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There are a good few drugstore beauty products I have in heavy rotation right now, so I thought I'd round them up and share the best of the bunch with you...

Let's start with facial skincare. At the moment I'm using  the Ordinary's Soothing & Barrier Support Serum* | £17.30 | just about every night! It's a milky emulsion formula that's naturally pink, thanks to the niacinamide in this formula, which helps boost up the skin barrier by increasing ceramide production. Ceramides are a fundamental component of the lipid barrier that keeps our skin strong, moisturised and healthy. The formula also contains ceramides, which not only tops up your stores topically, but encourages your skin to produce more of its own. There are also other extracts in here that help calm inflammation. I love using this as a calming, soothing step before applying my PM retinoid, to keep my skin happy and in balance.

The next skincare product I've been reaching for regularly is the Bondi Sands Plump It Up Peptide Serum* | £8.99. How haven't I heard anyone talk about this?! This milky, hydrating, plumping serum is formulated with topical collagen (which we don't think penetrates into the skin, but it can be a fantastic moisturiser) and Matrixyl 3000, a peptide that looks to boost up collagen production in the skin, which is what gives our skin it's 'bounce back'.  There's also copper tripeptide in here, which additionally can promote skin healing. It's set in a fragrance-free base with glycerin, to pull hydration into the skin. For £8.99! If you want plump, healthy, dewy skin: incorporate this into your morning routine and thank me later...

Next, we have another one from the Ordinary! The Ordinary's Natural Moisturising Factors + PhytoCeramides* | £20 | is a dream for dry (and sensitive) skin. This nourishing cream is rich in replenishing lipids to counteract dry skin, plus it's formulated with Natural Moisturising Factors such as Sodium PCA and urea, which occur in our skin naturally (as the name suggests) but you can boost moisture levels in the skin by topping them up using skincare products. This feels like so much more of an expensive cream than it is; it's like a great big hug for your face and I like to use it in the evening. Again, it's just great for using alongside heavy-duty actives like a chemical exfoliant or retinoid.

Finally, for facial skincare, we have the Revolution Skincare x Sali Hughes Better in 5 Express Exfoliating Facial Mask* | £15. This really surprised me because I've not heard many people mention this product and I've not seen a big launch push for it, but it's actually really great. I don't like to overdo the exfoliation, so a flash facial a couple of times a week works for me! This can be applied before you brush your teeth in the evening, rinsed off afterwards and you can follow it up with something like the Ordinary's moisturiser. This contains lactic acid, a hydrating AHA exfoliant, glycolic acid (a more heavy-duty resurfacing AHA) and PHAs, a gentle, hydrating next-generation kind of exfoliant. This is in a base of hydrating glycerin to buffer the exfoliants and - even though there are some heavy-duty acids in the mix - this plus the 5 minute short-contact application means I get smoother, more radiant skin fast and without the irritation.

Moving into my body care pick, we have the Aveeno Skin Relief Body Oil Spray* | £9.49. This is formulated with a blend of Aveeno's signature soothing oat oil, nourishing jojoba oil and replenishing fatty acids. Best of all, it comes in a pump bottle, making it really quick and easy to grab for in the morning. You simply spritz the skin with this, rub it in a little and it absorbs really nicely without leaving behind a greasy excess (though my body skin is admittedly very dry!) It also smells delicious.

A current drugstore haircare favourite (that's a recent discovery for me) is L'Oreal Steampod Smoothing Cream (for Thick Hair) | £19.50. I don't know how long this has been around but I just stumbled across it when I was looking for a cream heat protectant formula to travel with (this can be decanted into a little pot) and I've since used up a whole tube and picked up a second. This creamy lotion should be applied to towel-dried hair before using a blow-dryer because it's heat-activated and I have the version for thick hair, which I assume is a little richer than the formula for fine hair. Along with providing heat protection, it helps with smoothness and allows my hair to better hold a style. It's also nourishing without weighing my hair down. If you want a frizz-free blow-dry that doesn't leave your hair dried-out and frazzled: this is for you.

Last, but not least, is my makeup pick of the moment: the Maybelline Superstay Skin Tint Foundation + Vitamin C (Shade 31) | £12.99 | demo. I'm such a skin tint girl, but there's never really been a drugstore formula that's entered my rotation. Until now... This actually comes in a pretty good shade range for a light base and it gives me that perfect level of coverage; it's not heavy, my skin looks like skin and it helps even things out so my complexion is a little more harmonised. It's nothing too dewy and it doesn't sink into fine lines. It has the finish I look for and it has great staying power throughout the day. For £12.99, it's a total steal!

Have you tried any of my favourites? Which drugstore products are in your rotation at the moment?

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