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It's been a little while since I did a ColourPop haul but there were finally enough products that had caught my eye to place an order. You have to spend $50 to get free international shipping (otherwise its $10) so I tend to wait until I want a few things to hit that threshold. All UK VAT (at the standard rate of 20%) is now calculated at checkout so what you see there is what you pay with no surprise charges when your products arrive. ColourPop's products are so affordable and great, hopefully this will help open up the brand more to people in this country!

- SPRING 2019 -

ColourPop recently launched their new collection for Spring, which is all very 'living coral'. I decided to pick up two products: the eyeshadow palette and one of the lipsticks, which are all lovely, poppy colours.

First up we have the Sweet Talk Eyeshadow Palette | $18. If you're a fan of ColourPop's eyeshadow palettes, you might have noticed that this costs $2 more than usual. The reason given for this is that it contains normal eyeshadows but also one shade in their Super Shock formula (this is a sort of spongy-cream that's incredibly opaque and long-lasting) and two pressed glitters. I was definitely a bit disappointed that these glitters (which have an adhesive in them) aren't actually 'eye safe', meaning the glitter particles may cause damage and irritation to the eyes if used on the lids. This wasn't very clear at the point of purchase and realistically; it's an eyeshadow palette so people will want to use these on their eyes! That aside; these are quite patchy and chunky anyway, so I don't have much use for them. The vibrant Dream Maker shade is also called a 'pressed pigment', which I'm less concerned about because all it would really do is have a small chance of staining the eye. US laws mean that the shade can't be marketed as eyeshadows, however the EU generally approves these sorts of pigments for eye use.

That aside; the matte formula is just as good as I've come to expect from ColourPop. They do kick up some fallout in the pan, however I just find these shadows so pigmented and very smooth / easy to blend out at the same time (even the brighter and darker shades aren't chalky in the slightest), so it's worth it for me! I find the shimmers nice and creamy and they have a very good amount of colour payoff. The shadows aren't the most long-lasting in the world, but they work well enough on a normal work day.

The colour story is incredibly pretty, though on reflection I think it needs a better gradient with more shades that add depth to a look. Alongside the pops of coral and vibrant pinks, there are also some more muted browns, plums and golds, which I think make this palette very wearable. Overall, it isn't perfect but I like it. It's definitely not my favourite ColourPop palette, though!

I also picked up Creme Lux Lipstick in 7 Springs | $7.50. I love an orange lip colour and this is a very creamy, hydrating formula. I actually like pairing this with a more muted red-brown lip pencil, as it's quite a vibrant take on orange and that works best for me. It isn't the longest-wearing lipstick, as it does have that sheeny finish, however I like that it's not matte.


When ColourPop released out the Princesses collection with Disney; I thought it was cute. When they came back with the Villains collection; I thought it was brilliant! I was keen not to buy something for the sake of it or for the packaging, so I only ended up with one product, however it lets me have a piece from the collection in the form of a product I'll actually use!

I opted for the Super Shock Highlighter in Fairest of All | $10. I personally far prefer this packaging and format for these highlighters, though the Disney Villains version is priced at $2 more than the usual Super Shock Cheek products that come in a pot. If you aren't familiar with the formula; it's kind of like a cream and is very smooth and pigmented. I dab this beautiful yellow-gold onto the high points of my cheeks with my fingers (it's seriously so easy to apply) - it can actually work over powder, as well as directly on foundation (unlike true creams). If you have a warm skin tone and enjoy your golds, reds and oranges when it comes to makeup; this is perfect with those looks!


I honestly didn't know who this singer was when the collection launched (as with many ColourPop collabs, in all honesty!) but this collection really appealed to me (think reds, golds, pinks, oranges, teals and so on). I didn't initially order anything because I wasn't sure if the palette and the lip colours were too similar to products I already have, however after several months of still wanting the palette; I decided to add it to this order!

The Salvaje Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette | $18 | looks to have had its cost bumped up since I ordered it (when it was $16), however it's still a great price for a beautiful formula and a really cool colour story. This palette has those gorgeous mattes and also amazing shimmers with a foiled, metallic look that has so much impact once applied to the lids. I'd make the same comments again regarding longevity and the fallout, however this palette only contains their normal powder formula. I think particularly for these kinds of colours (green and red mattes can be tough to get hard), this palette is incredibly easy to work with.

I think this palette actually makes a lot more sense to me in that it's easy to get many entire looks out of it without reaching for anything else and those looks will look very different to one another (something I unfortunately don't find with Sweet Talk). You get both a deep and a more vibrant tone when it comes to the burgundy and teal tones, that can be used to create depth or make the crease / lower lash line pop. There's a pretty champagne shimmer highlight, some mid-toned crease colours and also gold and pink lid shades. Personally - I think this shade selection is beautiful and I really recommend this palette!


After being really impressed with the cleansing oil from Fourth Ray (ColourPop's very Instagram-worthy skincare sister brand), I decided to add another product to my collection. It's so affordable and once again - I haven't been disappointed!

This time I went for the Cloud Bank Milky Cleanser | $12. This is a lightweight milky-gel cleanser that has a creamy consistency and only foams up very slightly. It contains ingredients such as argan milk, rose water and jojoba protein, so is very softening, replenishing and hydrating on my skin. It's been my perfect second cleanse recently! It feels lovely and neither strips the skin nor feels overly thick and rich; it's just a great all-rounder.

Have you tried much from ColourPop?

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