Beach Holiday Essentials

When this post goes up I'll be sunning myself in Spain! So it's the perfect time for me to share my essentials for a relaxing beach holiday. I won't be sharing makeup because Monday's post (which you can check out here) was on what I've packed for my makeup bag, so this is everything else.

Sun Protection

This is a really nice, light broad spectrum sunscreen. Although it does say you can use it on the face I do prefer my next product for that. It's not overly thick or white on the skin, it doesn't feel sticky and it provides an impressive level of protection.

This is hands-down the best broad-spectrum facial sunscreen I've tried so far! It has a slight tint to it so doesn't leave my face with that awful white-cast. It has such a nice, light texture, which is a welcome change to the thick, gloopy formulas that used to suffocate my skin, feel greasy and break me out. I love that you can apply your makeup on top of it as normal too.

This year is my first time trying this product. Essentially it's a water-based face mist that contains SPF30. I would re-apply the La Roche-Posay if I was going in the water but, given that I generally keep my face out of the sun, I think this will be perfect for little top-ups during the day. It doesn't feel sticky or heavy on my skin, so I can definitely see myself using this for the rest of summer.

Other Skincare

This is already becoming my favourite summer moisturiser as it comes in travel-friendly tube packaging and has such a great, light formula. I'm the biggest fan of Caudalie's fresh, hydrating grape water products and this is no exception. It's refreshing and moisturises the skin without leaving it feeling greasy in the slightest. It has a sorbet texture so pretty much melts in a water formula on the skin which then absorbs really easily. All in all this is amazing for oily and combination skin, especially during the warmer months when your skin needs moisture but you don't want it to feel suffocated with product.

A lip balm containing SPF is a must when you're going to be out in the sun because they're actually very sensitive to burning. This kind of falls under both makeup and lip care because it's my favourite lip balm formula (it has a beautiful texture that leaves my lips feeling so nourished), it contains SPF 15 and it's a gorgeous warm nude lip shade. It also doesn't melt if it's kept in my handbag all day so is perfect for keeping with me for top-ups when I'm out and about.

I feel like this is an amazing lip care product that's so easy to apply and gives intense nourishment. At the same time it's that perfect way to wear a glossy lip if you hate the sticky lipgloss feeling. I do see it as more of a lip care product that I just love applying and feels amazing on my lips however it also adds the most natural flush of colour.

I have a little mini of this face spray, which regular readers will already know I love, because it's just so nice and refreshing. I think it'll be the perfect way to cool down and keep my skin looking fresh in the sun. The product inside is 100% Avene's super-hydrating thermal spring water.

Other Body Products

Not usually the kind of product I would blog about, admittedly, however this is the best deodorant in the world! I just use this in the morning after my shower and then have a little spray in my bag if I want to freshen up during the day, however most of the time this stick formula keeps everything fresh and dry all day, so of course it has to come with me on a beach holiday.

Ok this product is probably totally unnecessary but it's just so lovely to use! It's a really nourishing oil formula (which I love, as my arms and legs get so dry even in Summer) that has a subtle golden shimmer running through it to give your skin a gorgeous golden glow. I have a little travel size just to pop into my beach bag.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau fraiche Skinscent | £50

This is honestly just 'Summer' in a bottle. I can pick up hints of vanilla, coconut and amber, which just transport me to the beach. It's pretty long-wearing so keeps the Summer mood around all day long. I also love the ombre effect with the packaging.

This body spray also just smells of Summer to me! It's this gorgeous coconut/fruity/vanilla scent that smells so deep and sensual. It's perfect for throwing into your bag for a fragrance top-up when you're out at the beach for the day as it layers beautifully with Bronze Goddess.

Barry M Coconut Infused Nail Paint in Starfish | £4.99

This is my go-to nude summer nail polish. It looks gorgeous against a tan and is perfect for on holiday because it just goes with everything. It has a kind of gel finish and lasts a fair few days without chipping on my nails.

Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Paint in Peach for the Stars | £4.99

This is a favourite from last year because I it lasted on my toes for a good two weeks, including whilst I was in Croatia. It's another one that looks amazing against tanned skin. It's a vibrant, almost neon peach tone.

I absolutely love the new packaging the Body Shop's products come in; it looks so much more premium but still costs the same price! This has that gorgeous pineapple-coconut scent of pina coladas. It foams up beautifully and leaves a light fragrance behind on my skin. Obviously I have the full sizes in these products but I tend to just buy those little travel sets for £1 from Primark with a mix of squeeze bottles, pump bottles and screw-top pots to decant stuff like this in. However I have also seen minis in-store of most of the range.

