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Tatcha was honestly one of those brands I'd basically given up on ever being able to get in the UK! However, it was a pleasant surprise when Space NK announced they'd exclusively start stocking the luxury Japanese-formulated line. However, were the products I tried worth the wait...?

The first product I have to discuss is quite possibly my favourite of the bunch! (So maybe I should've saved it for later...) It's the Camellia Cleansing Oil* | £45. I'm usually more of a cleansing balm person than a cleansing oil person but this product has got me reaching for it regularly. Firstly, I love camellia seed oil because it's lightweight, moisturising and generally great for the skin barrier. This product also contains their signature fermented antioxidant complex which we'll discuss further when we get into the essence, but obviously this is a cleanser so it's not sitting on the skin to really absorb those benefits. There's rice bran oil and Vitamin E in here too, which are packed full of fatty goodness. This oil feels lightweight but don't be fooled: it melts down makeup, sunscreen and even waterproof eyeliner and mascara effortlessly. It's so quick to use but works really well. And it emulsifies clean off once you add water into the mix, leaving my skin soft and smooth after use, so if you want to use this as a morning cleanse: that's also an option. I'd definitely pick this up again and I think it could be my #1 cleansing oil out of all the formulas I've tried.

Next we have one of Tatcha's really iconic products: the Rice Powder Classic* | £60. If you've not used a product like this before: it's a dry powder that you mix with water so it's a one-step exfoliant and morning / second cleanse. It combines rice powder for that manual action with papaya enzymes for a surface chemical exfoliation and there's silk protein in here alongside Tatcha's patented fermented complex. You should take your time to gently massage this into the skin, trying to ensure you keep the pressure and focus as even as possible across the skin (without aggressive scrubbing!) You could even let it sit there for a few seconds longer before rinsing the product off to get the most out of the papaya enzyme. This does definitely give the immediate gratification of immediate smoothness and it doesn't irritate my skin but for £60, I personally have chemical exfoliants that I prefer with the power to work on several levels that come in at a fraction of the price.

The next product I have to talk about is The Essence* | £95 | and I'm not going to lie: I tried this without realising just how pricey it is! So we'll talk about the product then we'll talk about if it's worth the price tag... I personally love an essence; if you've not come across this kind of formula then an essence is kind of like a toner but is weightier, more hydrating and they usually contain fermented ingredients. This particular essence contains a powerful antioxidant blend of green tea, algae and rice, all of which have gone through the fermentation process to boost their effectiveness at fighting free radical damage. Rice extract can also be soothing and help with excessive oiliness in the skin. This formula is also rich in hydrating, replenishing amino acids. It's very lightweight on the skin, and the formula is quite very simple, containing propanediol to create its texture, this patented blend of three fermented extracts and a preservative. I apply it with my hands every morning and I have to say, my skin is hydrated, healthy and has a lovely glow and bounce to it. However, I just can't justify the price-point, personally - especially not when I could buy a really great essence, serum and moisturiser from K-beauty brands containing each of these extracts for little more than half the price of this product. It's a 'use it up and enjoy it' but not something I'll be replacing when I've finished this bottle.

Rounding things off, we have the Silk Cream* | £115. In here there are silk protein, which can help with skin elasticity, alongside the three fermented extracts running through the entire range, royal jelly extract to moisturise and glycerin and hyaluronic acid to draw water into the skin. The texture really is lovely; this is a kind of gel-cream so it's lightweight but does contain some nice ingredients. It's particularly good as a summer option for those of you wanting to get some antioxidant and well-ageing benefits in a quick two-step routine with this and sunscreen. I guess for the price, it just didn't knock my socks off and I feel like there's not enough amazing stuff in this product to justify the cost. It has a lovely texture but so do a lot of moisturisers that cost far less.

Overall, was Tatcha 'worth it' for me? I'm not so sure, though honestly: if I was choosing for myself then I'd probably have just got the Dewy Skin mist and cream, and I might still give them a go and review them in the future. The cleansing oil is my top pick from the range, though everything else is still nice, I just feel like the pricing is that bit too high. I'm not obsessed with using these products outside of the cleansing oil and I feel like the sparking of joy, the overall experience and the textures are what you're paying for more than techy ingredients and formulas here. Sorry if this isn't the most positive review out there but I think it's important to spend your money wisely and I don't people running out to buy a product because I liked it even though it's expensive for you and I got it in PR! It has to be something that I'd pick up again with my own money and unfortunately the cleansing oil is the only one I would.

Have you tried anything from Tatcha? Let me know if there's anything you recommend!

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