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It's that time of year again! I definitely have my Scrooge tendencies but one thing I can certainly get on board with is gorgeous festive makeup. It may seem a little premature but a lot of workplaces seem to have their Christmas parties in the first week of December so I thought I'd put this up now. However this sort of look would also be perfect for New Year's Eve or even a night out on Boxing Day or Christmas Eve.

Toni & Guy Fluid Metal Styler* | £90 (Currently £44.99) | post

I always start with hair and I like to do big, loose waves with a few tighter curls mixed in. This Toni & Guy styler is perfect as it just does it all; I can use it to straighten the front, do really loose waves or spiral curls. It glides effortlessly over my hair without pulling, snagging or dragging and the style always stays in place.

Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray | £6.99 | post

I run my fingers through the curls just to keep things nice and tousled before giving my roots a spray with my trusty Charles Worthington texturising spray to add some volume and grip.

L'Oreal Elnett Normal Strength Hairspray | £6.70

Another staple haircare product for me is my Elnett hairspray. I give my hair a good spray with this and it holds my hair in place (with no crunch!) all night.

Leighton Denny Nail Polish in Calypso Kiss* | £11

I'm the kind of person who likes to leave about 3 hours to get ready so I can listen to music, have a natter and just be a little bit leisurely. Though I do invariably end up running late anyway... But this is the time where I stop to paint my nails and have a glass of wine whilst I'm at it! For the festive season, Leighton Denny's Calypso Kiss is perfect. It's a stunning metallic, iridescent fuchsia shade that's not too glitzy but adds a bit of festive sparkle. The shade is so opaque you'll be good after one coat! 

Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot Primer | £10 | post

For a night out, prepping the skin is a must. I love the Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot as it reduces my shine without being drying (it's actually fairly hydrating). It ensures my base goes on perfectly and that it lasts.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup | £30 | post

For a full, matte winter evening look it just has to be Double Wear! This is incredibly long-lasting, looks flawless on the skin and keeps my face shine-free for the evening. It's definitely one I keep for nights out but for a Christmas party it's perfect. I recommend applying this using a flat foundation brush like Nanshy's (review here).

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer | £22 | post

The perfect 'flawless skin' concealer for me is definitely Nars' Radiant Creamy. It eliminates any redness and covers blemishes like no other.

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow in Medium-Dark | £49 | post

For me, the highlighter is a little more summery so for this look I'd just use the bronzer for a little bit of subtle definition and glow. Although it has a shimmer to it, it just looks dewy and natural on the skin. The shade itself adds some warmth but is cool enough to sculpt a little bit with.

The Balm Mary Loumanizer | £17.50 | post

This is my 'bells and whistles' highlighter. Becca's Champagne Pop is gorgeous too but for accessibility I've chosen the Mary Loumanizer. It's a stunning champagne gold that's so buttery and blend-able. It adds some serious glow that you can definitely get away with during the festive period.

My obsession with this blusher is verging on parody, I realise, but this is honestly what I'd wear with this look! It's a gorgeous mauve-y shade that's plummy enough to add some life. I love the glow without glitter and this is seriously long-lasting. I would apply this lightly for an understated look so it ties in with the berry lip without grabbing the spotlight too much.

MAC Pro Refill Eyeshadow Pan in Amber Lights | £10 | post

When I'm wearing a berry lip, as a rule I keep the eyes simple. Therefore with this look I'd just wear MAC's Amber Lights right across the lid. It's a stunning bright amber-gold shimmer that's perfect for this time of year.

Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade | £15

For my eyebrows, a night out means going a little bit bolder but also ensuring my eyebrows keep the rest of my face balanced. I use the ABH DipBrow Pomade in Granite and apply it with Zoeva's Wing Liner Brush.

I couldn't go on a night out without my winged liner and my favourite product for it is Soap & Glory's Supercat. It's so pigmented and black but doesn't smudge or transfer as the night goes on. The nib is the perfect shape and size and it's really easy to control your line.

Benefit's They're Real Mascara | £19.50

Any Christmassy look has to be finished off with lashings of mascara! So for plenty of length and a bit of oomph and volume, I load up on the Benefit They're Real mascara. If you fancy it, finish off the look with some lashes. My current favourites are the Fleur de Force Eyelure Fleur Loves 3/4 lashes. They're not too much at all but it'll look like you just have naturally amazing lashes!

