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Sundays are definitely when I enjoy taking my time with my skincare ritual and, as we head into autumn / winter, it's definitely the time of year when my skin needs a little more love! Today I'm going to talk about how I use facial rollers and gua sha tools with these products from Jurlique to do that. If you're curious about the skincare benefits of these techniques then keep reading. All the products I've been using are linked below so you can check out the ingredients and decide what works for you. Let's get started...

First of all; you don't actually need to spend a lot of money on these tools to get the benefits. What's important is that you have a cool surface and a shape you can work with. Gua sha tools and facial rollers are amazing for lymphatic drainage, reducing puffiness and increasing blood flow. This is an ancient Chinese technique that was used as a form of therapy. I personally really like incorporating gua sha into my skincare products because it really works them into the skin, ensuring they absorb and fully maximising their benefits.

In the morning I like to use the facial roller. After cleansing, I go in with the Moisture Plus Rare Rose Serum* | £45. This is a lovely lightweight gel-serum that melts into the skin. It's perfect for combination-dehydrated skin like mine because it quenches that thirst for hydration without feeling overwhelming, and it absorbs without any excess. It really plumps up my skin so dehydration lines look less visible too. I then follow this up with the Rose Moisture Plus Rare Rose Gel-Cream* | £35. This does come in a more traditional cream formula for drier or more mature skin that needs a bit of a richer moisturiser, however this is great if you're more on the combination / normal side of things. It has a fast-absorbing formula that gives my skin a healthy, dewy, fresh glow. I sometimes find true gel moisturisers aren't quite enough for me, however this fits right into that mid-point, softening my skin without sitting on top of it. Finally, I use the Herbal Recovery Signature Eye Cream* | £42. I do prefer something more substantial around the eyes, however I also don't want to overload this area with product! This is a cream but it really melts into the skin so you only need a tiny amount to de-puff and moisturise the eye area so you look a bit more awake. 

I personally like to press and dab these products into my skin and, as they're absorbing, I'll use my facial roller with light pressure (moving from the centre of my face outwards, focusing on different sections in turn) to refresh my skin and get rid of any of that early-morning-puffiness. The larger end is for the face / cheek area and the small end can be used around the eyes; just ensure you gently roll as opposed to tugging around this delicate area. The products being on the skin are going to help the stone glide across the skin, as well as really working the ingredients in. My top tip is to leave this in the fridge so you get an amazing cooling effect too; it feels great on my tired eyes!

For an evening ritual, I of course start by removing my makeup, using the Nourishing Cleansing Oil* | £28. Some people like to use a cleansing oil as their second cleanse, however for my skin type; I use something like this to melt down my makeup, I emulsify it with some water, wipe it all away with a damp cloth and then follow that up with a cream cleanser. This has a lightweight texture that massages in easily and effortlessly lifts makeup. It's gentle on my sensitive eyes and doesn't leave behind a greasy excess on the surface of my skin when removed. After this; I apply a nice layer of the Rose Moisture Plus Moisturising Cream Mask* | £35. I love a product like this for my lacklustre autumn / winter skin! I leave this on for around 15 minutes and it absorbs into the skin so there's only a bit of excess to rinse away. It's incredible at softening stripped skin and just replenishing it as the weather turns cold and we start putting on the central heating. There's also just something a lot more relaxing about giving your skin some nourishment on an autumn night in, as opposed to using something really intense!

Next I have the Lavender Hydrating Mist* | £23 | which you can use in place of a toner. I personally like to use this as aromatherapy, misting it around to get that relaxing, soothing lavender scent so I can unwind before bedtime. There are two oils I have here and to be honest I quite often mix them together, but I think the Skin Balancing Face Oil* | £43 | is my favourite by a hair because I love so many of the ingredients. Macadamia oil is incredibly nourishing, rosehip oil not only moisturises, but can have healing properties (making it good for reducing the appearance of scars) and avocado oil, which my skin also drinks up. The Purely Age-Defying Firming Face Oil* | £43 | is lovely too though, formulated with blackcurrant seed oil and rock samphire extract. What I like about these oils is that they're nice and absorbent; they lock in that moisture and nourish the skin overnight so you wake up with a soft, smooth, moisturised complexion (as opposed to greasy oils that sit on top of the skin). 2-3 drops work perfectly for me. Finally, before bed, I apply my new favourite: the Rose Hand Cream* | £35. It smells incredible and it's perfect for autumn, with the weather getting colder. It instantly softens my hands and provides lasting moisture without feeling slippery or greasy on the skin.

In terms of the gua sha tool; there are so many ways to use this and you can choose at which stage you want to incorporate it too. If you like to use a cleansing oil as your second cleanse, you can use the gua sha tool to work that nourishment into the skin. Likewise, you can do this with the cream face mask. My personal preference is to use the gua sha tool once I've applied my face oil.  Taking your moisturising product down the neck is a good idea in general (to prevent ageing), however you can also use the gua sha tool on the neck and even take into the shoulders to work out any tension before bed, so you're relaxed as you head into a new week. There are many ways to use the tool itself and the different grooves can be used on different parts of the face, so have a play around and watch some YouTube videos to work out what you like. I personally apply light-medium pressure and focus on my face in sections, moving from the centre outwards, to help that drainage process. The larger side is great for under the cheekbones, whereas the smaller end works in-between the eyebrows. Again; using this with the products not only works that goodness right into the skin but provides some movement so the stone sweeps across the skin.

I hope you enjoyed this post and have a lovely, relaxing Sunday! Have you ever tried Jurlique, gua sha or facial rollers?

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