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So I'm waiting at Budapest airport for my gate to open so thought I'd do a quick post!


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I find it pretty tedious to write full reviews on products I disliked or was indifferent to, and I like to keep things as positive as possible, but I think on a blog where I'm trying to help people spend their money wisely I should write about my negative experiences too. So here is a roundup of products I've tried in the past couple of months that have been disappointing.

Origins GinZing Eye Cream, £23

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After all the amazing reviews and everyone raving over this product I was really excited to get it for my birthday. However it was massively disappointing and did nothing to improve my dark circles and perhaps made my puffiness go down a little but the change was pretty negligible. I really thought at least something would happen, but no, nothing at all! It is worth saying, however, that I tried it out on my boyfriend and it definitely improved his quite a lot. I guess it comes down to why you think you have dark circles; if you don't usually and just want to reduce to look of tiredness, give it a go, if you think your dark circles are caused by hyper-pigmentation, try at your own risk. It didn't work for my mum either, I should've listened to her!

Clinique Superdefense Daily Defense Moisturiser with SPF20, £39

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It's not that this moisturiser is rubbish or doesn't work, it's that I don't feel it does anything out of the ordinary to justify its hefty price tag. It has a nice soufflĂ©-like texture but it feels a little greasy on, and tends to sit on the skin instead of sinking in; not ideal for a moisturiser intended for combination skin! I really would recommend getting testers of Clinique's moisturisers to make the right investment. 

Elf Essential Little Black Beauty Book - Eye Edition in Warm, £8

Ok, so this isn't like the big investment products the rest of this post covers, but I was really hoping I'd like this, as so many of Elf's products are great for the price. However this was a definite miss; the colours were all chalky and looked quite muddy on, a lot of them looked different in the pan to how they looked on and most of the light colours looked the same. The pans were small and fiddly also. I used this a couple of times to try it out but it's been at the bottom of my makeup drawer since.


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