As the cold winter weather sets in, my skin is definitely in need of a bit of extra TLC! Today I wanted to share with you some of the products from Antipodes Natural Skincare I've been using on it recently.

Certified Organic Grapeseed Butter Cleanser* | £24.99 | This is a semi-solid cleanser you have to warm between your fingers to get it a little oiler so it can be applied to your face to remove makeup. I do find this effective at lifting all of my makeup, including waterproof mascara and eyeliner, and it doesn't sting my eyes, which are pretty watery and sensitive. What I'm not so keen on with is that I do feel it leaves behind a bit of an excess on my skin after I remove it with a damp cloth. I wouldn't say this gives any negative effects, I just don't personally like the feel, however you may appreciate the extra nourishment if you have drier skin. The ingredients in this one include: grape extract, lavender, cacao butter and blue chamomile.

Grace Gentle Cream Cleanser* | £24.99 | This has been my everyday second cleanse in the evening for the past few weeks. It has a lovely light cream texture and smells really good. I find it hydrating and calming, helping a little when my skin is feeling irritated. Its ingredients include grape, macadamia nut, lavender and avocado oil. It softens, smooths and hydrates my skin without being anything too rich. To me; this is the perfect second cleanse for the winter months.

Reincarnation Pure Facial Exfoliator* | £21 | This is kind of like the Grace cleanser + mild exfoliation. It has a cream base with a lot of the same sorts of ingredients as the cleanser like avocado oil and calendula oils (plus carrot and tonka beans) so still gives your skin some nourishment. However it contains light, natural exfoliation in the form of jojoba beans. This isn't what I'd reach for if I had a really stubborn dry patch I was trying to shift, however it works as a gentle everyday cleanser and exfoliator in one step.

Worship Skin Defence Antioxidant Serum* | £34.99 | As this is a natural product it has a slightly odd scent and is actually brown in colour, but as it's a gel it does go transparent as you spread it on the skin. It's fast-absorbing and doesn't leave a sticky or tacky feel behind after application. It contains ingredients such as blackcurrant, kiwi, red grape and Vitamin E. It's intended to help prevent ageing and combat radicals. It definitely hydrates and smooths my skin, leaving it feeling plumper and looking healthier.

Rejoice Light Facial Day Cream* | £26 | This lightweight creamy moisturiser is formulated with manuka oil, sweet almond, vanilla pods and avocado oil. This definitely gives me the nourishment I need without making my skin greasy or leaving a slippery excess on the surface. It smells really lovely and has a nice smoothing effect on my skin, as well as taking care of any dry patches. This isn't my all-time favourite moisturiser but I like it and it's doing the job for me right now.

Divine Face Oil* | £21.99 | This is definitely on the more 'oily' side in terms of the oils I tend to use but it doesn't break me out or get overly greasy; I just try not to apply too much and put it on a good amount of time before heading to bed. This oil is formulated with avocado oil, rosehip, ylang ylang, jasmine and sweet orange. It's very hydrating on my dry winter skin and gives my complexion that healthy glow. I love rosehip oil for clarifying my skin and evening its tone out so I'm looking forward to seeing if this helps in that respect over a longer period of use. 

Halo Skin-Brightening Mud Mask* | £26.99 | This face mask is formulated with grape, kiwi, peony and mineral mud. It definitely hardens on the skin (I leave it on for 10-15 minutes) but it's worth it for me because it doesn't suck out the moisture and leaves my skin looking brand new after use. It contains antioxidants and brightens and evens out the skin's tone. I love the fresh, clean feeling I get after using this mask and it's definitely worth a look if you suffer from skin dullness or uneven pigmentation.

Aura Manuka Honey Face Mask* | £22 | We'll finish on an old favourite of mine; this is actually my 4th tube of the stuff! It's a gorgeous face mask with a runny, honey-like consistency formulated with manuka honey and mandarin. As you leave it on over 15-20 minutes, it starts to absorb into the skin. It's so nourishing and hydrating, plus manuka honey is naturally antibacterial, so using this can also help clear up any breakouts you might have. It's a great all-rounder for lacklustre skin, which is why it'll always have a place in my collection.

Have you tried Antipodes skincare?

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