I love berry lips for Winter and MAC Diva is a classic. It has a matte finish but isn't too drying and lasts incredibly well on the lips (very important for a Christmas party when you'll always have a drink in hand...) If you want a budget version then try Maybelline's Divine Wine. I always use my KIKO lip liner with a berry lip to keep things clean and defined, however unfortunately that one's no longer available!

What's your go-to look for the party season?


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  1. I'm so excited for getting dressed up - I'm getting MAC Diva as a Christmas present and can't wait to try it out! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Student Lifestyle Blog

  2. This post contains so many products I want to try! xo


  3. Love this post! That nail polish is so pretty. I'm with you on Mary-Lou of Champagne Pop. I go for a bit of sparkle on my eyes & love a red lip at Christmas xx


  4. These all sound like lovely picks Jasmine! I'm definitely a bit fo a Scrooge at the beginning of November thinking it's too early, but after watching Love Actually this weekend I'm ready to embrace the festive season a little earlier this year. I need to pick up another bottle of the They're Real mascara and the Diva lipstick and Filmstar Bronze and Glow are definitely on my xmas list :) x
    Charlotte's Road // Beauty, Fashion + Lifestyle

    1. Haha you sound like me! Hope you manage to get your hands on them as I'm sure you'll love them! xx

  5. I love everything you picked. I love my Naked 2 or a Dior palette I have with shimmery greys for the festive season. Bold red lips and nude eyes is also a nice combo. It's funny, I always finish with my hair because I like to do my makeup with my hair up :) X

    Ally | www.glamoclock.com

  6. You have some really awesome picks! Its literally a list of all the products I have used and loved or the products on my wishlist.. Mary Loumanizer is on the top of my list at the moment :)


  7. Some great picks there for your night out. Bold red lip is my go to for the party season and I agree with the Elnett hair spray too, such a great one :)

    Pams Stuff and Things

  8. I can't wait to decide on my Christmas party make-up look! Really want the Estee Lauder Double Wear, heard so many great things x


  9. Amber Lights is gorgeous. I really love the look of it. So perfect for winter.

    Rachel | www.currentlyrachel.com

  10. I love nothing more then taking a few hours to get ready for a party :) Christmas season will see me wearing golden sparkly eyeshadows and re or berry lips for sure :) That nail polish looks stunning! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  11. Love this post and the products sound amazing!

    Just a little note I have a NEW beauty blog and I just posted my OOTD and my second edition to my weight loss journal and I would love you to swing by and say hello!

    My new blog: Madison Victoria x

    thank you! xx

  12. I love L'Oreal hairspray, it really is one of the best I've tried anyway and so affordable too. MAC Amber Lights is one of my absolute favourites from my MAC palette and it's such a gorgeous shade this time of the year x

    Beauty with charm

  13. Oh Jasmine, you are a girl after my own heart! I had a night out this past weekend and just wrote up a post similar to this. Easy on the eyes, highlight away, and a berry lip - with mood exposure becoming my favorite too! You got me with the wine though, I may need to add that to my list next time I get ready haha.

    Cindy | www.cindyhyue.com

  14. DoubleWear is my go to as well! It's the only foundation I trust to stay perfect on a night out! I've been loving the Dipbrow Pomade recently too, those two don't budge!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  15. My go to look for a night out is either a strong berry/purple lip or a golden eye look. Although the Estee Lauder double wear has a reputation of being quite thick I love using it as it creates a flawless look and you only need a little bit :)

    Velvet Blush | Beauty Giveaway

    1. Yeah I love it too, just one I save for nights out when I want the extra coverage :) xx

  16. I love festive makeup and hair! Can't beat loose curls with glitter eyeshadow! x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  17. I love your photographs. I really want to try that foundation with that nansy brush!
    Charlotte // charlottespicks.blogspot.com

  18. I love most products that you have featured in here Jas! I am so excited for the Festive season. Glitters all the way! Xx

    every LiTTLE thing07

  19. Loved this post, I am very much excited for the festive season. Already started a month ahead!!!


  20. Ever since I got Mary Lou, it's become such a staple in my collection! I love it.

    brooke | brooke elise

  21. MAC Woodwinked is my go to eyeshadow. The bronze shade really makes my blue-green eyes pop. Also, love the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer!

