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I thought it would be a cute little idea to share my top sunscreens of this past summer, because I discovered some really fantastic formulas. Without further ado, these are the standouts...
First up is the product that was my go-to for hot days on holiday; the Ultra Violette Fave Fluid Ultralight Skinscreen SPF 50+* | £37 | full review / demo. I don't know how this formula is so super-lightweight, milky and fast-absorbing whilst providing such a high level of broad spectrum protection, but this Aussie sunscreen brand have cracked the code! It's formulated with modern filters to provide a high level of broad spectrum in an elegant formula that's very unlikely to irritate the skin. It's fragrance-free if you're sensitive and it melts right into the skin, barely needing more than a couple of swipes to be fully-absorbed without any cast. It also has a true skin finish, neither adding dewiness or leaving a matte finish; it will suit just about any skin type and it works for me in all scenarios. Though it's not marketed as water-resistant, it didn't sweat off my skin in the hot holiday weather or get in eyes and sting them, and it works perfectly under makeup, never pilling. It doesn't just have a place in my summer 2023 favourites, but in the all-time hall of fame. 

Next we have an all-in-one primer and sunscreen: Hello Sunday's the Illuminating One Glow Primer SPF 50+ | £22 | full reviewdemo. I'm not much of a primer girl but I love that this combines my daily sunscreen with a finish and texture that will only make my makeup look better! The formula is a kind of iridescent cream, which has this pearly quality to it, but it's not too rich or shiny-looking on the skin, if that's something you're worried about. It provides a high level of broad spectrum protection, which is great for such an easy, wearable formula. I love using this on makeup days when I want to get my sun protection as well as giving my skin an extra glow boost. This doesn't pill and my base glides over the top of it perfectly!

The next formula I've been obsessed with is the Klairs All Day Airy Sunscreen SPF 50+* | £21 (15% off with code JASMINETALKSBEAUTY (affiliate)) | full reviewdemo. This is a Korean formula, so as you'd expect; it's well-priced and extremely cosmetically-elegant. I love how this water-based lotion just melts into my skin and gives it a hydrated but not greasy finish. It's so lightweight, it doesn't irritate my skin or eyes and it doesn't pill on me with my other skincare or my makeup. It's breathable and easy to wear, it works under makeup and it's offering a great level of broad spectrum protection. This is a pretty perfect all-rounder when it comes to daily sunscreen, in my books. It's not a super-stay water-resistant formula, it's something lightweight and easy to wear in your day to day life.

Finally we have my top drugstore pick, a great all-rounder and one that's perfect if you're travelling with hand luggage only: the Garnier Super UV Invisible Face Serum SPF 50+* | £14 | full reviewdemo. This is a light fluid-lotion formula that melts really nicely into my skin and has a hydrating but not shiny finish with replenishing added ingredients like ceramides. It vibes with makeup, it doesn't run into my eyes and irritate them (even though it's not water-resistant), it doesn't leave any kind of reside or cast and it sinks in with almost no effort. It uses modern filters but comes in at a purse-friendly price and the minimalist packaging makes it my go-to for travel.

Have you tried any of my picks? What were your most-used new sunscreens of this summer?

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