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It's pretty much impossible to have great makeup without getting the skin right, so today I'm talking about my favourite products to prep for a good makeup day...


There are two products I really love for softening and nourishing my skin so my makeup goes on smoothly, even when my skin is a bit dry. The first is the First Aid Beauty Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturiser | £20.50. This hybrid product is formulated with hydrating coconut water, glyerin to draw in moisture and mica to give the skin a luminous glow. It's absolutely gorgeous for dewy, smooth, hydrated skin. I'm also a big fan of the Too Cool for School All-in-One Egg Mellow Cream* | £29.50 | full review. This is so softening and smoothing on parched skin without being at all greasy. It also has a nice little bit of 'stick' to it so my base makeup really adheres to my skin. It's one of my favourite products to reach for during winter when my skin is lacking lustre or I'm noticing dry patches.


My go to when things are looking a bit dull and washed out is the Ole Henricksen Banana Bright Face Primer* | £28. This is a really gorgeous primer with a yellow tint to it to counteract sallowness. It also has a luminosity to it, so that when you apply your makeup on over the top, you get a lovely radiant effect. It's also formulated with Vitamin C to brighten and even out the skin's tone over long-term use. I like this one a lot!


My go-to for adding some dewiness to my skin is the Glossier Futuredew Oil-Serum | £23 | full review. You use this product as the last step in your skincare routine and for me it's a great alternative to a priming oil if you're a little scared of going all the way, because it's definitely got oil in it but it's not a straight-up oil in and of itself. It gives my skin a gorgeous glow without making me look overly shiny.


These are my all-rounders, really, because they're the prep products that give me smoother, plumper skin. I'll start with a really nice and affordable option: the Good Molecules Silicone-Free Priming Moisturiser* | $14 | full review. This product aims to mimic the smoothing effect of silicone with plant-based ingredients and I find it softens and moisturises my skin nicely at the same time. Another great product with skincare benefits is the REN Perfect Canvas Clean Primer* | £40. This is a lightweight, clear liquid-gel that comes with a dropper applicator. It contains moisturising glycerin and I notice a smoothing effect when I use it, so my foundation doesn't settle so much in pores and fine lines. Finally, I really do love the Pixi Rose Flash Balm* | £26. This product is moisturising, plumping and softening for the skin. It really gives my complexion a healthy appearance when it's lacklustre and in need of a boost.

How do you like to prep your skin for makeup?

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