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Today I wanted to do a bit of an off-the-cuff post featuring some of the hair and body products currently sat on my shelf...

I will definitely be reviewing this personalised haircare system by eSalon as a whole in more depth at a later date, but the Aura Hair Masque* | £30 | was pretty much a 'yaaassss' from the first use. The hair goals I outlined were moisture and repair. The actual texture of this mask is surprisingly quite lightweight but still so deeply nourishing. My formula tailored towards my hair goals contained great ingredients like glycerin, shea oil, castor oil, fatty alcohol and murumuru. It's instantly softening and moisturising from one wash. It's not heavy or greasy and leaves behind zero excess or weight on my hair but really does do the job. I'm seriously impressed so far!

I've also recently found myself reaching for the Bread Beauty Supply Hair Oil Everyday Gloss | £22. This is less the oil you use after a wash and more the oil you use when you've done your hair, you're about to head out then you catch yourself in the mirror and think your hair needs something a little bit more. The term 'gloss' is actually the perfect description because this is what I reach for as a finishing product when my hair just needs an extra dose of gloss and lustre. It also smells so yummy!

Moving into body stuff, let's start with a product I've repurchased a good few times: the Caudalie Fleur De Vigne Shower Gel | £9. This actually used to be really awkward to get my hands on and I'd stock up whenever I was on holiday! However, I do find it more readily available in the UK these days, which I'm very happy about. This is a super-gentle body wash with the most glorious scent; perhaps one of my favourite scents in a product ever. It's described as white rose, rose pepper and grape flower, which is unlike anything else I've really tried. It's like florals, grapes, fresh green leaves and dew, both floral and refreshing at once. It lingers beautifully on the skin after use too.

Ok, it isn't that new because I really enjoyed this a few months back but honestly: I moved house, things fell into disarray and I just found it again and remembered how great it is. So, here's another little shout-out to the First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub* | £27. This contains a mix of chemical exfoliants in the form of AHAs (10% lactic and glycolic acids) and physical exfoliation with these micro particles. I mean, nothing is going to erase KP (those dry, red bumps that often occur on the arms and legs) but this does a really good job of smoothing the skin and unplugging those follicles so it's not as itchy or dry.

I didn't know this product existed before it arrived for me to try, but now I can't stop reaching for it! The Malin + Goetz Vitamin B5 Body Moisturiser* | £33 | really embodies that 'skincare for your body' vibe that I'm really into. It's packed full of good stuff like panthenol and sodium PCA, shea butter, oat and honey; all amazing hydrators and moisturisers that I would happily put on my face (and now I'm thinking that I need them to come out with a full face and body line). To be honest, if you know a cis-het guy who insists on using body products on his face, this isn't a bad product to push in their direction at all! It comes out like a cream but it absorbs effortlessly with no excess or greasiness, yet it even softens my super-dry skin.

Lastly, let's talk about the Aveeno Dermexa Fast & Long-Lasting Balm* | £9.99. This could be TMI, but let's run with it: during winter, I quite often get really dry skin on my toe knuckles that a standard foot lotion a couple of times a week just doesn't cut it for. This cream-to-oil balm has been fantastic; I apply this a few times a week to the areas that get dry and the crust has been kept at bay since I started using this. It's also great for the skin in-between your fingers if it gets dry throughout the day as you keep washing. It can also be used before bed as an all-over hand cream for hands that really need a little something more.

What are some of your hair and body go-tos of the moment?

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