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Today I'm introducing you to an exciting K-beauty brand I discovered towards the end of last year: Mauve Fantastic Ever (also available on Amazon) and walk you through their capsule product line...

This is a mid-range skincare brand in terms of pricing, and a little detail I think it's pretty cool is that there are several different futuristic designs you can get each product in. As I've come to expect from Korean brands; this range is really all about dewy skin and layering on the hydration. I also really like how a lot of these products are multi-tasking and perform more than one function in a single step. The products are formulated with fragrance, but they have been tested on sensitive skin and the brand is really transparent about this process on their website, if you need some comfort around that.

Let's start with the first step you'd reach for after cleansing: the Hydro Mafia Booster | $22. This comes in a mist and you can use it a little further away from your face to get that effect, or you can hold it a little more directly over the skin to dispense more product and use it as a serum. It has this thicker, more jelly-like consistency that I personally love. As I often discuss on this blog, I am very fussy when it comes to face mists; I don't like anything that's too fine and vapoury, because I find those formulas just evaporate off my skin and into nothingness. This one, however, has some substance and is a single-step mist and concentrated serum hit. It's formulated with polyglutamic acid (said to be even more effective than hyaluronic acid) to act as a humectant, drawing water into the skin. This formula really binds together and seals in the hydration with cellulose so it lasts. This is also formulated with green tea, which is another K-beauty favourite of mine with antioxidant properties. I love how dewy and hydrated this leaves my skin with zero stickiness!

Next we have the Youth Producer Serum | $39. Again, we're focusing on hydration and plumping the skin and this is a really well-rounded formula. It has a gel consistency that still works well with the dropper applicator. The texture is lovely; it isn't a product that's going to absorb in and not really feel like much on the skin but it's also not thick or tracky. This acts as both an antioxidant serum with ingredients like hemp and kelp extracts, it's also very hydrating. Additionally, ingredients like hemp and omegas work to seal in the hydration. I personally find that a balanced formula like this works really well for hydration that lasts. I love this serum on days when my skin is looking a little dry, tired and lacklustre to bring it back to life!

The moisturiser from this range is the Cool Kids Never Sleep Cream | $29. This is a gel / water-based product, which aren't always a hit for me, but I'll tell you why this one works so well. A lot of people with oily but dehydrated skin think they have to have an oil-free moisturiser, however oils actually serve to seal everything in and prevent water escaping from the skin. You can see the texture of this; it melts into the skin, it's not at all heavy, so don't be afraid of some oil content in your moisturiser, even if you are quite oily. This contains squalane, which is a plant-based skin-similar oil, meaning it isn't too greasy and mimics the oils your skin naturally produces. It helps soften, smooth and replenish the skin. It also contains beet, aloe and dragonfruit to act as antioxidants, protecting the skin from the free radical damage that us city-dwellers are particularly susceptible to. Aloe also has those soothing, anti-inflammatory properties. This feels light once applied but is surprisingly substantial on my normal-to-dry skin! Ok, I do prefer a thicker texture during the dead of winter, but this is my perfect kind of spring / summer moisturiser. Sometimes I find my skin just drinks gel moisturisers right up and my skin is no more hydrated than before I applied the product, but this deeply hydrates me throughout the day. It also gives my skin that gorgeous glass skin glow that we're always aiming for.

Last, but not least, I have the Flash Architect | $30. This is another multi-tasking product; it contains serum-level ingredients and can be used as either a makeup primer or a skin-finisher for no-makeup days. It contains some niacinamide and in the kind of concentration we have here, this ingredient can have brightening properties as well as helping to strengthen the skin barrier so the skin feels less sensitive and can better retain hydration. There's also hyaluronic acid, which attracts water into the skin. Alongside these two favourite ingredients of mine, we also have plant extracts as a source of antioxidants. What's really great about this product, though, is the texture. This comes out like a sort of lotion, but it really smooths the skin so it's soft and silky. Most products that have this effect on the skin are a bit silicone-y and pill up, but not this; it acts like a moisturising cream. It also feels really nice and lightweight on the skin so it's not like you're adding another layer that's going to feel like too much; everything can still breathe nicely.

All in all, I'm really excited about this brand and I hope you are too! Which products here do you like the sound of the most?

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