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There’s just something so cute about travel minis! Even though they aren’t always the best value, I can never resist them. These are some of my favourite travel beauty essentials that I definitely recommend checking out if you’re off away over summer.


This is a fantastic little set as you get a little waterproof pouch with a zip (which is the perfect size for storing your skincare products) as well as three mini products and a cleansing brush. I have to say I don’t use my Clarisonic much these days as I’m not sure a bristled brush is what my skin needs at the moment, so trying a silicone brush definitely appealed to me. This has several different settings so you can decide how intense you want your cleanse to be and it’s really gentle on my skin. I’ve definitely noticed a difference when using this; I usually have at least one big spot somewhere on my face! However impressively over the 6-ish weeks I’ve been using this I’ve noticed my skin is so much clearer. I’ve been using this 3-4 times a week so if I’m away for more than a few days it’s well worth packing and when I don't, I can definitely see a difference!

The little minis are also really handy for travelling. The Soothing Cleansing Gel is perfect to use with the brush; it foams up a little bit but doesn’t strip or dry out my skin at all (perhaps because it doesn’t contain soap). The Crystal Polish is a physical exfoliant however it also has this oil-like base. I like to use something like this on problem areas like around my nose where a chemical exfoliant isn’t quite enough but the rest of my face doesn’t need anything too intense. Although it’s a proper scrub, it doesn’t rub my skin red and the oil base means it isn’t too abrasive and doesn’t leave my skin feeling uncomfortable afterwards. Finally you get the Skin Repair Moisturiser, which is a night light cream that’s hydrating enough without suffocating my skin. I tend to prefer a gel or water based moisturiser for the summer months but this really works as a night cream on me. The products are very gentle and fragrance-free so are well worth checking out if you have quite sensitive skin.

This is my all-time favourite cleanser so I picked up a little set pretty much just to get a mini of it! The full size packaging is quite bulky so it’s well worth having this. It has the exact same hygienic pump to dispense the product, which is great. I love the clay formula as it helps clear blemishes and reduce oiliness without being drying at all.

I actually got a mini of this for Christmas, which I finished ages ago and have been re-filling with product from my full-sized pot for travelling ever since. It’s just the most luxurious, beautiful formula on the skin and smells amazing. It’s very gentle but removes even the most stubborn black waterproof eye makeup. It doesn’t leave excess greasiness on my skin and is amazing when used with a flannel or muslin cloth.

This is my favourite micellar water, it’s just annoying that you can’t take the lid off and re-fill the smaller bottle because it is quite pricey for what it is! After I use the Emma Hardie, this makes sure every scrap of makeup from all the awkward places to reach with a balm is removed. It’s so gentle even on my sensitive eyes too.

This has become one of my favourite skincare products so of course I have to pack a mini when I go away. I use this in place of a toner to refresh and hydrate my skin. It’s also amazingly cooling if you’re relaxing in the sun.

I must admit that I picked these up because they were just so cute! You only get a few pads in this but they’re included in the Superdrug 3 for 2 travel mini mix and match, so I thought: why not? I’ve tried these a couple of times in the morning when I’ve been travelling and just needed a quick and easy cleanse as well as a glow boost. They make my skin look a lot fresher and healthier as well as being really convenient because the pads are already soaked in the product.

Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner Mini | £15.50 for full size

This was actually a free gift because I spent too much money on BeautyBay! I always hang on to free samples for when I travel and I recently tried this and was pretty impressed. It’s another acid toning product but I do actually find this more effective. I’m wondering if it might come close to my beloved Pixi Glow Tonic because it gives that immediate radiant skin.

I love rosehip to nourish my skin and improve its overall look, texture and quality. This little mini is perfect for travelling and I feel like this oil just does it all for me so I can easily go away and just take this to use every night.

If you find your skin gets dried out when you fly then you need this in your life! You only have to use a tiny amount to get the results with this so even the mini will last you for ages. I apply it before bed and by morning my skin looks plumper and more hydrated. (Apologies that I managed to miss this out of my photo - d'oh!)

