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I love a night in; now more than ever! Today I'm sharing what I like to do and use on those evenings to relax, unwind and recharge... And - just to emphasise - you definitely don't need to rush out and buy everything I use; it's really not the intention of this post. It's just to share what I like to use (which is usually my 'nice stuff' because it's meant to feel like a bit of a treat), perhaps if there's something you've been looking for you can find some suggestions in this post and to inspire you to do a similar night in with the favourites you already own.
First up, I run a bath and light a candle. My favourite spa-vibe candles are the Huxley Moroccan Gardener Candle* | £38 (15% off with code JASMINETALKSBEAUTY) | and the Liha Queen Idia Candle | £14 (travel sized). The Huxley candle smells just like their body products - i.e. absolutely dreamy! The inspiration is dew, green grass, musk and white flowers. It's a soy candle but has amazing throw; it's a beautiful, full-bodied fresh scent that I can't get enough of. The Liha candle is made of coconut wax, and also fills the room despite being a mini! It contains notes of geranium, hibiscus, lavender and African moss, creating a relaxed spa-like atmosphere for me. In my bath, I love the Soapsmith Lavender Bath Soak* | £25. This is super-moisturising with ingredients such as coconut milk powder and sea salt, to smooth the skin. The scent is a relaxing blend of lavender and jasmine, so perfect for before bed. 

Whilst my bath is running, I like to take off my makeup and / or sunscreen with a classic: the Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm* | £44. This smells amazing (definitely not a negative for me on a self-care night, especially not when it comes to a wash-off product like a first cleanse) and feels so luxurious as it melts onto my skin. It breaks down makeup and sunscreen easily and emulsifies nicely on contact with water, so everything can be removed with a damp cloth. Then it's time to pop on a face mask and my indulgent favourite is the Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask* £72. This is a mask made from Hungarian Moor mud, rich in natural minerals. I personally love using something like this once a week to deeply cleanse my skin and draw out impurities. If I'm washing my hair that day, I'll also use the Omorovicza Revitalising Scalp Mask* | £57 | whilst I'm in the bath too. You don't need to spend this much on a scalp treatment (I use Inkey's on a day-to-day basis!) but I do like this one as a little bit of a treat. It somehow both moisturises and exfoliates at the same time, leaving my scalp clear and healthy. Whilst I'm soaking, I like to read, and a beauty coffee table book is always a good shout, because you can easily dip in and out of them. I currently really like Palette: the Beauty Bible for Women of Colour by Funmi Fetto, which breaks down Funmi's best beauty finds, as well as providing the occasional educational interlude. Just be sure not to leave your face mask on for too long whilst you're reading! 

After a relaxing bath, I remove the mud mask and do my second cleanse with the ESPA Cleansing Milk* | £25 | to ensure there are no lingering scraps still lurking around and to pack in the moisture, because my skin is pretty dry at the moment! This is a lovely lightweight milk cleanser that leaves my skin incredibly soft and could also be used to remove light makeup, as it's rich in moisturising oils. Finishing up in the bathroom, the Temple Spa Glowcolic Toner* | £20 | is lovely as a gentle active for a more relaxing 'treat yourself' routine. I'm not entirely sure why this is named after glycolic acid, because tatric, malic and mandelic acids are all higher on the ingredient list and glycolic is actually after the fragrance, which indicates there's not much of it in there! That's really not a negative for me; it's actually likely why this exfoliator is so gentle and non-irritating on my skin. Either way, this product leaves my skin incredibly smooth and soft.

I finish the rest of my skincare routine in my bedroom, with my book and candle. I'm never in much of a rush and it's actually really nice to let each layer sink in before proceeding onto the next step. If you want dewy, glowing, fresh, hydrated skin then look no further than the Ilody Lumi Hydrating Radiance Serum* | £72. It contains this stunning sheen, which makes it feel such a treat as well as giving the skin a luminous look. It's also packed with good stuff like snow mushroom, to draw water into the skin, licorice, as an anti-inflammatory, kombucha, as an antioxidant, and mild exfoliation through PHAs. All of that adds up to beautifully glowing skin. The EPSA 24-Hour Replenishing Moisturiser* | £45 | is then a lovely option to go in with if you, like me, are really feeling the change of weather in your skin. It's formulated with jojoba and Vitamin E, providing nourishment and giving me softer skin overnight without feeling overly heavy or thick (if you're sensitive, just be aware that there is fragrance in this formula). Then, to lock it all in, I use the Decleor Green Mandarine Aromessence Glow Serum* | £55. I know it says it's a serum but, for anything that has an oil formula; I personally prefer to apply it as the final step of my skincare routine. It's an essential oil blend, so won't be for everyone, but I personally like it as an occasional treat that makes my skin soft, smooth and glowing. 

If I'm going to wash my hair the morning after my relaxing evening then before bed I'll apply a generous amount of the Forest & Shore Hallelujah Hair Oil* | £17.99 | to its lengths and ends. Overnight oils are something I've only got into recently, but I'm a fan! This formula contains coconut, sesame, olive, sunflower, arnica, scented with rosemary and lavender oils to nourish the hair overnight. Then, you simply wash your hair as normal the following morning for softer, smoother hair. On my body, it has to be the Elemental Herbology Earth Harmony Bath & Body Oil* | £28 (15% off with code JASMINETALKSBEAUTY). This is a great oil for massages but it's also gorgeously nourishing. Elemental Herbology are all about aromatherapy and this particular scent is formulated with mandarin, cedarwood and lime, for a woody, zesty fragrance.

Still casually using Decleor products 'incorrectly', the Decleor Lavender Fine Lifting Night Balm* | £55 | is really intended to be used on the face, but I do find it a bit too fragrant for my skin (though plenty of people love this stuff, so what do I know?!) Instead, I like applying this on my wrists, neck and chest to get a gorgeous dose of lavender before bed, so I can relax and unwind. I have super-dry hands all the time, so the Seams Silk Touch Hand & Nail Oil* | £22 | has been a godsend. This is formulated with fruit oils and fatty acids to provide a formula that deeply nourishes my skin overnight, so my hands are super-soft by morning. It's also dry-touch so not at all greasy or slippery, despite being an oil! Last, but certainly not least: it's lips! I really enjoy the Fresh Rose Petal-Soft Lip Cream* | £19.50 | to soften and smooth my lips before bed. It's also one of my go-to products because a) it works and b) it isn't too heavy to be used during the daytime as well.

How do you like to spend cosy autumn nights in?

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