The Body Shop Pinita Colada Body Scrub* | £15

This is a really different kind of body scrub to anything I've tried before, with the same pina colada scent. It has a sort of light, fluffy cream texture with very fine exfoliating granules. It's a very gentle scrub but I personally prefer that; it leaves my skin feeling softer and smoother without any harshness or redness. All in all it's well worth trying out, especially if you often find body scrubs too rough on your skin. 

The Body Shop Pinita Colada Body Sorbet* | £8

I've actually tried and really liked one of these body sorbets before. It's a sort of gel-cream hybrid formula that hydrates the skin without any greasiness or stickiness. It actually feels very cooling on the skin too, so I can imagine it'll be amazing to use after a long day in the sun. I'm all about the fragrance layering and the scent works so well with both Bronze Goddess and my Victoria's Secret body mist.


I tend to use dry shampoo a lot both as a styling product and to refresh my hair when I don't have time to do a proper wash, so unless I'm only away for a couple of days it's worth taking a full-sized bottle. I've tried a few others but none really does the job for me like Batiste; I just use this the night before or really work the product in to avoid the white residue. The deep but summery scent of Marrakech is perfect for a beach holiday.

Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray* | £22

This is a really great styling product if you like the look of fuss-free beachy waves but don't want to feel like there's a load of gritty product weighing your hair down. I think I'll be getting a lot of use of this in the evenings and it's also great just for when you've rolled out of bed and want the messy look to seem intentional!

Aveda Sun Protective Hair Veil | £21.50

I can't actually say too much about this because I did buy it for the first time to take away with me and the weather hasn't been nice enough in the UK recently to test it properly at home. This is an SPF for your hair in a fuss-free spray. My hair tends to get quite dry in the heat and can sometimes get bleached by the sun so I'm hoping this will help keep it in good condition.

The Wet Brush Midi | £8.99

For the longest time I'd never tried the Wet Brush but I recently picked it up in the medium size (which is perfect to just throw into a beach bag) and have really been loving it. It gently detangles my hair with no pulling or snagging. This will definitely be a poolside essential for me to make sure my hair doesn't dry a frizzy mess.

Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream | £8.75

This has to be one of my ultimate Summer products! It won't really apply to everyone but if your hair is naturally curly and you find that letting it dry naturally in the sun on holiday can leave it looking frizzy and messy then you need this. It's really nourishing and hydrating for my hair and gives me those defined (but not at all crispy) curls.

Fashion & Everything Else

ASOS Tall Gathered Deep Plunge Swimsuit | £20

The older I get, the more I favour swimsuits over bikinis. I do still have some bikinis I really like but as someone who is most conscious of their mid-section, I think a flattering swimsuit works best. Swimsuit definitely doesn't equate to frumpy any more as there are just so many options out there. Personally I really like this one from ASOS; as a tall person, it's hard to get something that fits on the body without cutting you in half! (Though this also comes in regular sizing and petite) The plunge is a little bit sexy but nothing too much and everything still feels pretty secure.

River Island Black Bardot Playsuit | £20

Another essential is a beach cover-up and this year I picked up this very cute playsuit. Unfortunately, given how tiny and skimpy it is, it isn't one that I'd wear in the evening however it's very quick to just slip on and I think the style is so pretty.

ASOS Sun Hat | £18 | similar here

I really hate the feeling of the sun beating down on my head and I like to keep my face out of direct sunlight so I always pack a hat. Sadly this floppy (but not too wide-brimmed) number from ASOS is one I got last year, but I've linked a similar one.

Black Leather Ghillie Gladiator Sandals | £38

These are my perfect comfy black sandals that go with everything and can take me from day to night. I actually bought them for Spain but ended up wearing them loads in New York. You can walk around for ages in them but they still feel nice enough to wear out to dinner.

H&M Beach Towel | £14.99

I absolutely love this striped beach towel I picked up from H&M and it's a pretty good price too. There's not a huge amount to say about it but I just like the classic style.

Rayban Folding Wayfarer Sunglasses | £135

I read so much on the beach that I have to bring along my prescription sunglasses. I bought these from Boots and they put in my prescription for me. I have the tortoise shell design and I find these to be the perfect size for my face. I also like that these fold up because it saves so much space in my bag, as well as meaning I don't have to worry about them accidentally breaking.

River Island Beige Panelled Tote Handbag | £30

I actually bought this bag recently but can't find it online! I was long-overdue a new beach bag and this gold and beige tote seemed like it would go with everything in my holiday wardrobe. It isn't too big and awkward but fits everything I need for a day at the beach. I also love the rose gold detailing on the tassel.

Amazon Kindle | £59.99

I know a lot of people 'like the feel of a real book' but an eReader is a must if you're travelling because you can store hundreds of books in a space smaller than one! I always read a lot on a beach holiday so will be downloading some new books for the trip.