Body, Haircare etc.

Primark Travel Bottle Set | £1 

These are just a must when minis are too expensive or you can’t find one for your favourite product and just don’t want to be without it! I always pick up a little selection; you get a couple of sizes in your classic squeeze bottle as well as screw top pots and a pump bottle. You also get a little funnel in the set and you can use the clear bag they come in to separate out your liquids in your hand luggage.

This is a foaming cream-based shower gel and even a mini seems to last me forever! It comes in the Original Pink set, which is a sort of floral-powdery-but-slightly-fruity scent.

This is the body butter that needs no introduction! It’s in the Original Pink fragrance again and has such a light texture on the skin but delivers amazing hydration, especially on my dry legs.

This is my favourite hand cream and I literally have one in almost all the handbags I use on a daily basis! It’s lightweight enough to apply during the day without feeling greasy or sticky, however it leaves my hands feeling so nice and soft.

Hand gels all do the same thing really, so I always get one with a nice scent. This is Original Pink again because it’s nice to match the scent to my hand cream.

They do actually make proper minis of Jo Malone scents but personally I find the 30ml bottles fine to travel with. The packaging isn’t too fragile and it’s very small and light. I absolutely love this floral fragrance at the moment; it’s perfect for summer and you can just throw it in your bag to top up during the day.

This is such an easy product to carry around in your bag so it’s always the one I pack when I travel. It’s moisturising but not too heavy and you can easily apply lip colours on top of it. I really like the Summer Fruits scent at the moment and the shape makes it so quick and easy to apply the product.

This is such a great little all-in-one product; it not only takes care of oily roots but also gives a nice bit of lift and volume. What really makes this special to me is how fine and light the powder is, making it almost entirely traceless in my hair.


I really recommend the Urban Decay minis because this literally half the amount of product of the full size for half the price, so you’re not paying disproportionately for the convenience of a mini. This is my favourite, can’t-live-without eye primer that ensures I get intense pigmentation from my eyeshadows and that they last all day without creasing or fading.

This is an absolute must for me in summer because it helps keep my face shine free and everything in place for that bit longer. If you’ve tried the full size of this product, you’ll know how large and bulky it is so for me this is an essential mini.

This is a little pricey however I did get one as a reward in Sephora so I thought I’d use it! This is a natural, everyday mascara that’s not going to give you loads of volume but is beautifully lengthening and gives impressive curl.

This is just the perfect way to see what the Tom Ford lipstick hype is all about without breaking the bank quite so much! This is so good for travelling as the pigmented, creamy rose colour works for day or evening and is going to be flattering for so many people. I think if you just kept this permanently in your handbag, if you forgot to get a lipstick or ran out of time in the morning, it will probably go with whatever makeup you’re wearing.

What are your favourite minis and travel essentials?

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  1. Soap and glory do the best minis! I love the bumble and bumble invisible oil travel set, and sanctuary do some really good travel size moisturisers!


  2. Great article, Jasmine! I also love mini travel samples. It's always annoying to travel with full sized bottles (especially when it comes to shampoo, shower gel or any skincare products). For make-up, I usually take with me just a few products, regardless of their size. But sometimes I buy travel samples because I want to see how that product works for me, even if I don't actually have to travel in the near future.
    I recently did this with the Nivea After Shave balm, to see if I like it first, so I wouldn't waste money on the full-sized one. So yeah, that's an awesome option.

    1. Agreed - it saves so much space and weight, plus you might end up buying the full size after! xx

  3. The Origin Drink Up Overnight Mask sounds lovely and, as a huge fan of the Pixi Glow Tonic I'm now very intrigued by the Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner! The Tom Ford Lips and Boys in Cary looks beautiful as well!


