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It's limbs-out season and if it's warm enough to be wearing skirts and vests then it's probably sensible to slap some sunscreen on your body! Today we're talking through my favourite body sunscreens...

Let's start with the Sun Bum Original Broad Spectrum Moisturising Sun Cream SPF 30* | £15.59. They do make this in an SPF 50, which I used all of last summer and really recommend. I would definitely go for that for a day at the beach but I think a broad spectrum SPF 30 is fine for normal days when you're only getting incidental sun exposure. Like almost all of the products in this post: this is a chemical sunscreen so it's lightweight, spreadable and fast-absorbing. It has a moisturising texture so you don't need to use a body cream underneath it. The scent will be a 'love it or hate it' thing; I personally like this holiday-inspired pina colada fragrance but some might find it a bit overwhelming. All-in-all: this is a great, reasonably-priced sunscreen you can slather your entire body with and reapply with minimal fuss. It's water-resistant for 80 minutes so it's also great for when you're exercising outdoors.

I also really rate the Bondi Sands Sunscreen Lotion Fragrance Free SPF 50+ * | £7.99. This is really affordable and the size is very generous, so it's great if you're off on a beach holiday this year and you're going to get through a lot of sunscreen! This one is fragrance-free if that's important to you, it's a chemical formula so doesn't leave any kind of cast on the skin and actually feels really nice and hydrating. It has a very light, lotion-y texture so you won't be there rubbing it in for ages! This is an Aussie formula that's a broad spectrum SPF 50+ and with some of the toughest regulations in the world: it's one I can completely trust when I'm getting a good amount of sun exposure (though obviously other measures like utilising shade are still really important). This one is water-resistant for 4 hours so although you definitely need to reapply after going for a swim (and every hour regardless), you can trust it to stay on if you're breaking a sweat.

It's not a summer sunscreen post without a mention of the Evy Sunscreen Mousse SPF 50* | £25! This is a unique mousse that you melt in-between your hands and apply like a lotion; it's non-greasy, shine-free and super fast-absorbing. It can also be used on both the face and body, which is a huge plus point for me. What's great about this product is that you're getting really good UVA protection too; the SPF rating of a product only relates to UVB protection but UVA can really age the skin, so if you're spending time in the sun, you really want to make sure you're protected against those wavelengths too. Another big plus-point is the water-resistance testing done on this formula; it's been proven to stay on the skin extremely well, which makes it a great one-stop-shop holiday option and perfect for those who enjoy outdoor sports.

I have one mineral option here because it's genuinely the only mineral body formula I've ever liked, and there really aren't a ton on the market. The Dr. Sam Bunting Flawless Body UV SPF 50* | £33 | was a pleasant surprise for me; don't get me wrong, I'd still prefer to use a chemical formula but if your skin is feeling sensitive or you have a skin condition that could flare up with certain chemical filters then it's good to have an option. I like that it has broad spectrum SPF 50 and 40 minutes of water resistance so you can wear this to the beach if you like. It has a light, blendable lotion texture (too many mineral sunscreens are thick and difficult to spread) and it contains squalane, shea butter and aloe, so there's no need to use a body moisturiser underneath it. On my skin tone, upon first application there's no cast, which was a pleasant surprise for me, though as I reapply it, I do get a bit of that silvery sheen and it can pill a tad. Would I choose it over a chemical sunscreen? No. Am I glad to have it in my arsenal for when I need it? Definitely. 

For top ups when you're on-the-go, I really enjoy the Heliocare 360 Invisible Spray SPF 50+* | £27.50. This is a completely sheer, water-light spray sunscreen. This shouldn't be your initial application and I definitely recommend a full liquid sunscreen reapplication when it's practical, but there will always be those times when you're running around or if you're doing outdoor activities in the sun where you just need to quickly douse yourself. This is for those times! It's sweat and sand resistant and can actually be applied to damp skin and the broad spectrum SPF 50+ should cover you off nicely if you give exposed areas a really good misting (as it is a continuous mist, it does contain propellant, so not all the liquid hitting your skin is sunscreen).

I also really enjoy Naked Sundays SPF 50+ Body Glow Mist* | £36. This is a pump-action oil-mist, so you really just need to make sure it's aimed at your skin and massage it in to ensure that you're getting an even coverage. This is perfect if you have dry body skin like me because it's formulated with watermelon oil and kakadu plum to really moisturise the skin. This is another Aussie formula with a broad spectrum SPF 50+ so you can be confident in the protection you're getting and it's totally transparent so it's minimal fuss to apply. The only thing to be aware with when it comes to this formula is that it doesn't have water-resistance so it's potentially one for the evenings on holiday (for that glistening legs look) rather than one to wear to the beach.

What are your favourite body sunscreens?

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