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It's not cheap but, if you aren't totally against this much of an investment, the Algenist Blue Algae Vitamin C Dark Spot Correcting Peel* | £80 | could just be worth it, and here's why...

An exfoliating Vitamin C treatment covers off the majority of my skincare bases, so this launch definitely caught my eye. As a brand, Algenist are all about algae and, when I attended the launch event of this product, they actually discovered that their hero ingredient was a really great source of Vitamin C, so there's ascorbic acid in there, which is the most scientifically-proven form of the ingredient. I do generally recommend using Vitamin C daily for those really next-level results, but as a treatment this is probably more of a once or twice a week job, but this can still provide a more concentrated hit of the ingredient when your skin needs it. It's balanced with AHAs such as glycolic, which is amazing at making the skin glow and evening out its tone and texture, as well as mandelic, which is great for brightening and an incredibly gentle option. Malic acid can also help with texture and draws in water, plus there's salicylic acid in the mix; a BHA that provides deep exfoliation to help with breakouts and the resultant scarring.

Alongside those ingredients there are others that are known for their ability to even out hyperpigmentation, such as tranexamic acid and azelaic acid. Tranexamic acid can inhibit pigmentation whilst being gentle and unlikely to cause irritation, making it a great option for sensitive skin that's suffering with melasma or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Azelaic acid acts as both a mild exfoliant but also as an antioxidant, protecting the skin against environmental damage. It's brilliant for fading red marks and improving the appearance of discolouration.

Additional ingredients include glycerin, to pull water into the skin. This is the first ingredient on the INCI list, which I think is why this treatment isn't at all drying, and it's paired with hyaluronic acid, as another humectant. Also noteworthy on the ingredient list is turmeric, which has antioxidant and skin-brightening properties. We also have moisturisers like safflower and sunflower oils. There is some lavender oil in there too, which is fragrant and might be irritating to some, but I tried this for the first time when I was having a flare-up of redness and itchiness and it honestly caused me no issues.

When I attended the event, I really appreciated the input from esthetician Dija Ayodele, who discussed pigmentation issues at length. How to treat pigmentation issues without damaging my natural melanin has been a growing concern for me, so this product having her seal of approval in terms of the formulation was important to me. Overall, it's a powerhouse of every skin-evening, skin-smoothing ingredient you could possibly want!

Personally, I was blown away by the results I saw immediately after use; this has become my go-to once or twice weekly treatment. It's not at all drying or harsh but it gives incredibly results! It not only provides that instant smooth-skin look and feel, but it's really been amazing in terms of stopping my breakout scarring right in its tracks. If you're having pigmentation issues; this is an incredible all-rounder that covers off all the ingredients we know work to combat them. 

It's a brilliant treatment and I have seen amazing results with it. It can be a bit of a pain to juggle all the ingredients you want to use as part of your routine and this wraps pretty much everything that helps uneven pigmentation and skin texture into one product. Yes, you could apply 5 individual single-ingredient serums, but that's a lot of effort, and those sorts of products often don't interact well together (as they're designed to be used alone) meaning you can cause yourself irritation or even neutralise the benefits of these ingredients. My only real negative is the price, and the fact that the brand recommend using this once or twice a week with 4-5 pumps of product, which means it would only last 6-8 weeks. Whilst you generally want to use up these sorts of ingredients quickly (though it's in an airtight, opaque pump bottle to protect the formula as far as possible), I still feel like it should last just a touch longer...

Have you tried Algenist before?

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