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Today I thought we'd do something a little different when it comes to talking new beauty launches - I have a recommendation for every budget! Keep reading to find out more about the product I've chosen for each price-point...

- STEAL (UNDER £10) -

For a bargain treat - I'm seriously impressed with the Revolution Makeup Conceal & Hydrate Radiance Concealer* | £7 (C9.5). I will warn you that the shades are pretty hard to decode and the way the numbers match up to the colours isn't intuitive at all! I'd probably go a touch lighter if I was picking this up again, just to get that brightening effect, however the formula itself is really good! I honestly feel like the only person who didn't like the original Revolution concealer; it was just too drying under my eyes and looked cracked and unflattering. This version rights those wrongs for me! It reminds me a lot of slightly more hydrating Tarte's Shape Tape because it blends incredibly well, gives a non-cakey, full-coverage finish and doesn't wear off or crease under my eyes. It's just a really good concealer and you can't go wrong for £7!

- SAVE (UNDER £30) - 

For my more mid-range option I've chosen the Hourglass Arch Brow Micro Pencil* (Dark Brunette) | £26. Since this arrived I've not used anything else, which should tell you how much I like it! As much as I enjoy the original slanted brow pencil from this brand, I do prefer the control I get with this smaller version. If you like a natural brow look and you want something quick and easy to use; this is perfect. The shade range is very natural with realistic undertones. It's long-wearing, smudge proof and really hard to go overboard with. It hasn't run out on me yet (unlike other brow products I really like that aren't much cheaper...) and the spooly is so good for brushing through the brows and giving that soft look.

- SPEND (UNDER £40) - 

If you want to get a little more spendy, I recommend checking out the Molton Brown Delicious Rhubarb & Rose Vibrant Body Oil* | £40. I honestly would go for a body oil over a body lotion any day, so I was definitely into it when Molton Brown released an entire collection of oils in some of their signature scents, as well as a few new ones. This formula is lovely and lightweight - almost with a water-like consistency - so can be splashed on without it feeling greasy or slippery. At the same time it's very intensely nourishing so softens and smooths the very dry skin on my body. The fragrance is also noticeable enough that you don't even need to wear a perfume with it! it has a gorgeous fruity, flavoursome scent without being too deep and heavy with its notes including rhubarb, yuzu, lemongrass, rhubarb, rose, vanilla and sugar. Yum!

- SPLASH OUT (£50+) - 

And finally - if you're looking to seriously treat yourself - definitely take a look at the Clean Reserve Avant Garden Sweetbriar & Moss Eau de Parfum* | £129. I've been a fan of this responsibly-sourced eco brand for a while because of their unique fragrance combinations. I love a scent that can capture a mood or a moment, and this perfume truly does. It makes me think of walking through lush woodland just after the rain and taking a deep breath in... Its notes include mandarin, lychee rose, saffron flower, amber, moss and cedarwood. It's a fresh, green, woody scent that stays beautifully on the skin all day long. It's definitely a unisex one - my boyfriend really likes it too! It's an investment, but to me; if you love fragrance, you'll absolutely appreciate the layered complexity of the perfumes in this collection.

Have you tried any new beauty launches lately?

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