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Over the past few months, I've tried so many affordable beauty products that really impressed me, so I thought it was time to round them up! 


The first product I want to talk about is great but unfortunately has a flaw that might rule it out for you (though I can just about get away with it). I love the formula of the Flower Beauty Light Illusion Concealer (Light) | £8.99 | because it gives a good coverage without feeling heavy or looking cakey on my skin. It wears really well without creasing but isn't at all drying. I also really like the brightening effect it has under my eyes. The issue is the poor shade range; Light is very highlighting on me and there's no Light-Medium so, whilst I could've mixed it with Medium-Dark, I was reticent to spend double on this product to buy two just because they didn't release a shade for me! That also makes me think the Fair shade probably isn't going to be light enough for some. If you can find a match; this is a lovely concealer and a total steal, but I feel a lot of people may struggle.

I also recently tried and enjoyed the Catrice Clean ID Mineral Bronzer* (Medium Dark) | £4.99. Again, the shade range could be an issue, as there are only two shades and if I wear the darker one, that rules a lot of people out, however I guess I'm more forgiving when it's a colour product. The formula is creamy (for a powder) and easy-to-blend, meaning it applies evenly and doesn't go patchy throughout the day. The colour is also really nice; a sort of warming shade that's not too orange and can actually add some definition too.

I have two eye products for you too. The first are these Wet n Wild Mega Jelly Eyeshadows in Dirty Martini & Just Rust Me | £2.08 each. I kind of knew that these would either be disappointingly under-pigmented and crack and flake on my eyes, or be brilliant. Luckily they're the latter! The pigmentation of these jelly-liquid-cream shadows is amazing; they're easy to apply and have this stunning metallic finish that lasts all day without creasing or significantly fading. Dirty Martini is a sort of lime-gold and Just Rust Me is a deep burgundy-brown. The second favourite is the new Maybelline Falsies Lash Lift Mascara* | £9.99. I was expecting this to be clumpy because it has a fibre wand, but it actually gives the separated volume I'm always looking for. I love the length and curl it gives too and the fact it doesn't flake or smudge around my eyes during the day. My #1 drugstore mascara brand just did it again!

- SKIN -

Moving onto skincare, I have two moisturising products here to talk about, the first of which is the Beauty Bay Thirst Trap Rich Moisturiser | £7. I have honestly been trying to review this skincare line for you for months - you have no idea! I received some products from the brand and picked some up myself but at the time of writing, the cleanser has been out of stock for months and I really wanted that to form part of my review, plus most of the line hasn't been restocked in a long time anyway, so I didn't want to write about it if you wouldn't be able to get the products for some indefinite amount of time. Anyway, one of the things I've really enjoyed has been the richer of the two moisturisers in the range. It's formulated with oat lipids, sunflower seed oil and squalane, so is perfect for normal-to-dry skin types. Despite the name, it isn't too heavy on my skin but is substantial enough to leave it soft and smooth. And for £7! My other favourite is the Good Molecules Pure Cold-Pressed Rosehip Oil* | $10. Rosehip oil is one of my absolute favourite skincare ingredients; it's nourishing, not overly greasy and can help smooth and even out the skin's tone. I really love this formula; it isn't heavy and doesn't smother my skin, but still delivers intense moisture by morning (I apply it as the last step of my evening skincare routine to lock everything in).

Finally, for skin, I also have a cleanser: the Your Good Skin Nourishing Hot Cloth Cleanser* | £9.50. This hot cloth cleanser is really designed to remove makeup, so I'm not super focused on ingredients because they aren't really going to have much chance to absorb into the skin by the time you've done your second cleanse, however this is formulated with shea butter and glycerin so feels very moisturising on the skin. You simply massage in this cream cleanser and it gently lifts makeup. Then take a cloth soaked in warm water and wipe away your makeup. This does a really good job of getting everything off, leaving my skin feeling soft after use and not stinging my sensitive eyes.


I rarely use hairspray (especially these days) but when I do, it's the Cake the Holdout Hairspray* | £8.99. Firstly, as someone brought up on L'Oreal Elnett, this fragrance is so much more pleasant than other drugstore hairsprays on the market; it really does smell like cupcakes. Perhaps too sweet for some, but I quite like it! I also really like how this gives my hair gentle hold that doesn't feel crunchy and can be brushed out at the end of the day.

I know no one gets that excited about body washes but I have two that are worth it! The first is the Soaper Duper Pure Happiness Body Wash | £7.50 | which I was gifted a few months ago and have since used up and repurchased because it's one of my favourite scents to use on my body in the morning. They use hydrating aloe, shea butter and coconut water to give this shower gel a moisturising feel on the skin and the scent is a light but uplifting fruity blend of passionfruit, lemon, grape and pineapple. If you have very dry skin and want something a little more heavy-duty then the Beauty Laundrette Pink Satin Creamy Body Wash* | £6 | is perfect. This is more of a shower cream so doesn't really foam up, but it's been amazing for the dry skin on my body, being formulated with jojoba, coconut and camellia oils. It has a light fragrance that reminds me of fresh sheets.

Finally, every day since lockdown started, I've been using the Soap & Glory Drop in the Lotion Lightweight Body Lotion* | £10. It's quick and easy to slap on and go with, it doesn't take ages to absorb into my skin and (despite not being as rich and heavy as what I usually go for) it actually softens the dry skin on my body really nicely. I don't find my skin getting dry again during the day and it's formulated with great moisturisers like coconut oil, almond oil and shea butter. I also love the light coconut scent that's neither sickly nor overpowering.

Have you found any beauty bargains worth sharing lately?

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