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Myself and cream cheek products have had a long, and often difficult, relationship! I've often found them messy to apply or not long-wearing enough on me. However, the Fenty Beauty Sun Stalk'r Instant Warmth Bronzer (Bajan Gyal) | £25 | full review | is probably my all-time favourite matte powder formula, so I decided to pick up its cream version when it launched in the hopes that the success could be repeated. But is the Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Bronzer (Hunnie Glaze) | £28 | a hit or a miss...?

This cream bronzer (released alongside cream blushers, though honestly none of those really caught my eye) comes in 8 shades that span a pretty decent spectrum of skin tones. I think the bar is pretty high for this brand, given what Rihanna did for foundations, so hopefully it isn't a disappointment for anyone. I personally think this has a pretty good spread of colours and even the cream blushers come in a range of shades to flatter a variety of skin tones. The bronzer comes in the now-iconic octagonal rose gold compact with a mirror. I like that it says 'Cream' on the front so that if I'm reaching for a product quickly (like when packing to go away - not that that happens much these days...) I don't accidentally grab the wrong one. The only annoying thing about this packaging is how mucky it can get from fingerprints!

Given this was a lockdown beauty launch, I ordered my shade online based on pictures on the Harvey Nichols website and that was actually fine for me; I found them pretty representative. In the powder formula, I wear the shade Bajan Gyal and, as you can see in the below swatches; Hunnie Glaze is near enough an identical match, which is perfect for me because Bajan Gyal was perfect for me! This sort of colour is warm without being orange and deep enough to add some definition to my face. As you can probably also see; this is a matte formula with no shimmer and it doesn't look overly shiny on the skin.

I've been applying this bronzer with a densely-packed synthetic brush using a stippling motion and that's been working perfectly. I can just dab it on and blend it out with ease because it has enough movement to really mesh with your base makeup instead of sitting on top of it. This gives a gorgeous, natural glow that will make you look like you just got back from holiday and caught the sun. I love that the application is so easy; it doesn't go patchy, even when my skin is looking a bit more textured than I'd like it to, and it really takes so little effort to get that gorgeous look. For a long time, the cult (discontinued) YSL cream bronzer was the only one I really liked, however this has honestly surpassed that formula for me!

The longevity is also great; it doesn't wear off unevenly throughout the day and lasts very well on my skin. I think this formula would be really flattering if you have more mature skin too, because it's just not going to be as harsh and clingy as a powder formula; as I said, it just really meshes with your complexion makeup and looks like skin. I personally recommend using it directly over your foundation and then dusting some translucent setting powder on top afterwards if you want to lock your face in place.

As you can probably tell; I'm head over heels for this product and it's a definite 'hit' in my personal opinion. It's pigmented without being too much, it's not greasy but still gives a fresh, radiant look to the skin and, above all else, it's easy to use. I'm even beginning to wonder if I like it more than the original Fenty bronzer, which feels sacreligious...

Are you a fan of cream bronzers? Do you have your eye on any of the new Fenty cream cheek launches?

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