It's a little later than usually billed but today I have my standout product over the last few weeks and this time we're talking about the Zoeva Unique Reflection Eyeshadow Palette | £17.50. 

We'll start off with the basics; this palette is cardboard and comes with a little slip over it. It's on the more affordable side of things, so I really don't mind. I've got several of these palettes and have never had any issues travelling with them. They're pretty slimline too, which is handy. There's no a mirror inside but that's not a huge deal to me. This palette comes in light blue packaging with gold detailing - it is slightly impractical in that the packaging can be difficult to clean.

The shade selection is warm-toned and is meant to be festive-inspired. I feel like maybe the marketing images misled people a little on this colour story because I saw it dismissed a lot as 'oh another warm-toned palette'. Yes, it is clearly a warm-toned palette but it's definitely less browns and golds and more peaches and plums. I think this palette has a nice gradient to it and a great balance of mattes and shimmers, meaning you can get a variety of looks using just this.

I really like the Zoeva formula; the mattes are very creamy and blend out beautifully (though they do kick up a fair bit of fallout in the pans) - even the deep plum isn't patchy like a lot of these kinds of colours I've used. They have a really nice opacity to them and they are just very easy to work with. I love the shimmers too; they are more on the soft, sheeny side once applied, as opposed to giving a super-foiled metallic finish. They can be applied with a brush or really packed on using your fingers. The consistency is very smooth and pigmented. I wouldn't say they have 'the best longevity ever' but it's decent and it gets me through a normal working day without looking muddy or fading too much.

Let's dive into the individual shades! Moments of Bonding is a deep, warm plum matte that I use as a liner or to add depth and smokiness to the outer part of the crease. Sentimental Gift is a gorgeous coppery shimmer that I use as a lid colour, or on the outer part to deepen things out. Unexpected Form is a more vibrant peachy matte crease tone to add a little pop of colour. We have two transition tones in here: Strong and Fierce and Life is Precious - they're both light-to-medium matte colours that will look more or less the same once applied, though the former is more neutral nude and the latter has a slightly peachier tone.

Sparkle Forever is more of a classic antique gold shimmer that I like to use all over the lid. Fragile Compass is a classic warm-toned deep brown matte that I like for adding depth to the crease. Anything But Ordinary is a deeper poppy peach crease colour. Diamond Clear is a peachy-pink lid shimmery colour whereas Kept in my Satchel is a more orange-gold option.

Overall I think this palette is beautiful! It was released for the holidays, so I'm not sure how long it'll be about, but if you like warm-toned eyeshadows and want to try shades that are more coppery, plummy and peachy, I can't recommend it enough. It's just a fantastic affordable palette! 

Have you tried any Zoeva eyeshadow palettes?

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