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If you come here often, you probably know that I love a skincare-makeup hybrid, and Rose Inc just launched one. So, it seemed a great time to review this tinted serum alongside some other bits I've tried from supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's new-ish beauty line...

The 'true skincare' product I have here to talk about is the Hydration Replenish Microencapsulated Moisturiser* | £53. This is exactly the sort of moisturiser I enjoy as we head into spring, because it's light and breathable but provides hydration that lasts (rather than disappearing half an hour later) and a fresh, dewy glow to my skin. Plus, it's great under makeup, of course! It's a gel moisturiser (so not something I'd reach for in my PM routine or during the dead of winter) with bursting capsules. It's formulated with glycerin to draw water into the skin, squalane (a skin-similar replenishing oil), niacinamide (a multi-tasker to boost the skin barrier and fight against breakouts and hyperpigmentation), Vitamin E as an antioxidant, lactic acid (probably more for hydration and to allow other ingredients to better penetrate the skin than exfoliation), plus peptides to plump the skin, hydrate things and possibly even boost up collagen production in the skin. It's a nice, well-rounded moisturiser for the warmer months, though I wouldn't say it's the best in its category that I've ever tried.

Straddling the skincare and makeup categories, we have the Tinted Serum* (Shade 060). I know a lot of people have compared this to the Chanel Water Tint - I've not tried that because I don't really do Chanel makeup (or designer makeup in general, bar Tom Ford) but definitely check out my Reel linked below to see what it looks like in action. This is a water-based serum with oil-based pigments suspended in it, so as you massage it into the skin, you get that colour going. It gives a light coverage and it comes in 14 shades which is fine for the type of product it is given the gradient of these shades. It's very lightweight on the skin and has a natural-dewy finish, plus is formulated with ingredients to benefit the skin, like your glycerin, hyaluronic acid, squalane and peptides. I love how this looks on my skin - my personal preference is to be quite minimal with my actual base day-to-day and use concealer where I want it. This brings that life, unity and glow to my skin without covering it up. I'd say that if you're oily, this might leave you a bit shiny throughout the day, but this really works for my dry skin. If I'm going to the office or popping out for lunch: this has been my go-to.

I also wanted to shout out the Number 3 Foundation Brush* | £28. I'm not a big brush person; I use my finger and / or a damp sponge for most things, but this one came in the PR package so I thought I'd give it a go and it's great! It's not too dense, so with a light base like the tinted serum you can just swipe it out and it's super easy. I'd say it's better for this type of product than something more matte and thick that you want to buff in, but it's pretty effortless, I even use it for my concealer sometimes because I'm lazy like that...

I then picked up the Softlight Luminous Hydrating Concealer (080) | £23. I actually ordered 100 originally, and I don't know what happened but it was not the shade I was expecting at all! Luckily, Space NK have a great returns policy so I sent it back and got 080 instead, but if you want to avoid that I'd recommend checking this product out in-store. 080 is a kind of peachy shade, which I actually like for under the eyes because it's not dramatically pinky-orange but does have that correcting effect, so it's a kind of one-step wonder. This has a natural but buildable medium coverage. It's non-drying under the eyes but the flipside is that you definitely need to set it with a little powder to avoid creasing. I do find that it lasts throughout my typical day at the office, though. It's not a light serum formula, it's definitely a proper, almost paste-liquid concealer and I'm really enjoying it so far for days when I'm making a bit more of an effort!

Lastly, let's talk about the Blush Divine Lip and Cheek Colour in Anemone | £23. Again, the colour wasn't quite what I expected from the online images (I thought it would be deeper and richer) but it's going to be a cute pop of peachy-coral colour for the summer. I've tried so many 'lip and cheek' products and have maybe found one that works for me as a 2-in-1. I guess the texture that I like on myskin a blusher doesn't necessarily translate to something I want on my lips. That's definitely the case here; the formula has this hold and longevity (it's not a particularly dewy-look product) that makes it great as a cheek colour because it doesn't go patchy or shiny throughout the day and actually stays on pretty well whilst wearing a mask. At the same time, this makes it a bit immobile on the lips and causes it to cling to dry patches and it just distributes itself in a way I find unflattering. It also just looks weird on my lips by the time I've built the colour to the sort of opacity you want on your lips but not on your cheeks. All-in-all: I recommend this as a long-wearing cream blush only!

You can see me demo all the products here too!

Have you tried anything from Rose Inc?

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