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I've not done a post on my affordable beauty picks of the moment in ages, so today we're changing that! It's going to be a mix of new finds and firm favourites since my last post and we have everything from hair products to makeup to skincare.


Morphe Pro Firm Shadow Brush | £4.50 | I'm really loving this small, flat eyeshadow brush for applying super-metallic foiled eyeshadows and also cream formulas. It's also great if you want to wet your shadows with setting mist and place them precisely for a full impact look.

B. Powder & Bronzer Brush* | £9.99 | I'm absolutely loving this super-soft synthetic brush for applying powder foundation. It's not too dense, which means it distributes the product evenly across the skin. It's also huge so it's easy to apply the product quickly, all over my face.

Eco Tools Stippling Brush* | £7.99 | This is one of those duo-fibre brushes for stippling. You can use it with liquid foundation but I personally really like using this to apply cream products - particularly bronzer, as it's a larger brush. You simply dot on the product and build the opacity up to give your skin really natural warmth.


B. Face Spritzes: Vitalised Vitamin, Calm Chamomile & Hydrated Hyaluronic* | £7.99 each | It's no secret that I love a face mist - they're just so much quicker and easier to reach for in the morning because I'm always busy and sometimes running late...! These are pretty lightweight and don't leave my skin sticky, making them a great booster to use in place of a toner. The Vitamin mist contains caffeine, cucumber and Vitamin C, which is great for tired, puffy skin to give things an instant perk-up. The Chamomile version is something I know I'll reach for a lot when the weather gets cold - it's instantly soothing on angry or red skin. Finally, my go-to is the Hyaluronic Acid - it gives lasting moisture to my skin and just helps it look and feel smoother and plumper. 

CeraVe Facials Moisturising Lotion SPF25* | £12 | Can I just take a moment to say that I really appreciate a pump on a beauty product! It's just more hygienic and is super-practical. I really like the moisturiser itself too - it's so nourishing and hydrating but has a dry-touch finish, so you don't have to worry about it making your skin look shiny. It's free of fragrance and suitable for sensitive skin. It's so affordable but contains a ton of amazing ingredients - ceramides and hyaluronic acid for hydration and also niacinamide to calm inflammation. I'm currently going for the version with SPF in it, as we are still getting a bit of sun at the moment!

CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser* | £9 | Every so often, for no apparent reason (though it usually happens in cold weather), my skin flares up with this weird bumpy texture! It's good to have some products in my arsenal that I can use and know won't cause me any aggravation. This is also free of any fragrances that could irritate the skin and feels so nice and gentle. It has a sort-of-gel texture but isn't foaming or anything like that, so you don't have to worry about stripping your skin. I find that this leaves things nice and soft - it also contains ceramides and hyaluronic acid.

B. Stubborn Makeup Remover* | £7.99 | I do endeavour to always double cleanse my skin but sometimes it's just 3am and I need to be unconscious and horizontal! This is so effective, removing all of my makeup - it's far better than a micellar water or a face wipe, without the faff of having to get out my cleansing oil and muslin cloth. It's also gentle on my sensitive eyes. It's a bi-phase oil-based product and I keep it in my bedside drawer with some cotton wool pads for those emergencies!


LA Girl Pro Matte HD Long-Wear Foundation* | £10 | This is such a good affordable foundation that I never really hear much about. It's a fairly full-coverage, matte option so it's not something I reach for every day but it's great to wear on an evening out. It's nothing too drying but still gives a long-lasting shine-free finish with flawless coverage. It has a really great shade range for this price-point too.

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in Telepathy | $5 | I am absolutely obsessed with this gorgeous lime green eyeshadow! If you aren't familiar with the ColourPop formula - this is an ultra-metallic finish, meaning it has that super-foiled wet look on the lids. It has a sort of sponge-cream consistency and I find these apply so smoothly and last incredibly well throughout the day without creasing or fading. 

Maybelline Chrome Extreme Highlighters in Molten Gold & Sparkling Citrine | £8.99 each | I did an entire post on these highlighters, comparing them to the ones from Becca, which you can check out here. They're just so insanely pigmented and have such a smooth, glitter / chunk-free formula and give me that incredible, blinding glow. Molten Gold is a peachy champagne-gold and Sparkling Citrine is a very yellow-based gold.

L.O.V Healthy Glow Blush in 020* | €6.99 | This is a new-ish brand to the UK and I was sent a few bits from them to try. I really like the formula of this matte blusher - it applies evenly and blends out with minimal effort. I don't find that it looks patchy as the day goes on either. This is a really fresh peachy colour that I know will be a staple when it's Spring.

L.O.V Lip Colour & Care Lipstick in 501* | €9.99 | I was also impressed with this lipstick formula - it's creamy and opaque but has a hydrating finish and a bit of a sheen to it. It does transfer a little but to me that's a small price to pay for a lip colour that's comfortable and easy to re-apply. This is a rosy-mauve tone that's like a deeper nude on my skin tone but could be quite dark and dramatic if you're fair.

Hair & Body

Umberto Giannini No Wash Conditioner | £7 | I use this product pretty much every day! It's a light, slightly fruity-floral-scented oil mist that just gives my hair a healthier, shinier look. What I love about this is that it's pretty much impossible to over-apply - my hair never ends up looking greasy or feeling weighed down, which can happen with so many oils.

Umberto Giannini Milk | £7 | This is a lightweight, non-sticky product I use on my damp hair right before I blow-dry it. It's pretty much traceless in the hair and I focus on the lengths and ends when I apply it. It does a great job of ensuring my hair blow-dries smoothly and stays frizz-free for longer. 

Umberto Giannini Pick Me Up Moisturising Nutrient Spray | £7 | This is another one of my top picks from this brand; it's a lightweight milky hydrating mist that I use on damp hair before blow-drying. It just gives a boost of hydration, helping my hair to feel softer and look healthier. It isn't sticky and leaves no residue behind in my hair, which I also love.

Bilou Shower Foam in Pink Melon* | £3.99 | I'd forgotten how great shower foams are! I just really like the texture and this brand does a bunch of them in really yummy flavours- this one is melon-scented. If you don't like really sweet fragrances, this probably won't be for you, but I actually have a real sweet tooth when it comes to bath and body products so I really like it! 

Bilou Bodyspray Coco Cocktail* | £3.99 | I'm not normally that into body sprays but this one smells so good that I do actually reach for it! Although summer is over, this gives me all of the holiday vibes. It's nothing sickly or overwhelming but has a soft, sweet coconut and vanilla scent. It also has pretty decent longevity. I definitely want to pick up this scent in the shower foam next.

Bilou Cream Foam in Fizzy Berry* | £3.99 | This is a really unusual product - it comes out like a foam but applies like a body lotion. It's quite lightweight so probably won't be my go-to when the cold winter weather sets in but it's great for a bit of grease-free hydration and I like the sweet, fruity fragrance.

I Love Vanilla Milk Body Wash* | £6.50 | If you're looking for something a little bit luxurious and decadent for an affordable price; check this out. It has a gorgeous texture and smells so good - it's a deeper, richer vanilla scent and gives a gorgeous foam.

Have you discovered any great affordable products lately?

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Disclosure - products marked * were sent to me for consideration however all opinions remain my own.

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