Nars Pure Radiance Tinted Moisturiser Review

I really needed a light coverage daytime base, especially for on holiday, so I decided to try the Nars tinted moisturiser after hearing good things. It costs £28, contains SPF 30 and I got it in the colour St. Moritz (I'm going to do a foundation/base comparison post soon and include this colour).

The tube is reasonably sized at 50ml; it isn't the best value in the world for £28 but neither is it a total rip off. 3 pea-sized amounts seems about right for me for normal everyday coverage, so that should give some idea as to how long it will last and how far it goes.

The colour selection is actually pretty good considering there are only 8 shades, they seem to cover a wide spectrum within that, and also with it being a tinted moisturiser a perfect match isn't quite so essential.

The consistency is far closer to a light moisturiser than anything else, so it sinks into the skin easily. I'd say that though it is oil-free, it isn't quite matte, if you're like me then you will still have to finish it with a powder. It also has a really nice, sweet (but subtle) fragrance.

Above is how it looked before (left) and after (right), wearing only the tinted moisturiser and no other face products. I'm pretty pleased with it, as it's really light but not completely sheer. It's also really easy to build on it; when you add some concealer, powder, blusher and eye makeup it acts as a natural-looking foundation. This product alone is perfect for when you want to wear some sort of makeup but it just isn't practical to do a full face.



* Perfect amount of coverage
* The 8 shades cover a wide range of skin tones
Easy to build up
* Brightens complexion and evens skin tone
* Quite durable, even without primer and when sweating!


* Expensive!

The Verdict

Coverage:                  ****
Colour:                        ****.5
Range of colours:         ***.5
Ease of Application:     ****   
Durability:                 ****.5
Value for money:      **.5



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  1. I love that we have a similar skintone!! ^_^ I bought this a few months ago but haven't got around to opening it yet because I already have soooo many bases open oh dear! Can't wait to use this now though, it's another positive review which adds to the reason why I picked it up in the first place :')
    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe x


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