Topshop Vintage Floral Cross Body Bag | £30

I also always take a small bag for the evening and when I saw this one on Kate La Vie, I knew I'd found my one for this year! It's absolutely beautiful and is just that perfect size to fit the essentials in without having to lug too much around.

New Look Black Zip Purse | £5.99

I can't find this online but it's a very recent purchase. I just picked it up because the purse I usually carry around day-to-day is pretty large and I definitely don't need all that that stuff on the beach or when I'm going out for dinner. This fits my debit card, ID and a bit of change, which are the main things I'll want to have with me.

River Island Gold Tone Filigree Body Harness | £10 

I picked this up as an impulse buy as these kinds of harness necklaces really add something to an otherwise plain outfit and I think they look so pretty with a swimsuit or bikini, especially if it's a style with a plunge neckline.

What are your beach holiday essentials?

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  1. Lots of amazing essentials Jasmine! I love the Avene Water Spray for warmer holidays :)
    Ambar | Her Little Loves

  2. I love your flatlay photography!! Such a lovely post! <3

    Amelia | http://amelia-g.blogspot.com.au/

  3. Oooh, I really love body sorbet from TBS! I'm not a fan of sticky body butter or body milk that leave our skin feeling 'lukewarm' , the body sorbet leaves me feeling cool and fresh! My favorite is moringa, but I will try this out once it hits local store! This new scent seems to be everywhere on instagram.

    Selene Addicted

  4. I need to try the body shop pina colada range! I've heard so many people rave about it.

    Coleoftheball xx

  5. Jasmine! All these essentials are amazing. 😍 Have a good time in Spain!



  6. Lovely picks, as always! I really need to check out the Body Shop's Pina Colada range- I'm a sucker for anything coconut-scented! And Batiste is a summer staple of mine too :)



  7. I really like the wet brush! It's great at gently detangling my hair when it's wet (:
    Philippa x

  8. Lovely post! I love the Victoria's secret mango passion body mist! I hope you are having a fantastic time in Spain! X

    Amyx Makeupwithmissa.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Thank you, it was such a lovely, chilled-out break :) xx

  9. I flipping love the mitchum deoderants, they are just so good! Hope you are having an amazing time in spain! I would love to be lying in the sun about now, and your swimming costume looks so so cute! :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    1. Thank you! Wishing I was back there now :((( xx

  10. The BS Pinita range sounds amazing!

    Parie x

  11. I love the idea of an SPF spray that can be used over makeup so I'll definitely be picking one of those up. I'm really intrigued by the clarins lip oils, i need to check those out. I love the Topshop bag and I have those sandals :) xx

    LPage Beauty

  12. I love your sunglasses! I've been meaning to invest in some Raybans for ages! Hope you are having a lovely time!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  13. I really want to get Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess because it sounds like it smells amazing! x


    1. Great post Jasmine. I absolutely love Nuxe Dry Oil (without gold shimmer) and would love to try this version.
      Ash | www.mstantrum.com

    2. Great post Jasmine. I absolutely love Nuxe Dry Oil (without gold shimmer) and would love to try this version.
      Ash | www.mstantrum.com

  14. I love the Avene mist, too:

    The Aveda sunscreen for hair sounds like a must try.

  15. I'm so desperate to try the Pina Colada range from the body shop! x

  16. Ahhh enjoy Spain. So jealous of you. I definitely can't live without my dry shampoo, especially on holiday. Also sunblock is very much an essential.


  17. Such a great post - hope you're having a wonderful time on your holiday!
    I really need to check out that Estee Lauder perfume as it seems like everyone is talking about it and it sounds like it'd be right up my street!! x

    Rhi | www.rinkydinkyrhi.com

    1. Thank you - it was lovely! Bronze Goddess is like summer bottled haha xx

  18. Love *_*

  19. I've also got a bottle of Bronze Goddess unopened ready for when I go away next week, definitely the perfect summer fragrance!x

    Rebecca | Rebecca Olivia Capel

  20. Love this post!! I really wish I had read it before I went to the beach, as my face sunscreen was a total fail. Hello, peeling nose :( There are a lot of products you mentioned that sounds so good!

    1. Oh no! Well I recommend these for next time! xx

  21. Love all your essentials! Would love to have them all.. ;) Especially the ASOS swimsuit is really cool!
    www.isabellaschoice.com Isabella x

  22. Thank you for all your comments :) xx

  23. Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess is really a great perfume. The notes of this perfume are also amazing. I think this is the best summer perfume for women. I have bought one for my wife from a local store named BPIB. By the way, thanks for sharing this post.

  24. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post. I think most of the people like your post.
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