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Today we're talking a new launch from the Ordinary - if you caught my recent post, you'll probably know that I'm really feeling a lot of their new releases. But how did I get on with the Saccharomyces Ferment 30% Milky Toner* | £12.40...?

First things first; what is Saccharomyces Ferment? You might be familiar with this ingredient if you use a lot of Korean skincare products, as it's a pretty popular extract to formulate with. It's a kind of fermented yeast that's been filtered and this ingredient has some real promise. Fermented ingredients can be beneficial for the skin's microbiome, though we're not entirely sure exactly which ferments and in what quantities are the best for our skin (or if it's going to vary person by person). This extract is also rich in Beta-glucan, which is soothing and hydrating for the skin, and amino acids to maintain overall skin health. Saccharomyces Ferment can also increase skin softness and provide antioxidant benefits. This formula also utilises 3% NAG which is a gentle, non-acid exfoliant. The formula is also supported with squalane, a skin-similar replenishing plant oil to keep the skin soft and hydrated without feeling at all heavy.

This product appealed to me right off the bat; if you're a regular around here, you probably know that I love a hydrating milky toner. As someone with dry skin, I want a toner that's going to give me lasting hydration and not disappear into nothingness on my skin; there are so many 'meh' toners on the market and I do tend towards Korean essences, toners and lotion. So, with its milky formulation and Korean-inspired star ingredient; this launch seemed made for my skincare preferences. And, honestly, it's been my go-to product every night and sometimes even as part of my morning routine. 

This formula provides hydration and skin-softness that lasts; I can honestly wash my face and put this on, then go off and get distracted for an hour before I continue with the rest of my routine and my skin never feels tight or dry (as it would do if I'd just cleansed and left it). My skin looks plumper, healthier and just overall better when I'm using this product. The exfoliating element is subtle, for me. Honestly, whilst my skin feels smoother and looks brighter, I didn't see much of a difference in terms of it evening out my skin tone or anything like that. It could be your only exfoliating product if you have very sensitive skin, but for me, I prefer to switch this out for a more heavy-duty lactic acid once a week to just keep that more robust exfoliation topped up. 

However, I appreciate this formula a lot for the gentle all-rounder it is; it's doing a little bit of hydration, a little but of skin-softening, a little bit of nourishment and a little bit of exfoliation, which honestly adds up to making it a lazy person's skincare favourite. It's one of those products I just instinctively reach for time and time again and it always hits the spot! Honestly, my only negative is really the size of the bottle (the same criticism I had of their recent retinal launch) - 100ml feels a bit stingy for a toner! 

Take a closer look at the texture and see it demoed here.

Have you tried this new formula from the Ordinary?

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