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It's a new season and it's almost become a tradition for me to do a quarterly haul from ColourPop! If you're in the UK and want shipping information check out this post but for now, let's jump into the Pretty Fresh collection and their take on Autumn 2019...


The Pretty Fresh collection was by far the most intriguing of ColourPop's many, many releases for me in a long time. It's all about fresh, dewy skin and there's a tinted moisturiser, primer, setting mist and makeup sponge in the range.

I'm very much torn on the Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Hydrating Primer | $12. I picked this up in a bit of a rush to place my order because it sounded right up my street. In their promo video the product developers from ColourPop made a big thing about 'some people were saying the tinted moisturiser could break you out but coconut water isn't coconut oil and that's what's in here, so don't worry!' Ok, that was true about the tinted moisturiser, but what they failed to mention is that this primer contains coconut oil pretty high up on its ingredients list. I just found that a bit misleading and not a good look for them! Coconut oil can be a great, affordable makeup-melter, when fully removed with a cloth and followed up with your second cleanse, however it has a large molecule size, meaning it can sit on top of the skin and block your pores, so I generally wouldn't recommend it in a leave-on product. This is also heavily fragranced (for literally no other reason than to give it a 'cute' coconutty scent) and again - given it's a leave-on product - that will cause issues for some people. On to the positives; this contains hyaluronic acid, which draws water into the skin and leaves it hydrated and plump. I actually really see those effects in my skin; this really softens and smooths things out so my skin looks healthy and radiant. I've used it for about the past 2 weeks daily and I've had no breakouts yet either. Still, if your skin is remotely sensitive; I can't recommend this product because it could break you out or cause irritation.

I was more of a fan of the Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Tinted Moisturiser | $14. This was really difficult to shade-match for me online, but luckily choosing Medium 12W and Medium Dark 13W turned out to be a good shout. The lighter shade is definitely more of a winter colour and at the moment I'm mixing the two together (there are 24 options in the range). It comes in pump packaging, which I find handy and just more practical for travel. This is an oil-free formula and also contains my favourite skincare ingredient; hyaluronic acid. I really like how this sits on the skin; whilst it looks fresh and radiant, there's no shine or greasiness on the surface and it holds up pretty well throughout the day on my combination skin. The coverage is definitely light but it can be built up, it evens out the skin tone and gives it a more perfected look without it no longer looking like your own skin. It doesn't go patchy on me and (unlike a lot of hydrating base products) doesn't sink into fine lines as the day goes on. Overall, I like this a lot and the oil-free formula makes it really great for all skin types. It has a creamy formula that's neither too thick nor too fluid and blends beautifully, really meshing in with the skin as opposed to sitting on top of its surface. Here's to lighter bases having their moment! 

- AUTUMN 2019 -

ColourPop also recently launched their Autumn collection for 2019, which is all about those rosy and plum tones. This was right up my street, so I decided to treat myself to a few things...

The first thing I really wanted was the Super Shock Blush in Underclassman | $8. There were a few slightly similar shades in the range but I think I chose the best option for me from the collection in Underclassman; this warm rosy-peach terracotta tone. I really enjoy this formula because it's not a traditional cream and it's more solid than a mousse, acting almost like a cream-to-powder. I personally really like these blushers; I dab this on with my fingers and it lasts so well without going patchy. It's very easy to gradually build up the colour to get the look you want with these blushers.

I also decided to treat myself to the BFF Mascara in Wine O'Clock | $8 | because I had a burgundy mascara a few years back from KIKO and loved it! This is a deep wine purple that looks nice and subtle on the eyes and I think there's something gorgeously autumn-winter about a product like this. But (big but) I don't love the formula! I just find it hard with this thin wand to build up much volume or length and this flakes so badly on me. It's disappointing because the colour is beautiful and I want to love this but, at the end of the day; mascara is there to give my lashes some oomf and this really fell flat in that respect! I'm a bit confused because the BFF mascara had good reviews on their website.

Finally, I recently got into glosses so thought I'd try the Ultra Glossy Lip in R We Done? | $7. One you get some movement into the brush, it applies the gloss really nicely. The formula itself is decently opaque and the colour is a lovely mid-toned warm rosy terracotta. I think the formula makes my lips look nice and full too; it has that perfect level of shine. It's definitely pigmented enough to use on its own, the only negative is that it can transfer a little, being a slightly darker colour in a glossy formula.

Have you tried / will you be trying anything new from ColourPop?

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