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Glossier doesn't release loads of new products, so when they do; I tend to take note. Despite trying not to be tempted; the Glossier Futuredew Oil Serum Hybrid | £23 | really intrigued me, so I decided to pick it up. But is it worth your money...?

Glossier claim they've bottled that dewy skin effect in a product that will keep your skin looking fresh and radiant all day long. This is an oil-serum they recommend you use as the final step in your skincare routine. The product is vegan, cruelty-free and formulated to be non-comedogenic (i.e. they say it won't break you out!) It comes in this gorgeous iridescent packaging with a pump, I initially did feel - as with pretty much all Glossier products - that it seemed a little on the small side, but I checked and you do actually get the standard 30ml (as with most serums). £23 doesn't smack me as being unreasonable for this product.

The texture is surprisingly thick and I actually wasn't expecting it to be tinted, though it makes little difference to me. What I enjoy about this product is that it's not too daunting! I know some people like to use oils as part of their morning skincare routine but something about that just terrifies me. This doesn't feel greasy on the skin, but still gives that dewy effect. It isn't anything over-the-top, it just adds a subtle gloss to the skin. I tend to wear light bases and I'd say this isn't going to be amazing paired with a full-coverage foundation, though that's really not Glossier's vibe, so I'm not surprised they designed a product without that in mind.

Let's dive into the ingredients! Jojoba seed oil is pretty high up on the list and it's an ingredient I really like; it isn't overly greasy, it's non-fragrant and full of fatty acids. It's an emollient so will give you lovely soft skin. Castor oil and evening primrose oil are other very similar ingredients that I really enjoy as moisturisers. Grape seed oil is another favourite of mine; it acts an an antioxidant and is also perfect for a formula like this due to its thinner, less greasy consistency. It also contains rosehip oil; a favourite ingredient of mine for nourishing the skin. There's also evidence it has healing properties, making it great for evening out the tone and texture of the skin. Mica is in there, which doesn't really have any skincare benefits as such, but is light-reflecting so will give your skin that lovely sheen. It also contains plant-derived squalane; a replenishing oil that naturally occurs in the skin. It's simple but it's non-irritating and does the job.

There are also some less-great ingredients in this product that you may want to watch out for if your skin is sensitive or you generally want to avoid fragrance in your skincare. Rosemary oil is a fragrant essential oil that I can't see has many beneficial qualities for the skin. The formula also contains olive oil which can be a bit iffy. It should be fine (even beneficial for dry skin with all those fatty acids) when diluted down, but for a product that's branded as definitively non-comedogenic, I'm surprised to see this ingredient included because it can be a bit too much for some people. Realistically, I doubt oily-skinned people are in the market for a product called 'Futuredew', but I'm just laying out some of the facts! All things considered; I don't find this to be a hugely problematic formula.

Overall; is it revolutionary? No. Do I like it? Yes. So I can't really give this a clear-cut yay or nay. If you're using a priming or baking oil and enjoying that, you really don't need this product. If you like the idea of dewy skin but find using an oil a bit daunting then it's well worth a go.

Have you tried / will you be trying Futuredew?

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