    Amy | Dervish Darling

  22. Gosh, I have not even thought of my party makeup...or in my case, visiting my in-laws makeup. LOL! I do like the idea of creating huge hair waves, it would be such a glamorous look!

    Reflection of Sanity | CaseApp Giveaway

  23. Love the Estee Lauder foundation as well!

    lisa | lisaxbeauty

  24. Oooh I'm so happy to see that you enjoy the Mary LouManizer just as much as I do! I'm a huge fan of highlighters.
    These are some excellent picks, actually!

    A Northern Light

  25. I love the Diva lipstick by MAC for fall and winter!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  26. I love these products you have listed, I have been wanting to get my hands on the Hourglass powder!

    xoxo Emily

  27. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who puts aside 3 hours to get ready and am always late anyway! So many products I love in this post, I have the hourglass mood exposure blush it screams Autumn/winter and I can't stop wearing it. And there's Nars radiant creamy concealer, no words describe!

    Sophie| blabberblair.blogspot.co.uk

  28. Hahaha I totally agree with you here, I love setting aside a big block of time to get ready but still find that I take my time too much and end up running late! I adore the Nars concealer and just got the Mary Lou manizer which I'm also obsessed with! xxx

    The perks of being a hipster- Christmas Yankee Candle Giveaway!

    The perks of being a hipster- Ten ways to sneakily celebrate Christmas now!

    1. Haha you always think 'I have so much time' and get carried away! xx

  29. Lovely picks! That is exactly the reason why I want to try the ABH Dipbrow pomade, just as you said, I really want a product a little bit bolder for my eyebrows than my usual powder, just for the night out ... !


  30. This sounds like it will be a gorgeous look! That Leighton Denny nail polish is so pretty!

    Sara - She Who Is Short

    1. It's so lovely, I can tell I'll be wearing it a lot this season :) xx

  31. I love festive make up! The eyes are smoky, lips are vampy - it's great! You've picked some great choices, I really want to try one heck of a blot primer. Supercat eyeliner is a massive must for me too.

    Musings & More
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  32. Great picks for the perfect party look! I agree that the best foundation to wear when going out is Estée Lauder's Double Wear. It never fails to keep my skin looking flawless and shine-free, with a little dewy glow.

    - GIVEAWAY! - www.veebzboo.com/veebz-boo-com-birthday-plus-giveaway
    - www.youtube.com/veebzboo - My Autumn Matte Make-up Look

  33. I've noticed I get Christmas bookings quite early in December as well, people do have early parties at work as I think they want everyone to come before having time off/going away! :) Fleur's 3/4 lashes look so pretty and natural, perfect for people like me who don't usually like wearing falsies!

    Kat | www.kathorrocks.com

    1. Yeah they do come around fast! Mine's only next week and then I'll feel like it's officially the festive season xx

  34. These all look really nice ♥


  35. Love all of these products you're showing. -Hanna Lei

    Latest Post: Black Friday Shopping Outfit

  36. Jasmine you always tempt me to go on a makeup shopping spree haha! The Hourglass blusher is simply stunning <3
    She Will Be

  37. A lot of my favourite products in this post. xx :)


  38. Great picks! I love Mary Lou Manizer and Mood Exposure is already in my Xmas list. :) x

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

  39. It's stunning all across the lid :) xx

  40. Thank you for your comments - can't wait to get my festive makeup out! xx

  41. I love the NARS concealer and I use it almost everyday. I was debating on whether to get MAC Diva vs MAC Rebel, and honestly I wanted Rebel more but I decided to go with Diva instead, even though it's a bit darker than the other reds I had. Lets just say I'm so glad I did, I love it so much!


  42. Such a great post! ^_^
    I have always added some extra sparkle to my makeup for the xmas meals, but noone else in my work place is bothered with makeup so sometimes I feel a little...over done?! ._. but yes cannot go wrong with Mary-Lou!
    Iqra | The Blushing Giraffe x

  43. I love wearing glam looks for holidays parties. I kind of bounce between matte looks and glitter! haha


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