. It's very much just mimicking the skin's natural finish. I find it really long-wearing and crease-proof; I often don't even set with powder, which is pretty unheard of for me. It doesn't seem to get patchy or wear unevenly on my skin either. I've been so impressed with how well this has worked for me as an everyday concealer.

I'm sure that at times, some people will want that super-flawless look, and I myself sometimes want a fresh, super-hydrating product around my eyes, however for an everyday option that's easy to apply, will suit most people and has a natural, cake-free, long-wearing finish: this is solid. And all for a fiver! I would definitely say I prefer this and see myself using it a lot more than their foundation. It took a while to get here (almost 4 years after the foundation launch!) but it was worth the wait. If you're kind of done with drugstore brands and their lack of shade range but don't have a ton of money to spend on brands like MAC and Nars, then I really recommend checking this out.

Have you tried this concealer? If not - do you think you will?

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