Maintaining Your Brows Between Appointments

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I definitely tend to let a professional look after my brow shape and I personally prefer threading (I also get mine tinted), however most of us don't have the time or money to do that every single week, so it's good to know how to look after them in-between appointments! BBB London (formerly known as Blink Brow Bar) have rebranded and are famed for their brow treatments but they also have a wide range of products for day-to-day maintenance. This is my routine and a few of my tips on how to use these products to keep your brows looking good when they haven't been freshly done.

I have naturally slightly uneven brows (I blame the early 00s over-plucking trend...) and having them shaped really helps things look a little more symmetrical. At the same time I do believe brows should be siblings, not twins! Instead of trying to totally reshape my brows between appointments, I prefer just to pluck between the brows and get any strays that are close to the eyelid. To do this I use the Super Grip Tweezers* | £20. The shape of these tweezers makes it really easy to get in there and be precise. Previously I'd been using a set of two mini tweezers - one set was very precise and one was the standard slanted style, however this pair combines the two! You can use the point for those pesky short hairs that are a little harder to get to. They're so precise and easy to use and help keep things tidy.

Next I do the most important step - filling them in with the Ultimate Arch Definer* | £22 | which I wear in the shade Cardamom. I tend to flip between using super-fine, defined brow pencils and larger angled ones, however this is pretty much the best of both worlds - although it has that slanted shape, it's much finer than other products like this I've used. The kabuki-style brush is also a little different to the usual ones you get with a brow pencil. This is really handy, as I like to brush the inner 2/3s of my eyebrows upwards to get a full, natural look and ensure there are no gaps when I fill them in. The pencil is twist-up, so you don't have to worry about it getting blunt and going in too strong! I like this level of pigmentation, as it isn't too bold too quickly and you can build the colour up nicely. The formula also has a decent amount of waxiness so it doesn't smudge during the day. I like to draw in each individual hair, building the colour gradually, brushing upwards with the pencil. I then go back in with the brush to ensure things look nice and natural. I really don't overdraw my brows and just follow the natural line, though that part obviously depends what you have to work with! This colour is spot-on for me, as someone with very dark brown to black hair and the cooler tone makes it look more natural. My one negative is that I wish this came in a few more shades than the current six to capture all those in-between tones.

I then use the Conceal & Lift Matte* | £19 | in the shade Medium. This is a genius product to me because I'm far from a pro at doing brows, so I always need to tidy up the shape after filling them in, plus I do like to have a natural highlight. Previously I'd been using a potted concealer and an angled eyeliner brush to do that, however this product combines it all into a far less faffy pen! It has the same sort of angled, twist-up pencil as the Arch Definer, making it really easy to carve things out. The formula is nice and creamy and the shade Medium is great for my skin tone. There's a flat little brush on the other end just to blend things out and ensure you get that perfect, clean look.

The final step is to set the brows with the Brow Styling Gel* | £18 | which I also have in the shade Cardamom. I have a lot of volume-boosting fibre gels (which Blink do as well) but I sometimes find that when I've filled in my brows with a pencil or pomade, it can be a bit much to then add that in! This is a simple tinted styling gel that looks natural and holds things in place without that crunchy feeling. Again, I brush this in upwards to get a natural look. It's also infused with Vitamin B5, so hopefully over time it will help grow my brows out a bit!

Have you tried Blink Brow Bar products? What do you do to your brows between appointments (or do you do it all yourself)?

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Disclosure - this post was sponsored and products marked * were sent to me for consideration however all opinions remain my own.

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