Vichy Purete Thermale Purifying Foam Cream Cleanser Review

Vichy is a recent find for me, and so far I'm really impressed with their reasonably priced lines. This is a French brand owned by L'Oreal and has different lines to combat different skin concerns. This £11.50 cleanser (buy here) is the first thing I've had from them.

There is 125ml of cleanser in this tube and it comes out in a controlled way, so it's easy to get the exact right amount. I personally use about 2 pea-sized amounts for my entire face. 

It comes out as a cream but quickly begins to foam. It is fragrance-free and really gentle. It also leaves skin very soft. I generally find that cream cleansers are a little bit tricky to use on their own. I will generally remove eye makeup and go over my face with a face wipe before using this cleanser. When I tone after, there isn't a scrap of makeup left. There was also no redness or irritation, and my skin didn't feel dry or stripped of moisture.

This cleanser isn't suitable for removing eye makeup so be sure to keep it clear of the eye are because from personal experience, it really stings! Overall if you view cream cleansers as I do (as part of a 2-step process) this is absolutely perfect to use with wipes or cleansing water as it will remove any trace of dirt or makeup and my skin has been so much better since I started using this with my La Roche-Posay Toner. I have only had 2 breakouts in the month I've been following this routine, both of which were after heavy nights out. If you're looking for one product to easily remove every trace of makeup from your face and eyes, this probably isn't for you.



* A must if you need something gentle and hydrating
* Skin feels soft afterwards
* Removes every little bit of lingering makeup
* Pretty good value for money


* Can't be used on eyes so has be be part of a 2-step cleansing routine
Can get a bit messy if you're applying it to a full face of makeup

The Verdict

Gentleness:             ****
Ease of use:              ***
Cleansing power:    *****
Hydration:              *****



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