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When Fenty dropped a bronzer I was kind of like 'damn, wish I hadn't bought that Benefit one a couple of weeks back...' (review here, by the way) because I really didn't need another one but at the same time; I couldn't not try this! As you can tell by the title - the Fenty Beauty Sun Stalk'r Instant Warmth Bronzer in Bajan Gyal | £23 | was a hit, and here's why... 

I actually really like the packaging of this bronzer - it has the classic Fenty hexagonal shape and actually feels quite luxurious, despite the more mid-range price-tag. It's a really pretty coppery-bronze colour and its just very nice and slimline, so great for when you're travelling.

Each of the shades in this range are meant to match up to each of the categories of the foundation - from the 100s to the 400s. However I have seen that some people with skin tones in the late 400s who have a match in the foundation say that the darkest bronzer still doesn't work for them, which was disappointing to me, as Fenty has become the gold standard for inclusivity. However it seems the makeup world still has a way to go in this category... My shade is one of the middle tones in the range, which makes sense as I'm Shade 250. Some of the colours are a little more cool and others are more yellow but I chose Bajan Girl for its reddish undertone, as I don't really have a bronzer exactly like it. 

What I absolutely love is how creamy this formula is! A lot of true matte bronzers like this one do need a little bit of work, however the Fenty is soooo smooth, blends out beautifully, doesn't grab on the skin and just has this natural, easy-to-build consistency. It also doesn't become uneven or patchy throughout the day. It's honestly one of the best bronzers I've used for creating natural warmth and dimension. The pigmentation isn't too strong and I think it's incredibly user-friendly. I just apply it with a powder brush to the outer parameters of my face and love the look it gives.

I think this product could be on its way to becoming my favourite bronzer ever... it's really that good! If you were considering picking this up; I wholly recommend going for it. I think it's a really great product coming in at a reasonable price tag - you get a great formula, a range of shades and nice packaging but it's on the right side of £25!

Have you tried / will you be trying the new Fenty bronzer?

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