  4. I am addicted to minis! There are so many here!


  5. It's possible to get the lid off the mini Bioderma bottle! I managed it by accident once haha x

  6. Mini sized products are my favourite!

    Parie x

  7. I absolutely love travel minis, I find its such a great way to try out a product before buying the full size. Totally agree with you about Bioderma, it really is such a great product x

    Darling Jordan

  8. Minis come so handy and I tend to keep them for travelling instead of just carrying around the original size and also it saves so much space! I've been reading a lot about Mario Badescu products, I want to try out the products! x

    Ela BellaWorld

    1. Same! I always save samples for the same reason xx

  9. I agree travel minis are so cute, I'm going away in two weeks so this was a really helpful post!

    Lauren Ashleigh xx

  10. Travel/mini size are so great before trying out full-size product. The problem is they're so practical on the go, plus they also save space, that I ended up buying travel size again instead of the full version. My favorite travel size so far is from living proof hair lab and Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye mascara!

    Selene Addicted

  11. I love these minis, they're always so cute and actually a really great way to try out new products. I have a few Bumble & Bumble ones as I like to try them before I buy full size to prevent disappointment!

    Didn't know there was an Emma Hardie balm mini, that looks so useful as the original tub is way too big for travelling.

    The Makeup Directory

  12. These are really great selections, Jasmine and I only recently started collecting minis and samples so I could use them while travelling. I guess I finally smarten up and got tired of lugging around full size. I have been thinking of getting Foreo Luna because it's silicone and I was thinking it might be less harsh on my dry skin, it's pricey though so I might check out Crystal Clear instead, wonder if they ship to Canada?

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. I'm not sure that they do, but perhaps you can check on Google in case there's a local stockist to you xx

  13. So many minis! I couldn't be without the S&G minis for trips away! Like smelling like myself rather than a generic shower gel if that makes sense haha

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  14. I adore little products! I got myself loads when I went away! You can't beat a baby dry shampoo! You get loads of uses out of them! Sometimes they are a right waste of money but I love them so much haha!
    Fix Me In Forty Five - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog
    Blog Lovin' // Instagram

  15. Your photography is absolute goals! I just love browsing your blog!
    Pippa | What Pippa Said


  16. I really like the ren clay cleanser, but you're right, the packaging is rather bulky! Glad to hear they do a travel size!
    Philippa x

  17. I really want to try that origins mask! It does sound perfect for dehydrated skin. And you're right, there is something so cute about mini items!


  18. I looove mini sized beauty products! Even if they are a bit overpriced lol. I have samples of the urban decay setting spray that comes in the purple bottle but have really been wanting to try this one! I hate when my face gets all oily in the summer XD Maybe I'll get the travel size to give it a spin :)

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

    1. I bought the full size after using the travel one every day last summer - the mini actually does last ages though :) xx

  19. I never really buy minis, I just tend to decant the product into little plastic sample pots. The minis are very cute though!

  20. Instead of getting an EOS if you pop into Savers they have round egg shaped lip balms in there for only £1 and they're incredible as well as smelling so nice! I know EOS's can be quite expensive so it's a great dupe!
    Charlotte // www.charlottespicks.com

  21. Mini are so cute! Sometimes i but them if want to just try a product. The MB toner sounds great I must check it out! xx

    LPage Beauty

  22. Can anyone answer for me what an "edit" is in regards to beauty blogging?


  23. You're so right, even though they're not the best value for money they're just so damn cute- they sucker me into buying them every time! I only use the baby Bioderma if I'm taking it on the plane though, I use so much of that stuff I always have to bring the big mama bottle whenever I travel.


    1. Ah wow - Bioderma normally lasts me quite well! xx

  24. This post was so helpful! I'll be going away in a few weeks so have already added (quite!) a few items to my shopping wish list! 🙈 specially love the empty containers - these will be really useful to fill up with my regular skin care bts so won't need to take the big bottles! 👍😊 x x

  25. Thank you for your comments :) xx

  26. This is so much to learn and they are at cheapest too. A girl should have these all in one pouch. Do you have anything for hair care? Looking for one.

    Tracy | LaoFoYe Hair Care


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